Friday, October 15, 2010

When I was 16...

When I was 16:
   I saw the world through a magic colored glass and every emotion was oversized
PHOTO: Flamingo Sands by Belinda Chen

  I was crazy in love with two boys

  I was dreaming with my eyes open and walking on clouds

     I was insecure about everything except the fact that I will change the world

    I was reading as if there was no tomorrow

 I discovered fashion 

  I started using makeup for the first time

   I had very long hair

       I wanted something extraordinary to happen to me

   I was feeling that my friends were not enough 

 I had my first kiss, it was super awkward!:))))

         I was a drama queen  (still am)

   I was living in my head 

  I was listening to boy bands

    I was awesome

   I believed that when I’ll grow up everything will be easier and simpler

   I was sure that by now I would be rich, have the greatest job ever and know everything I needed to know

I didn’t want to move to New York and thought living in Bucharest would be awesome
I wrote this article after reading this.The thing is - I kind of feel the same as I felt when I was 16, at least when it comes to some aspects of my life!:)

What were you doing when you were sixteen?

Soundtrack: Azi ascut Alicia Keys and Jay- Z -- Empire State of Mind (New York) !

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Heels lover said...

Hmmm...I was obsessed about photography and wanted to become a really good photographer, i was a big Metallica fan, i was spending 20 hours a day tring to convince my folks to allow me to keep a pet:D, i discovered lipstick and 7 cm heels:>, dyed my hair, tried to learn to play the guitar(no use:))), been in love with Johnny Depp(still am :)))

Maria Evans said...

OMG, I (L) well dress men!!!!

I posted a new outfit! Hope to see u in my blog!! =)


Gabriela C. said...

Gorgeous !! And the clothes are lovely! I usually like H&M

Ioana Liliana Gheorghe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ioana Liliana Gheorghe said...

At 16 I was probably listening to loud rock music in my room :)) These are all beautiful, but the watercolor illustration is amazing!


Alma said...

Foarte frumos!! Cred ca e unul dintre cele mai frumoase articole din blogosphera...

Alice in vintageland said...

Thank you girls!:)

Alexandra said...

hmm ce faceam eu la 16 ani...eram in al doilea an de liceu, incepusem sa-mi descopar feminitatea,sa ma machiez, eram foarte activa si optimista voiam sa ma implic in toate activitatile de pe la liceu, am inceput sa primesc mai multa atentie din partea baietilor eram mai soaciabila. In concluzie a fost un an foarte bun pentru mine, pacat ca n-a mai evoluat dupa varsta aia asa cum visam ;))
foarte frumoasa postarea, am descoperit un nou blog foarte interesant pe care am sa-l urmaresc


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