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Halloween pumpkins carving and decorating ideas

As promised - article no. 2 from the Halloween series is delivered. Today we're talking: pumpkin carving and decorating ideas.

Pumpkins are both a fall staple and the greatest Halloween symbol there is. In fact I consider pumpkins essential for a great Halloween party.

They come in different shapes, colors and flavors and can be used for delicious Halloween recipes and amazing decor. The best part is they are inexpensive and easy to find during autumn.

I collected some wonderful pumpkin carving and pumpkin decorating ideas for everybody to use. The only thing you need is as many pumpkins you can get your hands on because I made a lot of inspiring collages with all kinds of Halloween pumpkins for you to craft/DIY!

Don't forget to also read my article about Halloween food - spooky desserts and treats!

Use a drill to make a polka dotted carved pumpkin (left). Mini pumpkins will look lovely as candles holders for the Halloween table!

Classy white pumpkins (you can use white paint on classic orange pumpkins) with  beautiful black stencils - you can find lots of free pumpkin stencils with a simple internet search.

 This is such a simple idea and looks incredible: flower covered pumpkins (left) and a cool shaped pumpkin used as a vase - a great centerpiece for autumn!

More pumpkin decorating inspiration - notice the cute Hello Kitty pumpkin, the bloody pumpkins (add  red paint on the top of the pumpkin and it will stream down naturally), the spiders and webs pumpkin (use a black Sharpie to draw them )

Trick or Treat! Scary lighted pumpkins!

Owls and vampires pumpkins

Halloween Decor -  lace pumpkin in a stocking and bling/flashy black pumpkin decorated with crystals!

 Glitter Pumpkin Candle Holder, Hardware Store Pumpkin

 Leaf-carved pumpkin (left). Simple flowers are a cute way to dress up pumpkins (right).

 Fabulous Cinderella Pumpkins made with different size pumpkins colored in pink, yellow and purple and decorated with crystals, pearls, beads, flowers and fabric bows! So dreamy!

Lovely crochet lace covered pumpkin (left) and  pastel "tattooed" pumpkins decorated with beads (right).

 Scary Jack O-Lantern! The little pug is so cute!!!

Pumpkin Topiary - use neutral colors with a splash of orange for an elegant look.

Sequined and glittered pumpkins (cover them in glue before adding sequins and/or glitter).

 Cats and bats pumpkins - you'll need  black paint and scrapbook paper to transforms these pumpkins into spooky Halloween creatures

 DIY pumpkin decorating using buttons, lace, veil, patterned fabric and sequins!

Painted pumpkins using white ones as a base (use pumpkin stencils and black paint on top of it)!

Easy pumpkin carvings: Fairytale Mansion and Mouse Motel (just look at the photos and copy the carving  "templates", use plastic mice to fill the motel rooms:))))

White Halloween pumpkins mantle idea

  Amazing cat pumpkin! Black pumpkins with white stencil texts!

 Spooky pumpkin faces - employ your carving skills towards putting the fear if God into all the kids trick-or- treating! It's a worthy cause!

 Metallic Halloween pumpkins  (use 'Looking glass' spray or silver cooking sheets to transform pumpkins into these gorgeous centerpieces, I recommend a white spray first to get the best effect).

 Just look at that adorable Pumpkin Pooh Teddy Bear in the middle (it even has a huge pumpkin honey jar!) For the owl pumpkins use paper and pins (the one on the left) or just carve away using the image as  a model (the one on the right)

 Genius - DIY fairytale pumpkin carriage using mini-pumpkins as wheels, fancy vintage door-handles and brooch frames for the door and windows

So beautiful - pumpkins used as vases, add yellow, red, orange fall flowers for an amazing Halloween centerpiece!

 Black Halloween pumpkins - the stuffed crow on top is a nice touch and by nice I mean fabulously disturbing!

Pumpkin floral and candles arrangements to die for!

Colorful chevron pumpkins paintings!

Pumpkins toppers with fabric decorations. Sequins pumpkin - the stuffed crow really adds the creepy Halloween factor!

Painted white pumpkin idea and white Chenille pumpkins (these can be an all year decor piece, they don't qualify just as Halloween decor!)

The tiny black cat is the cutest thing I have ever seen! I bet she would love some ombre candy corn pumpkins!

 Best idea ever: be original and use pumpkins as ice buckets for Halloween drinks!

Fancy pumpkin patterns using beads, pearls and sequins! Almost as classy as the black and white painted pumpkins!

  Halloween decor at its best: creepy tomatoes tree in a decaying pumpkin and mini pumpkins Halloween fall wreath to hang on your door.
   Photos: 1, 2, collages made by Sara 

Aren't these Halloween pumpkins ideas just wonderful? I know I will try some of them! How about you? Which one/ones got your creative juices flowing?

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Frastef said...

Fantastic creations!!!!!

Sincere Coco said...

wow great great ideas!!!im having a costume party and these are great decor ideas!!love it

Theo said...

not really a fan of Halloween but this ideas look like fun.

btw, i'm hosting a giveaway on my blog if you are interested. You can win a piece of jewelry.

Maya M said...

Wow that is absolutely amazing!!!

Denisa said...

Classy white pumkins are the best!
I love this post!

Mia said...

this has gotten me so excited to try and diy my own pumpkin for halloween x

Maalali said...

Sooooo nice!!!!

Barbara vanessa said...

really amazing decorations for halloween,where i live we dont celebrate halloween :x

Karolina said...

wow, great pumpkins! I love Halloween, I have birthday in this day haha xoxo

Sola ante el espejo said...

Great ideas!!!

paola robiolio bose said...

wow amazing inspiration, I love the one with the birdcage!!!

Monika D said...

So cute!!

Giada Graziano said...

love this halloween post! every photos is so perfect!! thanks a lot :) now I'm following you on bloglovin gfc :)
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Boheme.Fille said...

Wow, ce misto sunt! Parca imi vine si mie sa sarbatoresc Halloween-ul cand vad minunatiile astea! :D

Jen27 said...

Wow, so many unique and creative designs! And love that little pug in the one picture. Thanks for sharing! :)


2 Blog Girls said...

I love Your blog! I always thought that decorating with pumpkins is boring! I only did their faces:) And i fall in love with black pumpkin with cristals! it's my favourite!

Jenny said...

Wow great inspirations!

coco said...

love your post , wonderful !

MiBolsodelSur said...

Geniales ideas con calabazas!!

Me quedo por aquí...


Shiva Khandelwal said...

I really don't know that we can pumkins beautiful like this. Really awsome picture which you have shown in this blog. I will also suggest my wife do something like this to decorate our home

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Chai Chen said...

Yum yum! Will go trick-or-treating! :)


Evelyne said...

So nice in black and white and the cats are so lovely! Also, the moustache is fantastic!
Thanks for this ideas!


ToTylkoJa said...

I like the carvings a lot my fav is definetely the one with in the photo with pug:)

Thank you for a nice comment on my blog and joining my followers and I'm following you back of course!:)

BastyAndTheCity said...

Wow, nice....
I love this creations...

Kisses, Basty

Balbina Ogryzek said...

Great ideas! This little puppy seems so scared! :) I'm glad that you like my hairstyle. Kisses!

Mariska Coenders said...

So sad that we don't have that much in my country

YoulkaFashion said...

Great inspiration for Hallowen! Thank you for visit my blog. I follow your blog too, it's very interesting. XoXo Youlka Fashion

Coco Bates said...

Those are wonderful decorating ideas!! I love the pumpkins with the rhinestones, cute !


Miss Daja said...

OMG who said Pumpkin Carving had to be scary or boring. These are soooo cute!

-Sincerely Daja

Magdalena B said...


Caayenne said...

Lovely post! I want one of these pumpkins!




Count To Four said...

wow so many fun ideas! i just love halloween :)

Clo said...

Beautiful selction :)

Blonde hair, Blue jeans said...

those are so cool!

aniumek said...

OMG!!! Sooo cool decoration :)

The Origin of Pride said...

nice pictures! love it! and thank you so much for commenting on my blog and following! follow you back now! have a nice weekend!

blackberryfashion said...

Amazing post :)

The Foolish Aesthete said...

Terrific ideas. Halloween is my favorite holiday for unleashing creativity!

Nađa Kapetanović said...

great blog :) follow back ;**

Mode a'Portee said...

Very nice!! HOpe ME celebrates Halloween too ~~ we're missing all the fun.

marilyn scott said...

Wow, these pumpkin carvings are sooooo wonderful! Amazing creations. All I can do in a pumpkin is put holes in them and candle inside, nothing as elaborate as these.... Great pumpkin carving ideas you got here! Thanks for sharing.

Cuttysark said...

wow, great job compiling pumpkin carving ideas. I love them all, thanks for sharing and more power to your blog.

annewalker said...

Amazing collection of pumpkin carvings. Their designs are so unbelievable. Great designs and patterns. I pinned some of them in my pinterest board.

Happy Crafting
Anne walker
Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Meow Opre said...

Hahaha I enjoyed browsing for these awesome Pumpkin Carving Ideas. I hope it’s fine with you that I could pin them on my Pinterest board. I’m so sure my followers would be happy to see these interesting photos. Keep sharing! :D

johnson taylor said...

Aww! If my family had celebrated Halloween while I was growing up I probably would have carved a cat pumpkin every year myself! Too cute.
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pumpkin carving patterns free
scary pumpkin carving patterns

sukere said...

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