Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Say it ain’t so – Chanel, Rag&Bone rumored to get in bed with bloggers

…and by that I mean they might be considering some high profile fashion blogger as they brand ambassadors. I just thought that title sounds more scandalous:))))) I’m all about scandalous! I guess Chanel who doesn’t yet have a Twitter account (outrageous – I would love to know when Karl Lagerfeld has a bubble bath or what he ate for breakfast) is jumping on the social media bandwagon. Also rumored that two of the lucky bloggers they directed theirs high end fashion eyes to are Rumi Neely (Fashion Toast) and Jane Aldridge (Sea of Shoes). Hope they go through with this idea – that would be another awesome validation of the fashion bloggers importance nowadays.

Jane is a safe choice in my opinion (remember when Chanel dressed her for the Crillon Ball? You can see the dress in the last photo), but Rumi it’s an interesting one if I think that her style hasn’t the Chanel vibe (but it’s awesome none the less), on the other hand her blog is immensely popular so I can see the appeal.

                                        All pictures courtesy of Fashion Toast and Sea of Shoes

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Andreea said...

I wouldn't choose Rumi for Chanel not in a million years! I don't think Jane would be the best choice either but still...Rumi has nothing to do with Chanel. She's awesome, don't get me wrong but i think she would fit better for an Alexander Wang or McQueen campaign...I don't know, just my point of view:D
If you ask me, Alix from the Cherry Blossom girl would be the perfect ambasador. I know she already was the image of a Chanel bag (can't remember the name) and she's french and she looks very CC to me:D
Am i nuts or just wrong?:))

Andreea said...

A mov avis, Jane would make a great Chanel girl. She's always golden stylish and feminine. Rumi is super sexy and awesome, but she doesn't have the Chanel face nor attitude...

great posts, btw!

Sara said...

Andreea – I do agree that Rumi has little to do with what Chanel is; if the rumors are true I guess they are trying to appeal to a different kind of public: clearly american, maybe edgier, younger that wouldn’t normally choose chanel or they are just going with the numbers, Rumi is no.1 on bloglovin and don’t think about her style. Alix would be perfect (I do remember they use her and some other French bloggres for the chanel bags) but also highly predicable and my guess is they want to appeal more to the USA market with this possible campaign. You’re definitely not nuts, the reasons you mentioned in your comments were the same that made me say Rumi would be an “interesting” choice! Thank you so much for your feedback, it’s much appreciated!:)

Sara said...

Andreea – Very true, Jane can definitely channel the Chanel spirit and it’s gonna be credible, I’m sure Rumi can do that too but I’m not sure many will buy the sudden change.
Thank you so much for your comment, it’s kinda lame talking to yourself even if it’s virtually so your feedback is precious to me!:)

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