Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My pie rack

Remember my TV Show Tuesday? Well - it’s back on! This time I have a super hilarious scene from Last Man Standing which is a new comedy on ABC that’s really funny unlike many others airing right now.

I personally think this may be the best way to get over a breakup while also showing that asshole what he’s missing! :))))))

In case you don’t watch it, here’s the deal: Mandy decides that the best way to get back at her ex-boyfriend Travis would be to make a music video inspired by Cry me a river (Justin Timberlake) so she enrolls her two sister as the backup dancers and singers and makes the video in the dinner her big sister works at after closing using the phone, hence the waitress uniforms as a wardrobe choice.

Another hilarious detail (except the dance moves, overall performance and lyrics) is they call themselves The Inglorious Baxters (Baxter is their family name).

In case you can't find the words to write your own revenge breakup song, take a cue from this masterpiece of metaphors:

Apple, cherry, lemon meringue /I wake, I bake, I do my thang/Sad to say I’ll never take you back
So wave goodbye to my pie rack. (Her pie rack)/My pie rack (Her pie rack)/Pa pa pa pa pie rack
So when you wake up and begin to wonder why/Your day no longer starts with my key lime pie.
Shouda have thought of me as more than just a snack./The content of my character, not just the content of my rack. (Oooh)
Shoulda have shown some respect/Checked your behavior/Soon another guy will enjoy your favorite flavor (boysenberry bliss as a matter of fact)
Cause there ain’t nothing sweeter than Mandy’s pie rack./On more than one occasion (twice)/You embarrassed me.
Like when you cried (you cried)/At Lion King 3D./Boys will be boys,/Just think they can have us.
But those days are over,/See ya later Travis!

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Loveforfood said...

Nice video

Alina said...

Omg...so funny!:))Great lyrics!

Anonymous said...

Hi dear! :) thank's for passing and follow me!
I follow u too! Your blog it's great!

Besos, M!

candyvioleta said...

hello there!
I love you polka dot skirt in ur previous post!!! Beautiful!!!
Thank you for visiting my blog and for commenting!!
I would love to follow you!!
Care to join mine!!!!

Anonymous said...

so cute

santhi said...

Thanks for Your comment and visiting! Great blog You have:)


Soumi said...

ROFL!That IS hilarious!

MiMi said...

Seems like a fun show.. Seems like I have to add one more show to list I have :)

Make-up Overdose

Anonymous said...

Haha that's really funny xxx

The Fashion Scan said...

Great blog!!!! Thanks for visiting and following my new blog!!! Sure I'm following you too!!! kiss :D


Susi said...

Thanks for following me! (: I'm following you too now.

Funny video! haha.. yeah you're right, now he sees what he's missing! (;

Dale said...

haha, OMG this is so funny and creative. I like how you have "my tv tuesday"...I haven't seen this show but I'll have to tune in and I love the lyrics you posted. Following you now,
Thanks for your sweet comment


Vee said...

HAHAHAHA =D I just shared it on facebook !!! Amazing vid :p

xxx Vee

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