Thursday, May 15, 2014

Eye candy – literally

It’s that time of year again! You know, the glorious months when you can wear sunglasses without looking like a douchebag. In fact, with summer just a short month away, sunglasses will be actually necessary and not just a stylistic choice.

I’m one of those people who like and wear sunglasses a lot. Aviator, cat eye, wayfarer shaped, clear lenses, colorful lenses, simple or intricately ornate frames – I like them all. You’ve seen me wearing them in enough outfit of the day posts over the years to believe I’m not just saying that. I have serious proof to back it up and you can see a short selection below. I dream of having a huge collection and I’m always on the lookout for a new pair despite having quite a few already.

I’ve always seen sunglasses like an easy way to complete a look and give it that cool, effortless edge. I won’t deny wearing a pair of sunglasses can also help with looking insistently at people without scaring them off. Behind the right, opaque lenses you can be plenty creepy without actually putting the fear of God into the object of your intense gaze. :))))

There was a time when it was actually very hard to find sunglasses I really liked. I had friends who actually needed glasses and hated wearing them because they looked so awful. Then I discovered online shopping and I suddenly had endless possibilities at my fingertips. In fact finding the coolest and most affordable sunglasses and eyeglasses online has become a bit of a favorite pastime of mine. Thankfully I don't need eyeglasses, but I will admit I have worn this style before just for fun and without the prescription lenses. Looking like a sexy nerd all the time has its appeal. 

Right now I have my eyes on (pun intended) a few pairs from BonLook. They carry sunglasses too, but what I'm really into is the amazing selection of eyeglasses with the most wonderful, colorful and stylish frames.
I actually need your help to decide between a "few" pairs I love since I find it almost impossible to narrow it down to an acceptable number. Which  are the one that you like best?
  I need me some sexy librarian cat eye frames! How about you?

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Smallnhot Sarah said...

Lovely eye candies ! Gorgeous..

Do you wanna follow each other on GFC ? Do let me know, will def follow back.. :D
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Anonymous said...

Great pics dear!and great glasses!!


New post!

Ana Elly said...

your blue sunglasses are beautiful, i love it.
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Anonymous said...

I really should wear my sunglasses more! I love all eyewear w/ the tortoise prints on them, so chic!

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