Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Vantage Point Vintage

I’m very excited to introduce to all of you our new sponsor - Vantage Point Vintage - an online vintage clothing boutique that’s all about great vintage and great community.
Jenny and her husband Josh who run this little creative business were kind enough to offer a 10% off coupon to our readers for any purchase from the Vantage Point Vintage store by using this code: fashionandpopculturemagic

They are also currently offering free shipping&handling worldwide which is, I think, a great added bonus.

I’m a big fan of vintage and retro clothing; more than half of my wardrobe is in fact vintage (you've probably noticed) so I was pretty stocked to check out their stuff. All I can say I wasn’t disappointed; Vantage Point Vintage has a great variety of garments and styles. Here are some of the highlights for me:

Which ones do you like? Are you a vintage lover?

30 comentarii :

Anonymous said...

Super! Brava! There are interesting things!


caise said...

I love the first dress and that green cardigan

stilistele said...

definitly a vintage lover over here....hm, may I like all of them? ;)) great store!

C.L.M.`s Nail Art Blog said...

cool outfits:X

TaraMixandMatch said...

Love the shoes and the blue dress...thanks for stopping by my blog! Following now :)

Mix and Match Fashion

Filipa said...

love all the dresses, Thanks for follow me, I'm already follow you, love your blog, you are amazing*

The Dainty Doll's House said...

Love the first dress, so pretty!! Vintage is always the best :) x

PureMorning said...

some of these things are very interesting :))

Anonymous said...

love the lace dress, its sexy ;-)

marina miouprincess said...

love the 80s blue dress and the 70s red one! thank you for commenting and following! following back! :)

Esta de moda said...

I love them all!!

Charlotte's House said...

I like the blue dress most of all

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog and for following me. Of course I'll follow back =)

The 80S Neon Bow Tie Blouse is my fave!

Fab blog!!

♥ Shia

Iulia Romana said...

UUUh, culoarea ultimului cardigan ma terminaaaa ! :x

Veronica Lestari said...

The blue dress is awesome :)
I'm your new follower now

a bottle of clandestinite

Jessica said...

Whoa - that red '70s maxi dress is all kinds of amazing!

Polly said...

Those picks are awesome! I'm a true vintage lover :)))



mrs potts said...

incredibles outfits! the vintage is so in :)

Kiwi said...

Lovely stuff, I'm pretty amazed by the high-waisted cut-offs!
Follow you as well!


skippysays said...

wow, they have some amazing stuff!! Really love that first dress and the deco glam sweater :)

Honey said...

arrw, nice clothes.:)

i love the hair of the models, too. i don't know but i think it looks so pretty.♥

.sabo skirt. said...

We love your blog so much! All outfits looks so great! We love them so much!

Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!
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Anonymous said...

Fun! I used to have a dress like the candy striper dress!

Fictitious Fashion said...

The crop top and the maxi dress is so fab!

You can join me on Facebook too :)


Julia said...

I just found your blog and love it! you have a new follower! ... and I love that blue 80s abroad dress. Great find!


By Sara Romero said...

Love vintage and I especially like the brightness of the 80's summer abroad dress and also the green cardigan. They both just look so perfect and cozy.

Thanks so much for following and of course I will do the same :) You're blog is so cute and full of cool deals!


couturing said...

Ooh, love that first dress and the distressed 80s denim jacket.

And thanks for following! Definite follow back. Lovely blog.



Congrats!! I love everything especially the 1st dress! WOW!! Kiah

Cara said...

What cool picks, I've never heard of this site before but will definitely be checking it out now. Great dresses and sweaters here! I love the Summer Abroad dress.

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog and for the follow, definitely following you now as well! So much inspiration here!

Alexandra said...

thanks for your comment
You have a wonderful blog
I'm your new follower :)

xx Alexandra

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