Friday, August 5, 2011

Road trip

So Sunday I was being a total couch potato when Livia (my lovable cousin, remember her?) called me and asked if I was down for a fast trip to the mountains with her and her boyfriend, Adrian. Needless to say I literally jumped from my pajamas into the first dress I could get my hands on, grabbed a hat and the camera and I was on my way.

Firstly, I have to say it - these two are a walking, talking fairytale, so beautiful and nice both on the outside and on the inside – it’s sickening, really!:) They also happen to be great company, funny and easy to be around so we had a great time.

The way back was a little bumpy as I sometimes get car sick (especially when the road is not straight and I ate three one too many slices of watermelon) so at one point I might have asked Adrian to stop the car to throw up. They were worried but I just did it, cleaned up and then casually said “I’m done, no biggie, we can go now, business as usual!” I already told you I’m a bit of a freak show but they didn’t mind, I’m sure they are going to invite me next time too cause who doesn’t want somebody to throw up in their car while on a road trip??!!!!I mean, that’s the main rule of any good party, right?!

Picture heavy post!:)
Be aware! Cuteness overload!:)
  You know what taking frequent photos of your outfit does to you? You’re gonna end up striking a “model” type pose on a huge rock in a middle of nowhere like a total douche! :))))))
 The plan was to chill one nameless watermelon in the river and then eat it but we forgot the knife at home so Adrian had to get creative. A CD cover was irreparably harmed so that we don’t die of hunger:))))
I love this photo: looks like I've been photoshopped into the scenery!

 I’m wearing:
dress - vintage
 sandals and hat - H&M
  rings -  Forever 21 and Meli Melo
bracelets - random brands

34 comentarii :

lucylu. said...

That all white dress is really cool! x

agnes said...

de très jolies photos, et j'aime beaucoup tes tenues, ta robe blanche est superbe

Alina F. said...

These two people are absolutely gorgeous!Perfect for each other!Love the pics and your dress:D

KaNini's said...

Oh, I love your dress and that hat is the perfect touch! So romantic and lovely! The couple is too adorable and so funny! Great pics, dear!

The Dainty Doll's House said...

Looks like much that dress, so pretty! Have a great weekend x

Lizzy said...

Lovely pictures! And awesome blog :DDD thank you so much for leaving a comment and following my blog. I followed you back! Hope you visit my blog often :)

The scenery is so beautiful. I normally only see this kind of scenery on the TV :p Love your outfit too <3


lisa signorini said...

white dress is my fav!!

New outfit on my blog: I'm waiting for u!
Have a great Friday!

ChiChi81 said...

Sounds like an awesome roadtrip!Yeah, a bit too much food coupled with a really bumpy ride can make you carsick. Hope you're feeling better tho ;)

BTW, I love the ring, my fave colour ;)



Ceciliaefendy said...

Wow nice post and beautiful place!!!
Lovelove <3

I've follow your blog once again hehehe
Check it, dear :)

stilistele said...

you look lovely, love your dress. and your cousin is a cutie....again wearing no make-up? - she has the most beautiful skin I've ever seen!
Quite a nice couple thee two of them!

Andreea said...

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, those two make the cutest couple i've ever seen! You are hilarious(of course) and i could really use your jewllery:-? Or your legs:D

Alice in vintageland said...

Stilistele - she's not wearing any make-up, she almost never does, she's just so cute by nature

The Shoe Bunny said...

Thanks for commenting and following! Followed you :D

marama said...

Great look, your drees is very beautiful.

Peiyinn said...

Like your white dress! <3

Zizi said...

Thanks for your comment :) I looove that dress :) Following you back.


Antonia said...

Cu alte cuvinte, serpentinele moartea pasiunii :)) Si eu patesc la fel stai linistita. It is starting to freak me out how much we`re alike though :)))

Alice in vintageland said...

Antonia - da, clar, not a good idea for a first to 10th date:))))))), fortunately they are family and so they can't get rid of me. It's comforting to know there's I have a kindred spirit somewhere then!:)

Antonia said...

Let`s test that kindred spirit theory and go out for coffee next week :D cand poti :D de preferat marti- miercuri- joi ;;)

Alice in vintageland said...

:))) let's do that, iti scriu pe FB!:)

Anca said...

It looks like you had a great time..and what's a road trip without any drama? :p

I love your dress..such a pretty print and the pics are simply lovely1 :)

Gabrielle - I LIKE IT FAST said...

Love the photos and blog! Your style is wicked

mwan said...

hi there thanks for the comment, do come back and check out my blog,follow me if u like
love from Hong Kong

Laura said...

thank you for your comment, great blog!!

Mary Lou said...

how cute is this;)i really love this pictures, make me smile!!! summer of love!!!
love and kiss,mary

Living_in_aShoe said...

the dress you "jumped" in is a really cute one!

emily said...

aw such cute photos :) i love the scenery and both your dresses!

Sarah M. said...

LOVING that drapey white dress! So perfect for summer. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following me! :)

xx from Montreal,


Mikimoto Angel said...

I love nature, and your photos are just fab. The place looks majestic! :-) I wish I could be there someday.

BTW, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. I'm now following you back. :-)

Danii said...

Great dress! And aww they're so cute! :3

Angela Jessyana said...

nice hat! i love the scenery. :) hey, thanks for following! i've followed you back via bloglovin :)

Rahel Stephanie said...

the photographs are sooo gorgeous here!!
Love your blog, totally followed : )
btw, hope you could check out my blog?
and follow if you'd like to : )
(it'd be great if you would!)


Agyness Nilsson Zackrisson said...

Awesome photos!!!! :)


CutestPrincess said...

haha, you're so funny! anyway, nice dress! and your cousin is really pretty!

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