Friday, March 11, 2011

This time, baby, I'll be bulletproof

It’s Friday! Finally! I love Fridays - the end of a work week and the endless weekend possibilities. I always end up doing nothing much but the thought that I could do cool things is super reassuring. Plus I got good news that I didn’t expect so yeah, so far, so good.

The outfit is nothing special, just a normal work outfit lightened up by a floral body and a pair of detachable epaulets that I made myself. The bullet necklace is also made by me.
I’ve also got pretty addicted to heels lately and wear them more often than before, who cares I’m taller than everybody, it feels right and the air is fresher up there.:)))))

skirt - vintage
 jacket- Ana Alcazar
 ring - H&M
 shoes – BB Up
  floral body-random brand
  detachable epaulets, bullet necklace – Alice&Sara (made by me)

How’s your Friday?

Soundtrack: La Roux - Bulletproof!

10 comentarii :

sacramento said...

Wonderful Alice & Sara, I love your detachable epaulets and your bullet necklace. You are a true artist.
I am sooooo glad for your good news.
Enjoy your weekend.

Andreea said...

So what you're talller than everybody? I would wear heels all of the time if i had your height(sweet dreams...). Really, your legs are like a dream to me8->
Happy weekend:*

StylePicks said...

That skirt is awesome. Love the length and the colour.


The Hearabouts said...

It's the same for meee! I promised to myself I'd wear heels more often this spring and I'm planning to keep my word. It's somewhat cool to be taller than everybody else :)).

I want a bullet necklace too, it's so awesomeee :X.


Ioana Liliana said...

Beautiful as always Alice!

And Sara, you DO get it! And thank you so much for telling me, because I feel so many things right now that I wasn't sure I managed to transmit them properly! Thank you! :**


Sara said...

:) From where I stand I hear it loud and clear, I think you get things across very well!:)

Alice in vintageland said...

Sacaramento - Thank you so much, I'm also excited, it involves traveling and I love that!

Andreea - :))))if I were to wear the heels you're wearing on daily basis I would be 2 meters - and that's not even a figure of speech, I'd literally be that tall, but Yeah, I do enjoy my legs! Thank you!:)

Style picks - thank you, it’s maybe my fav skirt, it goes with everything!:)

The Hearabouts -:) You're so right, over the years I come to enjoy being so tall, I guess I never had a problem with it so why not enjoy high shoes also!
My bullet necklace is so Joan form Mad Men, she's always wearing one.

Ioana - thank you, you're as kind as ever!:)

ioana said...

great outfit! my friday was super crappy at work,but I had a very nice evening out with friends..and today woke up really fresh which is not usual for me:))the weekend is full of nice events,i m going to v4vintage fair,then tomorrow to see a new play at teatrul act ...and who knows whatl else :)?...have a nice weekend!kisses!

De Vero said...

Gorgeous look! I like that floral body soooo much!

heylila said...

you all look so great! really stylish group of people! And I love your leather jacket, perfect length for a dress!


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