Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Today's mood:)

How do I feel today, you ask?! I feel just like this song:
Just shoot for the stars
If it feels right
And then from my heart
If you feel like
And OMG, the video is amazing, shirtless Adam Levine plus original footage of the Rolling Stones front man. I love Maroon 5 and kind of believe Adam is one of the hottest shits that ever graced the face of the earth. Dude is even going all out with his dance moves, who knew he was so freaky?!!! Now I feel like dancing really bad!:))

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Andreea said...

Bunaciune rau Adam:D

Lea said...

Maroon 5 is great!!

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Agyness Nilsson Zackrisson said...

Thank you so much for following me love, i follow both of your blogs! you are great! :)


Anonymous said...

omg LOVE LOVE LOVE those Mickey Mouse ears!


Peiyinn said...

Really a hot guy :)

The Dainty Doll's House said...

Fab!! xx

Anonymous said...

Adam is really cute. I just love a guy with tattoos ;)


CutestPrincess said...

he got a nice body... but i don't like people with tattoo... in my opinion, it looks so dirty! it's better to have a clean and clear skin... without any dirt!


ChiChi81 said...

Adam Levine's just one piece of hot meat ;) Love how his body still looks smokin hot even after all these years ;)



Iulia said...

In taina, il iubesc pe Adam... :-$

Bonnie said...

I have loved Maroon 5 since their first album!

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Anonymous said...

oooo I didn't realise he had all these tattoos....yummy :-) xxx

The.Red.See said...

Yes a shirtless Adam is never hard on the eyes!

Carla McCarthy said...

They are so cute together , Adam and Christina! Love the outfits in the video!


Denise said...

Adam is too gorgeous :')

xx à la mode

Anonymous said...

I heart Maroon 5 Adam is damn sexy :)

Kat said...

i love this song and love adam levine!!! he is sooo hot! :P


Babe Jane said...

love the colour of your blouse :)

mestizay said...

pretty mint green top! you have such a unique style!:)


Borjana said...

That jacket is to dye for!!:0

Henar said...

This is very nice, like it !

Henar ♥

erica marie said...

Love the photos, the background is great. I love your outfit...can you believe I have nothing in animal print?? I really need to change that lol...


Oh my Dior! said...

that mint green is lovely on you!!


Gia said...

Omg thank you so much for your messages, I surely did enjoy them so much:) I am having quite disturbing times right now, so your lovely words definitely touched my heart! I miss you dear, I only met you once, but you remain as someone very close to my heart:) I do hope to see you soon, this autumn;) and I wish you all the best, I have tones of stories to tell and I imagine you as well. Have to get back to work, I have a project to write by the end of the month and it's so hard to concentrate right now! Write me on FB from time to time, I will be delighted to hear from you:D

Andri Alba said...

Wonderful post. I loved the detailed description you´ve given.
I came to reciprocate your kind visit and comment.

And I am a follower since a few days. Thank you very much for following me too and appreciate my way of writing.



lifeisamaze said...

Great outft, I love your belt :)

Diamonddigger said...

lovely outfit and beautiful photos!

Luna said...

so gorgeous photos! you have amazing blog ;)
I'm following, wish you check out my blog!

xx Luna

JustPatience said...

Love the outfit. You mixed the colors perfectly. I am an art lover, that Graffiti background is beautiful.


The Fire Inside Me said...

love your shirt ;)

just claudia said...

jeez , he's amazing!
I love Maroon 5 and kind of believe Adam is one of the hottest shits that ever graced the face of the earth. Damn, you're right.
I just love Maroon 5 .

catflicks said...

i love your outfit, and your style it's so cool! Your blog is beautiful, I've just been reading through it now :)
am a new follower, thank you for your lovely comments too!

Kimmy said...

omg I love adam levine!!! He is the hottest person alive!

Thanks for following my blog and leaving a lovely comment! I really appreciate it!! :)


accidental encounters

Cee Harvey said...

love the shirt!
unique colour


MeryemH said...

i really like you'r blog !:)


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