Monday, July 25, 2011

Been there, Done that, Messed around

How funny is that I can’t actually keep up with myself and I’m always late posting the heavily illustrated “reviews” of my social outings? Just don’t mind me, I’m totally joking – I don’t take myself too seriously and you shouldn’t either:))).

Here I am with some photos of last Wednesday. You know the drill: me, Denisa and Mina met Ioana at Starbucks and talked for hours. Ioana left at one point but the three of us were basically dragged out by the guys at Strabucks because it was closing time. Mina is leaving soon so we really wanted to make the best of it – the truth is her stay in Bucharest is always way too short, we never have enough of her.

As for the photos, the light wasn’t the best, but we managed. My outfit is super comfortable, pants, extra breezy tank top, lime green bra, huge feather earrings that I made myself – you know, what normal people always wear on a Wednesday afternoon:))).

I'm so happy Mina loves the flower crown I made for her and wears it again! She looks lovely!!!
  How beautiful is Denisa, right?!!!!
  I love my feather earrings, I'm glad I made them so long!
 That day essentials!
I’m wearing:
cameo tank top – Denim&Co
sandals – H&M
 rings – Forever 21 and made by me (the butterfly ring)
 green bra – Forever 21
long feather earrings – Alice&Sara (handmade by me).

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18 comentarii :

Cecille said...

love your top!

lucylu. said...

gorgeous outfit ;) x

Anaivilo said...

You all look beautiful! I very much love your earrings and Denisa's top and Mina's dress! I trust you had a great time :D

agnes said...

de très jolies photos, vous êtes toutes jolies

j'adore tes bagues, elles sont superbes

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

SO beautiful. x hivenn

Melai said...

Hi dear! Thanks for visiting and following my blog! In this post, I can totally relate when you say you can't keep up with yourself cos I feel the same way too. I'm having a hard time doing in-depth posts because it would take me some time to actually do it! Haha.

Your huge feather earrings are SUPER nice! Like it!! :)

Melai of Style and Soul

De Vero said...

Cerceii sunt superbi! Foarte cool outfit!

Christine said...

I love your top and earrings! great pairing with the white pants!

thanks for commenting and visiting my blog :D

Nikol said...

you look lovely:)...I love your earrings:)...I´m your new follower:)

Ramona said...

thank You darling for following me, now You have new follower too :)

You look so gorgeous. I like that tank top so much and your rings as well. Wow what a great day You had with your girls! Well done ladies!

xoxo Ra

Harija said...

cute outfit and neat post... wanna follow each other

stilistele said...

I love that Tshirt and your earings look amazing on you! the other girls look lovely, too. See, now I have another moment 'I wish I was living in Bucharest' ;)

Sarah said...

I LOVE long earrings. These are so cute! I love just how long they are.

Fashion CouSense said...

i LOVE your earrings!!! :D just followed your blog. :)


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous earrings!! I love how you look totally different in this outfit to the others I've seen xxx

Anja said...

any thanks for your comment!
These are all so incredibly beautiful outfits! great pictures!
many thanks for the track, I'm following you too:)
great blog, keep it up!
<3 anja

Melissa said...

I love Mina! She's adorable. Looks like you ladies had such a great time. You all look lovely!

linlicious said...

love the dress
so stylish!!

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