Sunday, August 23, 2015

When time stood still

I can’t point the exact moment time actually became something I had to manage and stress about, but it did. I don’t remember feeling the pressure of time as I do now ever before: there was always plenty of it to just waste without any regrets.

It was never too late for anything. Sometimes I just want to go back to that state of mind.

This gorgeous wood watch sent to me by Jord watches made me think about time and how it seems to expand or contract depending on the way we feel. I love that feeling when I’m really happy and grateful for being in a beautiful place, for meeting someone really amazing, for finding a great song and listening to it in a loop for hours, those moments when time seems patient and almost liquid, when it feels I live in a pastel colored, slow motion movie. 

And this watch makes me want to capture that peace of mind even if it’s going to be short lived. I usually like to pile on the jewelry, but this time around I felt that my Cora series watch made out of KOA wood and rose gold was enough.  

I can honestly say this watch is one of the most beautiful accessories I have to date. Since I’m the psychotic owner of a huge collection of jewelry, that’s really saying something.

I’m crazy about the idea of a wooden watch that looks like a high end designer watch, but was created with sustainability, efficiency, and experimental living in mind. It kind of goes with me – I’m drawn to retro and vintage design mixed into the modern world we live in.

I can’t help but mention how amazing of a customer service Jord watches has. Rarely have I had such a smooth communication with a brand - thank you, Dan for making this such a pleasant collaboration. Usually working with stores and brands can be challenging, but this time it was easy and enjoyable. They will even customize the size of your watch bracelet to fit your wrist perfectly.

I can’t possibly express how amazing this watch really is so I’m leaving you with a bunch of photos I took that do it more justice than words could ever do. 

 Remember the last time I wore this dress? I like my drama queen moments, that's for sure!
 How cool is that it comes in a wooden jewelry box as well?
Do you ever wear watches? Do you wear them just for utility or as an accessory too?

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