Thursday, March 3, 2011

I need an intervention

Guys, I think I have a problem – my ring addiction has spiraled out of control. Unlike my previous addictions this one doesn’t really want to fade away, it’s going strong for more than 6 months. Guess where I go first every time I “enter” a virtual store? Women-Jewelry- Rings, you know it!!!!
I did get my grabby hands on some pretty spectacular pieces lately, you’re gonna see all of them featured on the blog at one point.
In the meantime let’s feed this addiction!
 Do you hear me?:)))))

7 comentarii :

The Hearabouts said...

Oh I surely hear you!

My obsession had finally begun to fade, but it seems it now wants to come back - it's ASOS' fault, I tell you :))


Anaivilo said...

Oh I used to have this addiction too.. now I want no matter what piece of jewellery with owl figures.. I have already seen in some places but I don't know.. I am trying to save up for more shoes :D

sacramento said...

Loving your addiction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andreea said...

Not only that i hear you but i feel you:D I have this addiction too, rings are definitely my favourite jewellery sin...I don't wear earrings too often but rings, hell yeah! If only i had 20 fingers 8->

Alice in vintageland said...

:))))))) I'm not alone in this world!:)

Iulia said...

Foarte dragute toate inelele. Insa pe mine ma atrag mult cele pe 2 degete :D. Mi se par fashion :)).

Cecille said...

hey! i'm ceci, i'm and addict too!

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