Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Forever Pin UP

The pin up style has made a comeback in this last decade. Even if the modern pin up girl is different from the “vintage pin up” girl this style has regained the popularity it had in the 50s.

Basically the pin up girls were models, actresses and celebrities who were considered sex symbols and took pictures that had a great appeal and were mass produced becoming part of the popular culture. These pictures could be cut out of magazines, postcards, calendars, posters and could be PINned UP (hence the name) on the walls.


Other pin-ups were artwork, often depicting idealized versions of what some thought a particularly beautiful or attractive woman should look like – kind of an ideal women of each decade.

Surely the pin up girls is not what she used to be but she still has her charms even if she changed her look and lifestyle: she may now have some tattoos, heavier make-up, maybe a motorcycle, who knows, she can actually be a burlesque dancer.:))).


Speaking of, you may wonder why has this style emerged as a trend in the recent years? Oh well, everything in this world has something to do with the all mighty www so it’s no wonder one of the factors was the popularity of Suicide Girls, an erotica website that features tattooed and pierced "alternative" models sometimes styled in 1950s-inspired pin-up looks.

Then Bettie Page, one of the most notorious pin-ups, was suddenly hot again mostly due to the biographical movie The Notorious Bettie Page from 2005. At the same time Dita Von Teese and burlesque were l’attraction du jour so you can see know how many little factors can snow ball at the same time and revive or even create a new trend. That's also how an old trend can become relevant again.

Photos: 1, 2
So, do you PIN UP? Love this style or not that much?
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Ioana Liliana said...

If I had to choose only one obsession that would be for pin-up. I love how you found modern photos and showed its evolution. SUicide Girls also rock, as well as burlesque (be it with of without Dita Von Teese) Oh my, this is just what I think a perfect post to start the morning with looks like!


Sara said...

Thanks!:) If I had to choose only one obsession I would choose pin up too closely fallowed by music and TV shows!:)

Mad Hatter said...

Great post, loved reading it!
And btw, you and your sister always made me think of pin-up girls :D

Unknown said...

lovely lovely Dita

Andreea said...

For me, pin up means femininity.Waistline, curves, boobs, all that roundness a woman should have to be called a woman, not so often seen nowadays.Now it's all about insect legs and boyish frames, not so atractive if you ask me(although kate moss rullz big time, i find her guilty for this:P).
So yeah, i love pin up and hope to see this kind of girls more often.
Also, thank you for the info, it's good to know:D

bravegrrl said...

i love pinup girls!!!! from old classics to modern lovelies!!! i also love the incorporation into high fashion recently :)

Unknown said...

soooo sexy, yamy :)

Cecille said...

what a great post!!!

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