Thursday, February 10, 2011

I am Love

Disclaimer - This is not a proper review so read away, I’m avoiding spoiling it for you! 

This movie left me wondering. I can’t really say if I loved it or just like it, I’m a bit on the fence this time. What I can certainly say it’s that visually “I am love” (Io Sono L’Amore)) is truly a masterpiece, the cinematography is superb and the decor is breathtaking (it was shot in Milan and San Remo).

Also this is a very “European” movie (obviously as it’s an Italian movie directed by Luca Guadagnino) – that means the rhythm is not very alert and the story flows slowly and somehow quietly (a lot of subtext going on). I personally like that and wasn’t bored at all, also enjoy hearing Italian and don’t mind subtitles (movie snob much?:))))).

That being said I did find it a little bit on the pretentious side as far as the story goes– it’s like a gorgeous looking dress on the outside that’s not really that well done on the inside. But hey I haven’t seen a Tilda Swinton's movie that I didn’t like yet. I find her fascinating, like some kind of stunning alien that plays really well and compelling and makes every role her own (the Italian actors were great too).
On the side note the fashion in this movie is pretty cool too; the very classy, simple and high end outfits will certainly inspire you and make you dream. I certainly did not waste two hours of my life with this beautiful movie.
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Recycle Boutique said...

wow super! pare foarte fain, abia astept sa il vad!

sacramento said...

Fantastic post!!!

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