Monday, February 14, 2011

Blog spotlight – This Fellow (Bobby)

Don’t be fooled, guys, Bobby’s certainly not just a regular fellow. Yes, it’s true, I find him unbearably cute:), but this is not why he’s in the spotlight today. He just seems such a genuinely nice person, which is a rare commodity these days.

I love bloggers that are able to show us inspirational outfit pictures but also have something else to say besides fashion. You just can’t beat a cute boy that also happens to have a way with words (or a cute boy that sings really good but that’s besides the point). You probably know his girlfriend’s blog - Keiko Lynn – she’s awesome as well, a very cool, beautiful and smart girl. If you don’t read his blog, you’ve probably seen him on her blog, she sometimes uploads the sweetest pictures of them two.

He lives in New York and loves it, but I think he’s originally from Florida. 
This Fellow is a blog a about his life, work, clothes and food. He might look like he’s in a band with the whole messy hair, beautiful tattoos and tight pants, but he’s  actually a professional cook and bartender at one of the best  houses in Manhattan  - SoHo House.
From what I can see on his blog he works a lot and he’s  very passionate about what he does and I’m a big fan of that. He wasn’t classically trained as a cook, never really went to school for that and instead worked his ass of and learned everything from just observing and being very persistent: 
I remembered that one year ago, today, I was working as a Room Service Attendant that took his spare time to learn to cook in a professional kitchen, without pay”
That’s how he worked his way up from Room Service Attendant to barback to bartender and then professional cook – really hard work, crazy hours and dedication.
I guess he sais it all right here: 
“I work hard - harder than most people I know, but certainly not harder than others I’ve met - but I’ll work as hard as I can until I’m numb and in a chair because that’s the way I am, the man I’ve become and that’s why I’ve been given a single one of these opportunities.  If I even had a New Year’s resolution, I’d have to say that I could only dream a little more, go farther and do it with Keiko, because if it weren’t for her, I’d be a lesser man.  It’s because of her that I am the way I am, though she’ll never admit it.  This will be my year.  This will be our year.  All we have to do is want it more than we did last year.  Ya dig?”.
Don’t you find these words of his super inspiring? I sure do! 

Best Lloyd Dobler since John Cusack:)))))))
And he’s all that and does everything he does looking as hot as he does: a personal mix of classic, retro and modern clothes worn with the most natural and sincere smile I’ve ever seen. 
I can only hope all of you, dear readers, have already found or will eventually find your own Bobby. In the meantime you can read his blog and maybe attempt to cook one of the many awesome recipes he shares with the world.
                       All pictures courtesy of This Fellow and Keiko Lynn, collages made by Me

That's my gift for you for Valentine's Day! Do you like:)))? 

Soundtrack: Maroon 5 - How!

6 comentarii :

Bobby Hicks said...

I just wanted to say that this was one of the nicest things anybody has done for me in a long, long time. I really appreciate the hard work you put into this article and the kind words you said. Thank you!

Anaivilo said...

Of course he has a girlfriend , haha, he is cute :D
Great article, he seems an interesting fellow ;)

Sara said...

Bobby – I can’t actually believe you took the time to not only read this but also leave me such a nice comment, you’re just too cool and you practically confirmed that everything I said here about you is true. And I really enjoyed writing the article, everything I said was heartfelt. Thank you:)

Anaivilo - :))) his girlfriend is as nice and beautiful as he is, also take comfort in the fact he lives on another continent :)))

Laura Tenshi said...

He has the most adorable smile and his style is amazing. I think he and Keiko are a match made in heaven, how lucky of them to have found each other.

Sara said...

:)))) So very true, Laura!:)

FashionistaSil said...

Cat de cool si dragut e, nu il stiam, o sa il urmaresc de acum incolo:)

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