Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Home decor – the spring look

If you’re a lover of this season like me than you probably want your home to look like spring all year long.

Besides being extremely beautiful a “spring” themed space is also an excellent mood lifter. The great thing about home decor is that you can actually achieve that – your house can be that warm, solar refuge against everything stressful and unpleasant. 

Here are some small tips I can give you if you’re into spring-ing things up:
  • Don’t be shy about adding lots of plants and flowers everywhere; they give a fresh and cheerful vibe to any room
  • A pastel and white color scheme is just what you’re looking for. I find aqua blues, soft greens and yellows to be amazing colors for such an endeavor. When it comes to walls - white will surely brighten things up – I would also use pastels for trims, doors, furniture, even one of the walls (as a joyful accent).
  • Pretty floral or gingham prints for pillows, chairs, curtains (even the wallpaper) will complete the spring look
  • We’re going for a clean, light and refreshing space so I would suggest getting rid of any furniture that’s not really necessary and just clutters the space.
How beautiful is this bedroom? I adore the blue wood wall and the painting on it - the white tree with small, colorful birds!  
How about a yellow and white gingham print chair?! Yes please!
 Floral touches and shades of green! How warm and relaxing!
 An airy white blanket and a pink roses near the bed - so lovely!
 Turquoise cupboards, flowers and yellow walls in the kitchen!
Is a spring look something you'd go for in your house?

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Unknown said...

I adore the airy white room with the delicate pink rose! So so beautiful! Dream space <3

The Urban Umbrella


Mimi said...

i really love the teal wall! and i looove how natural light floods all these rooms! :)

<3, Mimi
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Tiffany said...

i personally have been digging the mint and nude combination for interiors. i like the "like a cloud" look it gives!

Anonymous said...

The bedroom at the top is beautiful!!!

Unknown said...

Such a lovely houses!!!!

m. said...

I copied a few pictures- nice ideas:)

Miss Psycho Cat said...

This is beautiful, I love this spring inspiration :)

Unknown said...

I love the light colors in these photos :)

Em Sheldon said...

Wowwww!!! I love the first picture, I bought some of these wall stickers once, sooo amazingg and summery. eee this makes me excited!

www.adayinthelifeofems.blogspot.com x

Alice McGenniss-Destro said...

so fresh and inviting! I want a house like this :)

Miss Chloe said...

I have been wanting to make my apartment all light blue and a deep red. this is really perfect. i love it!

caise said...

great inspirations

Katherine Tealeaf said...

I love your sense of interior design. <3 Gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

im redoing my room and this just gave me so many ideas! i loved the first one, never though blue and orange would work so well!


Mikaela said...

I'm looking forward to have my own home so I can decorate just as I like! :D

Claire D. T said...

Everything is like a dream!! :)


Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures, i wouldn't mind live like that. :)

Dr. Wheel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dr. Wheel said...

Wow those home decor furnishings in the kitchen really give me a great idea for how to redo mine. I'll have to check out World to Home to see if they sell the stuff I need. Thanks for the awesome post! Here's a link if you guys wanna check out the site I shop at:http://www.worldtohome.com/

Kristina Clemens said...

I love that teal wall in the first image...so springy! =)

Kristina J.

Unknown said...

lovely inspiration!
Love Lois xxx


Diana Ang said...

pretty wall color

Lorena said...

Great ideas... i personally have a few small glass vases that i like to place tiny flowers in. I place them in the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the bathroom... makes me feel like i am outdoors.

Anonymous said...

hey honey, thanks for your comment. im ver happy about this ;)))) great blog...so i follow you now, i hope you follow me back. kisses :****

MateaTPol said...

love great! so beutifull

Lorena said...

Lovely pics!!

tres chic chica said...

Great photos, love the designs and colors


Rachel Mae said...

i just stumbled across your blog and i'm really enjoying reading it :)

i've always liked the spring look in house and when i see photos like these i always wish that my house could look the same. but then i wonder how i would feel in the middle of winter when i just want to curl up in front of a fire and be surrounded by rich brown and red colours. i guess finding the balance is hard!


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