Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Chuck’s bringing nerdy back!

There are lots of TV shows out there starring cool, “ordinary” spies but there is one Chuck. I love the characters in this show and the humor is off the charts. Also I have a huge crush on Chuck Bartowski/Zachary Levi. I could hardly restrain myself from drawing little, red, stalking harts all over his picture but you know I have a reputation to protect (otherwise I would totally write Sara Bartowski all over the place). I mean what else could you ask but for someone who can reinstall your Windows in a blink of an eye while rocking a tie with a pair of classic converse and a super smile. I'll take two of those, please.

If a proud Nerd Herd member is not enough for you there are lots of other reason to watch Chuck:
Exhibit 1. Devon 'Captain Awesome' Woodcomb (played by Ryan McPartlin ) who’s super awesome and shirtless most of the time! Things are either “awesome” or “so not awesome” to him. Love that!
Awesome: Geeze, this guy's heavy.
Chuck: Well bad guys don't count carbs, buddy.

Exhibit 2. John “ El Angel De La Muerte” Casey (played by Adam Baldwin) – the trigger happy secret agent who has the most hysterical lines ever delivered while keeping a straight face.

Chuck: What's in dubai?
Casey: Weap-Con, the greatest weapons convention. I go every year. I find it very relaxing. It looks like this year, I'll be able to write it off as a business trip

Chuck: Listen, I'm an integral member of this team and my voice needs to be heard.
Casey: Your pre-pubescent girl screams are going to be duly noted.

Exhibit 3. Jeffster (Lester Patel and Jeff Barnes) – in spite off being creepy and desperate Lester and Jeff are hilarious.
Lester Patel:You've come to the right place. Repulsion is our business.
Jeff: And business is good.
Lester Patel: Yeah, sure it's going to blow their minds, but uh, where does all this *lead*? Stadium, groupies, creative differences? And then what? Jeffster breaks up? That's you and me, Jeff! And then what's my fate? Some chambermaid finds me in some hotel room having accidentally asphyxiated while making love to myself! It's not worth it!
Jeff: He's such a tortured artist.

Lester Patel: I mean people, do you have any idea what working with fried food will do to my complexion?
Jeff: I can't leave the Buy More. I won't survive in the real world. I'm institutionalized.

Exhibit 4. Sarah Walker (played by Yvonne Strahovski) the too hot to handle blonde spy!
Chuck Bartowski: Why didn't you bring your gun?
Sarah Walker: You don't bring a gun on a real date.

Exhibit 5. Morgan Grimes (played by Joshua Gomez) - he’s an adorable moron and Chuck’s best friend.
Morgan Grimes: Gentlemen, I think I speak for all of us when I say that the only reason I took this job at the Buy More was to do as little work as humanly possible.
Morgan Grimes: The big man has made that dream a reality.
Lester Patel: The man's an inspiration to slackers everywhere.

Chuck este cu siguranta unul dintre serialele mele preferate in momentul de fata. Motivele sunt multe (priviti numai colajele cu personajele :) si cel mai important este ca serialul acesta este cu adevarat amuzant. De asemenea imi place mult de tot Chuck Bartowski/ Zachary Levi, atat de mult incat a fost un adevarat exercitiu de vointa sa nu desenez inimioare obsedate pe fotografiile lui ca in clasa aVa. Am o reputatie de aparat, altfel... . Pur si simplu nu pot sa rezist unui tip cu un zambet de milioane si care poate reinstala Windowsul in somn. Aceata este calcaiul lui Ahile pentru mine!
Voi la ce nu puteti sa rezistati? Is nerdy a turn off or a turn-on?

Soundtrack: Azi ascut Alien like you (The Pigott Brothers)!

5 comentarii :

nookie said...

uuu me like it:)
I need to watch it:D

Alice in vintageland said...

Go for it! You won't regret it!

Anonymous said...

great show. i love it... and casey is the best:D

Alice in vintageland said...

Da, asa e!

carola said...

ok, tre sa probez Chuck!

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