Saturday, July 16, 2011

When we ruled the world:)

Getting out every single day has proven to be harder than I would have ever believed. Being a social butterfly is hard work guys!:)))) The other explanation for me being so tired and almost not getting to job in time yesterday is that I don’t usually get out that much but I’ll tackle the challenge like a man!:)

Yesterday was day two of the operation “Mina is in town and we’ll make the best of it”. And so we did. Me, Denisa and Mina met Anna, Anca and Stella at Starbuks (I’m becoming a regular) and had a wonderful time talking and laughing and generally feeling good. I took some photos of the girls and they (mainly Denisa) took some photos of me.

Yesterday was insanely hot and while I considered wearing nothing I decided on a light weight asymmetric dress topped with a vest as I didn’t want to flash my coral bra at work.

I don’t mind flashing it everywhere else though. I’m also wearing a shitload of jewelry, most of them made by me – the spikes headband, the cross and handcuffs necklaces are my own creation-see my store here!

 Anna was blowing kisses my way:)))
  Denisa, Stella, Anca
  Anna was wearing the most beautiful navy open back dress I've seen in a while!
 My summer essentials!:)

I’m wearing:
vest, bag – vintage
dress, sandals – H&M
sunglasses, bra – Forever 21
rings – Meli Melo and Forever 21
spikes headband –  Alice&Sara buy it form my Etsy Store
cross and handcuffs necklaces – Alice&Sara all handmade by me

20 comentarii :

Anonymous said...

Love the jewellery, you have a talent lady xxx

Ramona J. said...

Au pus inele noi pe in ultimele zile, chiar si azi. Nu e cel ca al meu, dar am vazut altele interesante. Cu aspect vintage, le gasesti momentan la categoria "other fashion earrings" dar poate le vor muta la copper. :*

notsoChiara said...

Niceeeee Starbucks is addicting luckily we don't have it for now in Italy.
Your creations are mayestic!!!!!!!!
lovely dress and I show my bra colors off as much as you do


modniza said...

love you! trebuie sa ne vedem mai des.pup

Anonymous said...

you're a funny gal :)
I love your outfit and Anna's dress ofc. looks like another day of hardcore girl fun ;)

Special K said...

Love ur look!!! As vrea si eu un inel de ala *->

Alba M said...

Love the photos... Girls fun kinda day :)

Iulia said...

Uber cute! Frumos ca v-ati intalnit mai multe fete din blogosfera :D.

Anna said...

love to see all you beautiful girls together! I love your outfit, especially with the vest on, so unexpected!

Andrea said...

thanks so much for the sweet comment and for following :)

i am really sorry for the late reply and i am happy that i found your it!!

have a great weekend!

stilistele said...

you obviously had a great time with these lovely girls! I love your outfit,and the girls' outfits are brilliant as well...quite a bunch of fashionistas! :**

just claudia said...

Great photos, dear! I just love your accesories :x especially the cross ring ;;)

Alina F. said...

Great pictures!Love your look, great accessories!

Cristina L. said...

great post and you look amazing!!!

Anaivilo said...

Love the photos and I am sure you all had a great time :D Ana is such a wonderful funny person, I love her ;) And you looked so great in that outfit! :D

Nimue said...

you and your friends all look so stylish! looks like you guys had sucha fun day ;) love that black facetted ring of yours!

AzaharaJS said...

he! wonderful jewelry.


SoooFashionable said...

frumoasa intalnire:))la anu poate voi veni si eu:))

Alice in vintageland said...

Thank you, guys, for all the lovely comments!
SoooFashionable - let us know when you're in town!:)

Anda Zelenca said...

Lovely ladies!:X

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