Monday, June 11, 2012

Artwork/Illustration Spotlight - Belinda Chen

Belinda Chen is a 24 years old freelance illustrator, visual designer and print-maker who has graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. 

After having lived in Melbourne and Berlin for a while she now resides in Shanghai. Belinda creates amazing drawings and collages in mixed media style and she loves character design and narrative story telling.

 Flamingo Sands - my absolute favorite illustration by Belinda Chen

Here are some of my other favorite pieces form Belinda’s expanding portfolio:

I find Belinda has a very unique and imaginative style and I appreciate her confidence in trying different things when it comes to her art while also being true to herself! 

I absolutely love her play with outlines and the fantastic pops of color against white backgrounds. This technique makes her fashion illustrations look effortless, elegant and truly inspirational.
No wonder her work has been featured in numerous magazines such as Nylon, N*Style, Madison, SOKO and Gloss Creative.

I also found this interesting presentation/interview of Belinda’s on touchnote that I feel gives us a little more insight into her creative world:
I guess I enjoyed drawing a lot and I love seeing people enjoy my work.
Who's my favorite artist? Frida Kahlo, she is amazing! I love the colors, passion and story. I also love surrealist stuff involving space and dreams.
I am very much into Pop Art, such as Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol. I love the fun aspect of their work and the bright colors they use. I also like retro images and photos.
I love the detail and delicate lines in Wenzel Hablik crystal and geological inspired etchings. I find lines fascinating; lines in children’s drawings, lines in nature, lines created by fireworks, etc.
 Piccolo Degree Apartments - amazing lift lobby graphics
I hope you enjoy these as much as I do! How do you feel about her work?

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Anonymous said...


RoxxyC said...

Amazing! :D

fashion meets art said...

wow- she's so talented. i love her artwork, fantastic!
kisses to you
maren anita


caise said...


Daisy said...

These are absolutely lovely!

Naffy said...

These are beautiful drawings!!! :)

Nafisah xo

moonstyle said...

i like it...amazing colours :)

hanna long said...


Lilli said...

so nice illustration!

Steve Bale said...

WOOOOOOOW really good artwork! Love it. :)


Maia said...

I must say, it's pretty damn good :)

Kaleido Mind said...

wow, i am so glad you shared--she is amazingly talented!!

Baby Rouge said...

wow, how nice and pretty

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