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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Original Christmas Trees Ideas

I’m sure many of my readers already knew this was coming! I’m super excited about the Holiday season and I already started researching and collecting all kind of amazing Christmas decorating ideas. I will, of course, share everything with you.

The first article is about original Christmas trees ideas that will allow you to make cheap Christmas trees using the most common and unexpected supplies that, I’m sure,  many of you already have laying around the house – you just didn’t think about using them to create homemade Christmas decorations.
And even if you don’t have some of them right now, you still have time to gather the ones missing and create some amazing DIY Christmas decorations without even having to pass by the Christmas tree shop.

Don’t forget to check out last year’s Christmas themed articles – they are full of inspiring tips and clues to make your creative juices flow.

But let’s get this show on the road! Be prepared for an overload of Christmas tree photos and collages I made myself!

I divided all these amazing decoration ideas by the main supplies used in creating them - I strive to make things easy for you, guys!
1. Paper Christmas Trees

These artificial Christmas trees are maybe the easiest to make: use music sheet paper, scrapbook paper with jolly patterns, newspaper, vintage and colorful paper or plain off white paper and apply it on cardboard cone shaped forms. Decorate with bows, buttons and glitter to make this little trees even more special.

Note the wonderful ivory paper roses in the middle and how they are made into a delightful Christmas flower arrangement!

This miniature pink roses tree just melts my heart - such a romantic and feminine statement!

 2. Jeweled and beaded Christmas trees

These sparkly Christmas trees are pure magic. Whoever first taught about making one was an absolute genius. 
They might not be as cheap as the paper ones but I was thinking you could use a polystyrene/flexible cone shape and avoid glue so that you can still use your vintage jewelry after the Holidays. 
A less expensive alternative would be making a tree using colorful buttons, but I would also go for sequins, precious beads, faux pearls, rhinestones and of course vintage and retro jewelry, costume jewelry and any other trinkets you have stashed around the house.

 Shiny!!!! I need them in my life! Now!

 Omg! That white stag with its adorable antlers near the precious beads tree is the cutest thing in the history of cute!

 This metal Christmas tree created using silver, vintage jewelry is a piece of art and something I would probably find a way to wear as a necklace/tiara (unicorn style) rather than waste by displaying as a centerpiece!

 3. Christmas food trees

I know many of you are excited to put your Christmas recipes to good use and wow your party guests. In case you  also want to discourage them from eating their weight in your Christmas desserts just make and arranged them in shapes too beautiful too touch. Just kidding - there is no food arrangement in the world that would stop me from stuffing my face with cupcakes and other sugary treats!

The cupcake tree looks delicious! And how about the  green Christmas trees  made out of ice cream cones ?!

The  glittery wonders (right side) are stacked donuts (different sizes) with sugar coating, or at least is what I would use to replicate these!

Christmas trees made out of treats - the macarons Christmas tree is calling my name!

 And how about a healthy alternative (if you're into that sort of stuff:))) - vegetable Christmas trees?

 The ginger bread - lollipops mash Christmas tree  is something else, isn't it?

  4. Seashell Christmas trees

Yet another brilliant Christmas tree decoration idea - especially for those of you who live in a permanently warm climate or are just nostalgic about summer.
I  know some of you collected shells from your last trip to the seaside and then completely forgot about it - dust them shells out and use them to make a fabulous seashell Christmas tree. You know you want it! Cave into temptation!

5. Fabric Christmas Trees

Thread that needle and run with scissors because is high time to create a few super cute fabric mini Christmas tress! Colorful felt is easy to shape and the results will be wonderful, but you can basically use any scrap of fabric in a fun color or pattern that you can spear.
Just cut that old red skirt you haven't worn in years! It's for a great cause and it's going to look better on a slim Christmas tree!

Christmas tree store at home -  soft and fluffy yarn wrapped tabletop Christmas trees!
A hot pink tulle Christmas tree to feed my fairytale addiction!

 6. Bottle brush Christmas trees

Believe it or not, these little vintage treasures can be reproduced using a very mundane kitchen utensil - the bottle brush. You heard me - just give it a hair cut and dye it to resemble a Christmas tree and then use the big guns to complete the transformation: glitter, stars, ornaments, vintage figurines and everything pretty and shiny you have in stock!

 Christmas tree themes - bottle brush trees on wooden spools and vintage angel

 A winter wonderland that could wake up the little child in anybody!

Homemade Christmas decorations - bottle brush artificial Christmas trees in shades of pink, blue and green! Pure magic!

 7. Original Christmas Trees

These creative wonders are the best proof you can basically make a Christmas tree out of anything if you only put your mind into it. So jut do it! Grab the nearest objects around you and make a Christmas tree out of them! I dare you!

 Christmas tree from wood sticks with lights (left) and string Christmas tree (right)

 Unusually Creative Christmas Trees: mirrored green books Christmas tree and  shelf made Christmas tree

Christmas tree shops at your fingertips: use special, vintage, homemade ornaments to transform a normal tree into something extraordinary! Just look at those creepy owls - heart melting!

 Christmas tree themes - whimsical, branchy, laddery Christmas trees ! Live a little! Be a fairy princess!
Photos: 1,2,3
 So? Any Christmas trees photos that got you hot and bothered about in here? Did I just bullied you into crafting something glorious?

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You sure did! I love the little cone trees and the last one on the wall!

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Sarah said...

oh wow.. now thats a lot of christmas trees!!

i really really like the "unusual" ones... such as the usage of books and the mirror.

this is a great list to get inspired on!! too bad i already got a tree and my apartment is all xmas'ed out! haha.

thanks for sharing.

- sarah -

Ciekawska Magdalena said...

WOW! it's beatiful and sweet ;ove

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Yeee great ideas! So fashion ;)


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Nice ideas! thanks for sharing

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Me Leo Life said...

great post,pinky roses tree is our favorite!

xo Lelli, italian fashion family

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These are great! I don't have room for a real tree in my apartment so maybe I'll try some of these!

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Wonderful ideas. Love all of them! xoxo Ely Dupont

Daniela V. said...

Mamma mia ,quante cose belle da vedere,ci sono per tutti i gusti i colori,a me piace il natale proprio per quello ,queste cose alegrano la vita.Baci.

Unknown said...

Hi honey, I really appreciated your comment on my blog :))
Love yours too, this year I really wanted to make an original christmas tree... right now I made a simple one to simplify due to lack of time, but this post really inspired me to make something different for the christmas dinner... I surely follow you back! :))

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Sofía Mil ideas mil proyectos said...

Ahora mismo estoy pensando que me encantaría tener todos esos arboles de Navidad en mi casa, es que me gustan todos, son unas ides geniales, gracias por compartirlas, besos

Enchainted said...

O, de abia așteptam postările voastre tematice! Minunată inspirație! Spor la decorat!

Elizabeth Valchar said...

Very nice ideas! They're beautiful :)

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Creatively inspiring photo's!!!
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Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

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Great christmas tree ideas... So creative.. Thanks for sharing!!

Anyways following u now GFC & Bloglovin. Hope u follow back? THanks!!

Danika Podhola said...

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annewalker said...

Now I am seeing these beautiful tree and I find them all stunning especially the candy cane land inspired tree! That was pretty amazing.

Feel free to stop by at my blog too for more designs :)

Anne Walker
Christmas tree decoration ideas

Herry Johnson said...

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