Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Today's mood

I should really do some kind of exercise because eating your weight in ice cream every week has consequences or so I found out lately. The thing is I hate going to the gym, it’s so boring and full of assholes - you probably know the types: silicone Barbies with way to much makeup and b***s hanging out and libidinous overmusceled guys.

The only way I’m going to actually go is if I find an interesting class, something challenging and fun like kick boxing, maybe Pilates, swimming (only I don’t know how to swim – I’m so lame:)))) – so that I don’t feel like I’m actually exercising. Any suggestions?

Later edit:
Thank you so much for all your suggestion, they are all appreciated, I hope I’ll find something although, if I know myself, I'll probably have an ice-cream baby before doing any kind of exercise!:))))

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Alina F. said...

:))Funny pic!I m looking for something similar, too, but I haven t found it yet:)

cristina petre said...

haha, so funny!
know what you mean, can't swim either:))
try riding the bike ...i don't know, took a break from exercising and now it's so difficult cu start again:|

marama said...

haha very, very fanny =)


Peiyinn said...

HaHa. It is a funny pic. Idon't know swim too :(

Miss Kwong said...

thanks! you have such a lovely blog too. the outfits of yours are very stylish! following u now! x

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Miss Kwong

behindblueeyes said...

awesome photos! nice blog;)
I'll visit you


Anonymous said...

Very funny!!

Flabgee said...

Thanks for follow, you have also new follower :)

Alinka said...

Thanks for following, I like your blog as well so I'll follow you too !
You look beautiful on this post, the lipstick suits you very well and I love your flats ;)
Kisses from Alinka !


CutestPrincess said...

haha, very funny! you made my day!


Agam said...

Its so funny :D
I am very much amongst your followers dear...you can find me with my name Agam :)

MM said...

I know what you mean!!! I prefer tae bo classes !!
The picture is very funny!!

Have a beautiful Tuesday, hon!! xoxoxo

ChiChi81 said...

haha I can't swim too lol very interesting blog. I'm following you now. Hope you get the chance to visit my blog and follow me back.



Alina V. said...

This pic is so much fun, omg!!! Maybe you should try something like this instead of those killer pilates exercises :))))

lucylu. said...

I get bored and embarrassed at the gym, haha. so i stick to it at home :) x


fhenny said...

i'm not a big fan of fitness either!
i prefer swimming or basketball or even ice skating

style frontier

S said...

hahahha!! so funny!^^

Aura said...

Try fitball! It's fun, seems easy but it's not, you get to work out and to have a good laugh at the same time. At least I do, because I keep falling off the ball:)))


Sia said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog, your blog is so cool! xoxo

Special K said...

let's go to zumba \:D/

Erika said...

ahah soo crazy!

i also follow u on bloglovin..follow me on my blog and bloglovin too.


Antonia said...

Ugh , I am not a sporty person, I only dance and swim . Still not aaaaalways in the mood to dance for an hour consistently in the house by myself and swimming broadens your back. I dislike the gym for sooo many reasons, begining with the assholes of trainers that either are smug , admiring their steel buns in the mirror when they`re supposed to help you or they just ignore you cuz pff you`re not hot.In all my attempts I have yet to find a decent trainer. My solution was to start pilates at home, I can even give you the work out I started with , it only lasts 20 min and it is for loosing weight. Otherwise if you`re in for some intense work out in just 10-12 minutes try bodyrock.tv , they`re quite awesome :D Plus if you do it constantly like 2-3 times a week it is sooo good for your health :D or you can go for a run :D

Jennifer Fabulous said...

We are so alike it's ridiculous. I hate going to the gym for the same exact reasons. Sigh.

I only go for Zumba, actually. Ha.

PS. I'm following you now! xo

Sara said...

haha well going to the gym can be really boring! just try motivating yourself, ignore the weirdos and focus on yourself :)


Skinny Love said...

such a lovely fashionable group of ladies! *o* so different from each others though, which one with ther own style :) i wish my best friends group was more like these, but i'm usually the one who likes to keep my eye on fashion and trends, by friends kinda follow me in that way :c
anyways, lovely blog! i'm keeping my eye on it :D
xoxo, Monstros no Armário

Manuella said...

=)) this is so funny...do anything, but not this! i can teach you how to swim :D

Kisses :*

Anonymous said...

totally understand what you mean about the gym! on the other hand i love your blazer!


Duty of Style said...

Great pics!! :)

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Lauren&Pierre said...

i love love love the skirt! it's so cute :)
i followed you back of course: )

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