Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The good life

Considering my speed sorting through my Cyprus vacation photos, I’m probably going to still post about it coming December. There's gonna be snow everywhere, but you'll see beach photos up in here!

These pictures are from Larnaca where we were slumming it in a cheesy hotel splitting our time between the beach and eating, the program was very loose: going to the beach, then to lunch then to the beach again, then the midnight stroll, the walk on the beach at night, the night swim – perfect really!

Returning to my favorite subject – food – I highly recommend you to try the Cypriot cuisine, it’s amazing, you have to taste the fish and meze - a diversity of   traditional dishes, up to 32 - all served at once.  You will  probably not be able to eat it all, the quantities are impressive, but it’s fun to try, I did! I also enjoyed sheftalia and the cheese, especially haloumi (heavenly).  This much I can tell you - the Cypriots use spices like some sort of wizards.  

I have nothing to say about the outfit, except that the necklace is actually a belt (the one I wore here), I told you I packed light which forced me to make the best of every item I brought along. 

Another obvious revelation: stripes and polka dots are a sure thing - you can do no wrong combining these two.

  I told you I ate a lot!
 I'm wearing
bracelets, ring / bratari si inel: H&M and New Look
skirt / fusta – vintage
belt worn as necklace /curea purtata drept colier - vintage
cropped tee / triocu scurt - random brand
  sandals / sandale - Deichmann
sunglasses / ochealri - Asos

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Ana said...

You Look super svelte. I miss my vacations already... :(

Living_in_aShoe said...

you look so cute! I love the crop top!

GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

lol. I like food too. But your outfit stole the show.
Mom Fitness Journal | Girlie Blog Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews

The Marcy Stop said...

Gorgeous print combo!
Love the setting too


Mr kane said...

I love food... Great shoots by the way!
But in love with your outfit! The mix of strips and dots is Fab!

Mr J.Kane

Agnieszka Guerrero Olesinska said...

Such a cool look! Love it!Perfect pattern combination

Check my new post

Gloria Izquierdo said...

Hi! ​​That photos as nice, I love the polka skirt is my favorite pattern. kisses

Ana's Beauty Blog said...

Girl, I love that polka dress and the sandals too. How the hell did I missed them when I was at Deichmann? I like your attitude, it's so fresh and cute.
Kisses :*

blackberryfashion said...

You look so pretty :)


Kelly said...

Gorgeous! I love how you mixed the prints, and the chain necklace is amazing. Not 10000% convinced on the shoes but I love everything else :) nail color is fab as well!!



Alexa said...

love this! the crop top paired with the maxi is such a fun look! i love the mixing of prints too <3

Alexa <3

modniza said...

imi place combinatia buline-dungi,very pretty! xxxx

Alina said...

So pretty!I absolutely love this look!

The Realist said...

aaaaaaaaa lovely!!! I want that skirt! love it ! it goes great with that t shirt on stripes <3

Stefania said...

Beautiful pics!!I love your heels!!

Stephilà Creations-Myfashionblog

Iulia Romana said...

Ce taree e tinuta ! Si mancareaa vaai, m-a luat iar cu foame :)) !

clothes-lovers said...

you look soooo pretty! thank you for checking out my blog, just followed you via GFC.

SheLooks said...

you look great.! :D i love the shirt, i waaant.! :D

Vicky said...

Lovely pics! And lovely outfit too. I like the dots and stripes mix. Kisses and now I'm following your blog :)

Frivolezze Provinciali said...

amazing outfit and lovely blog ;)
Follow each other on GfC?




Love the clash of stripes and polkadots, my gorgeous Alice.

Pilar said...

First of all, thank you for following my blog and comment on it. You have got a great blog and I really appreciate that you like mine. I love your mix of textures and patterns like in this post : dots and stripes, it is an amazing look!! Now that I am following you we will keep in touch, :)) thanks, again, kisses.

anapas said...

Your blog is amazing!!!
I like your look!!


La chica del sábado said...

Your skirt is perfect! So cute!
La Chica del Sábado

Zara Cabañes Barcelo said...

Hi Anne! Thank you very much for visiting my blog. I really like the look. The shirt is lovely, I like how you've combined with polka dot skirt. The necklace is beautiful and very original. Beautiful photos of the beach. The food looks delicious. I follow you, kisses.

Janna said...

Thanks for your lovely comment! And I likeee your outfit. That skirt is awesome :D Certainly in a combi with that cropped top. Yeah, I like it.

Please drop by x

Pardoleta said...

Loving you blog so much! It's the first time that I comem by and I share most of the things you like and your taste :)

orquidea said...

so beautifull skirtt!!!!

Orchid style :)

Inês Margarida Martins said...

Love it, the skirt is amamzing! ;) You have a great blog, would you like to follow eachother? Kisses from Portugal! ;)


Lisa said...

stunning photos! i like your polka dot skirt!


La Dolce Vita said...

Love the stripes and polka dot combination. Also, it is such an innovative idea to use a belt as a neck piece. I am drooling over your food photos of Cypriot cuisine too, they are tempting me to eat them right now !
Thanks for following me, although I write on fashion occasionally. I am following you too.
have a nice day !


Love your skirt, and love how you paired it with polka dots.

'The Wind of Inspiration' blog

Anonymous said...

Such a cute outfit! Love that skirt!


Mlle W said...

Cutest outfit featuring stripes & polkadots...ps: I adore croptops. Love the foodyummies too, Cyprus looks awesom.

Thanks for following me and I like and will follow your blog too :D

Leeh Trindade said...

Hello dear,

Thank you for visiting and comment in my blog!
I really love your style and fabulous outfits! You look gorgeous in polka dots and straps!
I'm already following you!


Karolina said...

wow nice outfit and yummy food. thanx for following :) I like your blog and follow back ;)

Valentina said...

I'm totally in love with your skirt and your super cool necklace!!
those dishes seem to be delicious!!


Vinny MS said...

I love your style! <3 <3
It's a bit sexy, but it's totally okay. You looks so pretty and beautiful in this outfit! <3
Keep in touch, and what about being friends? You know, not just follow to follow stuffs! >_<


Brooklyn Grace said...

hello dear,
you have a lovely outfit
thanks for your comment on my blog
great blog


Brooklyn Grace said...

Just followed you on Gfc and bloglovin!!

Mic - My Trendy Journal said...

Cyprus, what a destination!
i just adore your look, specially your hair i want something like that but my face is SO round! :(

Laura said...

Hey thanks for your lovely comment! You have a great look, and yes I'm following you :)


Shape and Fashion
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Mariposa said...

Nice look! ;) I'm following you too ;)

Gita Andreina Ang said...

your outfit looks awesome and you're so FIT!! <3
And the beach looks gorgeoussss... :D

Btw, I'm following you now :)


Emexpressing said...

Thanks a lot for your sweet comment! I love your skirt, it's so 60's!! Thanks for following me, i'm following you back :D Lots of kisses *** emexpressing.blogspot.com

Anet said...

thank you so much, of course I follow you)

Ana said...

Aww, thank you so much dear Sara! You are so sweet!
So beautiful photos! You look so gorgeous! Love your outfit, especially your skirt!
You have a new follower ;)
Lots of kisses*


Clo said...

Hi Thanks for your sweet comment it make me happy :))) I really like your blog and this outfit is very cute some people think that stripes and dots aren't good together, but I really love this combination :) I will follow you with great pleasure !!!
kiss Clo

ola said...

Oh my. I absolutely love this! The stripes and dots...all in black and white. It's seriously perfection! I would wear that in a second. LOVE!
Thanks for following and I'm definitely doing the same.

Keep in touch!

Carla Verne said...

Great outfit. U look amazing! ;)
I follow u and now I'm waiting for your turn! ;)

Diva In Me said...

Looking at your outfit, it gave me inspiration to wear lines and polka dots which I've not try this season =D


OanaC said...

Perfect look ♥


Iza said...

Lovely photos my dear! I really liked it. I also liked your blog. Very fashionable!!!I've never been to Cyprus, it must be cool. Nice trip!! I'm following you, dear!
Kisses <3

Eva Luna said...

Great photos and ummm. . .good food! :)) But i guess i like the outfit more :)
Eva :*

Anonymous said...

cuuute outfit!! you look great. this is such a fabulous necklace and has given me some DIY inspiration. Thanks xx


Carmen Hummer said...

Hello beautiful, I love the look, very chic, the skirt is divine and I love the shoes, and I follow. kisses


Grace said...

You look so chic!

Kristina said...

Killer figure! I love the way you mixed stripes and dots and I also love that you talked about foooooood. I love it too. ;)

Bernadeth G. said...

Such a lovely post, I like these pictures so much! :)

Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (http://missbeatrix.blogspot.com)

Remik said...

Great, lovely !!!!

Ally Dewing said...

Some absolutely beautiful pictures! I love your spots and stripes combo, I think you've given me the boost to try it out myself :) Thank you ever so much for following my blog, I thought I'd check yours out and I love your style so I am officially your new follower! Hope we stay in touch :)
Ally xoxox

Ourdestination said...

nice tee ;)

miha.ela said...

nu am putut sa revin pe blogul tau, fara sa nu iti scriu:
imi place tinuta ta extrem de mult, colierul ala arata so unique si mixul de printuri e pe super-gustul meu :D
na, ca am zis-o !


Alice in vintageland said...

miha.ela - :))) multumesc mult de tot! Colierul este de fapt o curea, dar cum nu aveam prea multe accesorii cu mine, am improvizat!

blueberry-crush said...

OMG so delicious food ):p I am hungry now ;p and you look so amazing :) great :)I following you too :0;p

Heather Clancy said...

Ahhh! Great snaps! I'm now hungry and jealous!

Nico said...

thank u miss =)

i really really appreciate this.
i look gorgeous i follow for sure back !!

where exactly u from ?

xx Nico

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