Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Friday Fun

We had so much fun Thursday that Stella and I decided to also spend Friday together, we went for a short while to her private office – she’s a doctor, a dentist and has a wonderful all blue cabinet and then shopping with a delicious stop at Starbucks (the cheesecake is amazing) and took some pictures in the park (Stella has a favorite spot and so we used it).
We also run into Mona who’s a super cute and nice girl, I’m glad we had the chance to talk a bit and hope it won’t be the last time.
As you can see I was in a sailor kind of mood and as it was a bit chilly I wore my amazing vintage white and blue blazer with a huge embroided anchor in the front over a stripped short dress. I’m really into striper shoes right now and this wine color pair is my latest obsession. You don’t want to know how tall I am wearing these babies, it’s crazy!!! I’m also wearing a big black heart with a red bow necklace that I made myself and some cute rings.
Stella had some amazing blue pants and leopard print flats that I loved.

Ne-am distrat atat de bine joi, (eu si Stella) incat am decis sa ne intalnim si vineri, am fost la un targ de cosmetice, apoi am mers pentru scurt timp la Stella la cabinet (stiu ca tuturor ne este putin teama de dentist insa cabinetul ei este atat de albastru si primitor si ea atat de draguta incat iti dispare orice teama) si apoi ne-am plimbat pe la magazine si ne-am relaxat la Starbucks cu Mona cu care ne-am intalnit intamplator si care este o fata foarte frumoasa si simpatica, pacat ca n-am facut si cateva poze.
De data aceasta eu am purtat o jacheta marinareasca, vintage peste o rochie scurta cu o pereche de sandale visinii inalte si un colier cu inima neagra si funda rosie pe care l-am facut eu (il puteti cumpara de aici). 

I'm wearing:
sailor jacket – vintage
 dress – Atmosphere
shoes - random brand (from Mini Prix)
 rings: Miss Selfridge and New Look
black heart necklace – made by me (Alice&Sara, you can buy it here)

26 comentarii :

Anaivilo said...

That is so lovely, to spend time with Stella and have a great day filled with delicious stuff, shopping and chatting! :D I love the outfit you chose, the blazer is amazing and I can imagine how tall you were with those shoes, they are amazing! :D

just claudia said...

You look so great , I love your blazer and of course, your shoes.... :x

The Hearabouts said...

Hot summer outfit! Hiiigh heels - they look great!..and so does the blazer!

Really.. next time we meet we should agree to both wear our highest heels and laugh as the people stare in awe :))).


From Mona with Gloss said...

Esti o draguta! Si chiar vroiam sa iti spun cat de mult mi-a placut jacheta! :) Pupici :*

modniza said...

super! imi plac fotografiile mele , ha ha! vorbim maine.puuups

Carina Adam said...

Va urmaresc de ceva vreme, si imi place mult de voi, am observat ca mergeti la event-uri si acum observ ca sunteti char prietene tu si modniza :D

imi plac tinutele voastre, va pup :D

stilistele said...

sunteti niste frumoase!!!! amandoua! imi place mult tinuta ta, in special blazerul. chiar vroiam sa iti spun lately ca ai slabit foarte tare (mi se pare sau e adevarat?) pup

Andreea said...

Ai picioarele alea parca facute numai in ciuda mea:)) Aaaaaaaarghhhhh, i'm seriously in love with your legs<3 Pe bune, daca te vad pe strada si mai porti si tocuri, e foarte posibil sa-ti declar dragoste eterna, eventual sa te iau acasa.

Anyway, sunteti doua dragute:*

FashionJazz said...

Love your tights with ur fab outfit! :)

Alice in vintageland said...

Anaivillo - :) freakishly tall:)
Just Claudia - thank you so much, I loved the shoes so much I also bought them in silver:)
Sandra - we're totally going to do that - we're not gonna feel so alone in the world anymore:)))))
Mona - multumesc mult, sper sa ne mai vedem soon
Modniza - au iesit super, mai ales avand in vedere cat sunt eu de nefotogenica, you got talent girl, abia astept sa ne vedem Friday:)
Carina Adam - multumesc mult, da, suntem prietene (me happy about that).
Stilistele - multumesc, da, este adevarat, am slabit in ultimul an:))) thank you for noticing:)

Alice in vintageland said...

Andreea - multumesc, sentimentele sunt reciproce - deci este dragoste impartasita, if I would swing that way you'd be first on my gay love list:))))))))))))))))))

FashionJazz - thanks:)

The Hearabouts said...

La Unirii nu mai au balerinii, in schimb i-am vazut in Mall Vitan, pe mai multe culori (orange & a blue shade).

Hugsss again!

Alice in vintageland said...

Sandra - that's a really good piece of information, pt mine unirii e default, desi mall vitan e in apropiere de casa. Kisses:)

sacramento said...

My dear Alice you are so beautiful, and so tall.
I see you are with my dear Stella.
I lost you in the blogger mixt up.
I am adding you back to my blogroll inmediatelly.

Boheme.Fille said...

Looks like you girls had fun! I love that blazer of yours and I share the feelings of Andreea:))

Alice in vintageland said...

Sacramento - thank you so much, lovely. That photo of me and Stella was super funny, I seem like a giant compared to her and I truly am unusually tall for a girl:)

Boheme. Fille -:))) thank you, I feel that my legs altghough extremely long are far from perfect but your words make me feel so good, you have on idea.:)

Anca Buzea said...

Damn, girl, you look fine!!! :) Have you been losing weight, changed hairstyle, fell in love??? tell us your secret!!

Alice in vintageland said...

Anca - I guess only the first thing you said is true, I had this hairdo for a couple of months now and unfortunatelly I'm not in love!:))))Thank you!:)

A Blog With Us said...

Foarte reusita tinuta, imi plac foarte mult dresurile si sandalele <3

Julie from

a dreamer. said...

girl you're getting hotter and hotter!
and you make very beautiful pictures so i should take some lessons from you!


Daly said...

I love your outfit. Seriously, everything about it. The dress, the blazer (especially) the necklace, the tights, and the shoes! It looks so amazing together, and you look awesome. I'm so happy I found your lovely blog. You have the nicest posts with beautiful writing and gorgeous pictures that make each one a joy to read. Your fashion sense is impeccable, and i'm so jealous of all your clothes! I'm your newest follower! Anyway, I hope that you find time to check out my fashion blog and newest post. If you like it and decide to follow back, that would be amazing and I would probably die from happiness! Hope to hear from you soon!


Sara said...

A dreamer - thank you, I feel I take awful pictures so your words make me happy.

Daly - you're too sweet, thank you, I'm checking out your blog and following back for sure.:)

Nana MoonDancer said...

imi place foarte mult jacheta! e foarte draguta!
si te prinde albastru:)

Prexus Deligente said...

Oh I love your jacket! :) And started browsing your beautiful blog. Keep it up. :) xoxo

Faboulista said...

missy u r getting way too hot and i dont think i can keep up with u. i think your blog will be swarming with posts abouut our blogger meetups for the next 2 weeks. i cant wait to see u. i already talked to stella and i wanna see her too. lets see when she is free. maybe we can meet thursday with her.

Alice in vintageland said...

Nana Moon-Dancer - multumesc:)

Prexus Deligente - thank you bunches!:)

Mina - :)omg, I have no words to say how excited I am, I'm meeting Stella today and will definitely set up something for Thursday if she's available.And I am the one who can't keep up with you hotness wise:)

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