Saturday, April 16, 2011

You stole my money, honey!

Guys, I’m super happy, I finally bought a new camera and it’s awesome. I might have to sleep under a bridge for the next couple of months but at least I’ll have something to take cool photos with and lots of…rings.

I don’t usually go to events especially during the week as I have to wake up early and go to work, but Thursday night I went to La Chatterie and Pixie Shoes showroom launch and celebration of one year of Bucharest Style. The night was nice: lots of people, many friends and many photos. My good friend Andreea (Mia), that you might know from my other blog (Alice&Sara) came with me and was my personal photograph for the night, and, man, does she know her way around a camera. These are the first photos with my new baby - all courtesy of Andreea who’s not only beautiful but also very kind and talented.

My outfit was a last minute thing as I came home and had to change in 5 minutes and leave, I hate to be late. I just grabbed some cute stuff and then added a pile of jewelry witch is pretty much my usual way of dressing. The orange leather bow tie, bullet necklace and red marine headband flower are made by me and part of my accessories line Alice&Sara. Now that I have a new camera we can finally take photos of all the beautiful stuff me and my sister made for this summer.

I have so many nice pictures I decided to make this a two parts article, here’s the first part, I ‘ll post the rest tomorrow.

I'm wearing: 
skirt and bag - vintage
 leather jacket - H&M
 white man shirt - random brand
shoes - BB Up
 rings: Asos, Mini Prix, New Look, Meli Melo
 orange bow tie and bullet necklace and red flower marine headband - all made by me (Alice&Sara)
 With Sandra, Eve and Olivia - I loved all their outfits!
 This is me outside, me and Andreea were waiting for Denisa and Olivia so she took some photos with my "outside" outfit!
 I love this picture of Sandra -  she's so beautiful, best hairdo ever and extra adorable!
La Chatterie candies
 The extra cute Alice Florea, love the hat and red lipstick!
Crazy eyes:)))))))))))))))))))
  My rings!
My favorite pair of Pixie Shoes
 Andreea, my lovely photographer! 
 Oana Zidaru wearing a very romantic outfit and a spectacular shade of lipstick!
Raluca Muresan - in black and white and blue!

16 comentarii :

Alina F. said...

Great outfit!Love the skirt and the bow tie!Kisses

sacramento said...

I love your rings and your whole outfit.
All the pretty girls together.

Alice said...

Gorgeous rings!!

Anonymous said...

that deer/stag ring is crazy fab! :)

Stilistele said...

your outfit is amazing! I totally love it. and the pics-awesome :*

Oana Zidaru said...

Am fost placut surprinsa sa vad poza cu mine :D Si tu ai avut o tinuta foarte interesanta. Imi place si papionul. De ceva timp ma gandesc sa imi cumpar unul pe negru si sa-mi compun o tinuta cu influente masculine :)

modniza said...

super outfit,draguta foc!daca ma sunai,veneam cu siguranta,eram si eu invitata.

Anaivilo said...

It was so much fun! I really enjoyed seeing all your girls there, I love these events :D Great photos, you gotta love your camera ;)

Isabelle said...

tnx for coming :) i'm glad you had a lovely time there and hope to see you soon for a coffee there :*

Andreea said...

Felicitari pentru camera, s-o stapanesti sanatoasa! :*

Anna Pope said...

Your rings! And your outfit! And your hair flower! And the rings!! I love everything you wore, you looked absolutely beautiful darling ♥

The Hearabouts said...

You were lovely!
Can't wait to meet again! :)


cristina petre said...

congrats on your new camera! love the outfit;)

alexandra.samarina said...

Amazing photo's! I love your bow tie and each and every girl looks stunning! Love that gorgeous earrings!!!



Alisa said...

That's a good girl gone bad outfit ;) Love the bow-tie! And your vintage bag.

Eddie said...

I love your rings and your whole outfit. All the pretty girls together. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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