Sunday, October 31, 2010

Are you scared yet?

I should probably be cool and say I hate Halloween and I consider it to be an imperialistic holiday and another way for the USA to take over the world and brain wash everybody and bla bla bla but the honest to God truth is that I love it.

In fact I’m sad Halloween is not a big deal in Romania and we hardly celebrate it. I wish people would decorate their houses and yards with super creepy stuff and scare the crap out of me. 

Can you see how much I love horror movies? I do. But besides the funny and entertaining part of this holiday, Halloween is a great occasion to free ourselves even if for one night and be whoever we want to be. Don’t mind the fact that based on that assumption 70% percent of the girls want to be some sort of a slut))))))), but hey, as I said, I don’t judge…(much).

Another thing that attracts me to Halloween is the kind of magic that it brings: all the lights and costumes, the kids. And let’s be honest for a moment here: we as a nation can be a little bit uptight and we take ourselves way too serious most of the time so a little bit of childish joy and fun wouldn’t hurt.

Photos, gifs: 1, 2.

Are you scared yet?:)

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Andreea said...

Prima chestie care mi-a venit in minte cand am citit partea cu "70% percent of the girls want to be some sort of a slut", a fost scena aia din Mean Girls(nu stiu daca l-ai vazut, nu e tocmai un film bun) in care Lindsay Lohan vine total aiurea imbracata la o petrecere de Halloween si spune o replica foarte asemanatoare cu aceasta, ceva de genul " halloweenul este singura ocazie din an in care fetele se pot imbraca asemeni prostituatelor fara a fi judecate de nimeni".Ea nu stie despre chestia asta si poarta un costum...putin iesit din comun:))

Mina said...

perfectly written, well said. this is the reason i love halloween so much too. its the dark magical element of it. do they celebrate halloween in romania? i know there probably wont be any trick or treating but are there any events around town?
and the thing with the sluts of yeah that totally appliies to me. nobody wants to be left behind. whatever character i choose to be i have to be the sexy/sluty version of that charcater. halloween just goes to show that we all have a bit of a slut inside of us and we just release it on that special day!

Sara said...

Heels Lover - :)))) sigur ca l-am vazut, e un clasic, hahaahaha, nu m-am gandit la scena aceea, dar da, acum imi amintesc si ai dreptate

Mina- there are lots of parties and events around the city with a Halloween theme but I feel is not enough, oricum nu este o sarbatoare generala, it’s not the real deal, it’s just something for maybe 5% of the people, I would love to have the whole deal. I guess everybody has a slut inside her/him, some more than others, here many girls feel the need to explore this particular part all year long:)))))))

La Parisienne said...

Oh!Beautiful Picture!
I love halloween too!;)
Follow my blog :D

Cecille said...

hello, eu am purtat urechiusile din dantela cumparate de la tine! mi-au fost de mare ajutor!!
Cat despre postul acesta, sunt superbe pozele postate!

Ioana Liliana said...

I love you girls! The best selection of images, the first is my all time favourite (magic and pinup) and that lace pumpkin is so inspiring! Well yes, the dressing up is fun for some, but it's the magic that I'm interested in ;)


Laura Tenshi said...

Si eu imi cumpar des cadouri pentru mine pt ca sunt precauta si vreau sa ma asigur ca-mi place ceea ce primesc :)) Nu e nimeni care iti cunoaste gusturile mai bine decat tine, right? Ma bucur ca iti plac ghetele, m-am tot uitat pe site sa caut ceva deosebit si ele au fost perfecte. Multumesc mult si pt vot.

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