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Young Queen Elisabeth II photos

I just finished watching this three part documentary called “The Diamond Queen” that  I initially thought (based only on the title) was a science fiction short story about aliens living on a diamond planet in a galaxy far, far away and their fearless leader and queen. Logical assumption or so I thought!!!

Well it proved to be an “inside” piece about Queen Elizabeth II and her 60 years long reign! Still, I kept on watching and realized … she was actually young once. I knew that rationally but as she was quite old for most of my existence on earth I kind of forgot that.
In fact Elisabeth was crowned after the death of her father King George VI, when she was only 25 (in 1953). Can you imagine that?! 

I’m a few years older and I’m barely able to take care of myself! I can’t even commit to a pet! Forget about being 21 and having such a powerful sense of duty and being able to take on such a lifelong commitment (and it was just after the Second World War too)!

A few facts I learned about young Elisabeth:
  • She and her sister were home-schooled
  • When she was a little girl Her Majesty the Queen was known as Lilybet and even the media referred to her as "Princess Lilybet"
  • She meet her future husband (Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark) when she was 14 (1940) and they started writing letters to each other.
  • During the Second World War she wanted to help somehow and enrolled with the Women's Auxiliary Territorial Service where she worked as a driver and loved it
  • Her marrying Prince Philip in 1947 was pretty controversial and low key (her mother didn’t approve because some of his relatives were suspected of being Nazi supporters).  One year later she had her first child – Charles.Over the years she had three more kids.
Now, I live in a country that’s been a republic for 60 years and I’ve only read about the time Romania was a monarchy in history books but I still find it fascinating. 

So you’ll understand why I looked up some photos with a young Elisabeth to see for myself and to share with all of you.

 Left -1933 next to her little sister Margaret, Right -1930s King George VI with the queen and princess Elizabeth
 1942 - King George VI and family
July 1947 - Princess Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace during the announcement of her engagement to Prince Philip (Duke of Edinburgh)
Left - 1947 Princess Elizabeth wedding, Right  - 1953 Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh at the Queen's Coronation
 Left - 1952 Queen Elizabeth II by Dorothy Wilding, William Hustler and Georgina Hustle, Right- Queen Elizabeth II by Baron
 Iconic photos of the Queen that were frequently reproduced on covers, banknotes, stamps and coins over the last 60 years!
 Left -1953 Queen Elizabeth, Right - 1954 Queen Elizabeth II trip to Australia
 1963 Queen Elizabeth II in uniform
 Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip have been married 63 years now
 Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4.
 I hope you enjoy this!

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lovely blog, very interesting post!
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Jersey Blogess said...

hahahahahahaha this cracked me up - I too have only seen her in her old age for most of my life..lmbo!! but this was very interesting - I learned something today!!! thanks!! and funny how you thought it was about aliens and

Nuit Hernandez said...

such a beautiful couple!!! i love reading about the Royals, I have this obsession...

caise said...

great picture

Andrea Hidalgo said...
amaizing blogg !!

Psycho Cat said...

Nice post :)

stilistele said...

yes, this was a great post; I love finding out stuff about important personalities ;)

Julia Janku said...

Great post ! I really like learning about British Royalty.

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shoegirl said...

I love to last photos! She even has the same brooch!

Special K said...

I love the Queen!

Mani said...

I'm so glad I came across this post! I really enjoyed reading it! <3<3<3

Fashion Recession said...

Such a cool post, loved it

All love Lola

Laura Tenshi said...

Beautiful and elegant! Just the way a queen is supposed to be.
The last two pictures are the proof that true love still exists.

Diva In Me said...

I got a little nostalgic. Thanks for sharing pics of her. I visited London not too long ago and this brought back some memories of me there. I'm always amazed and touched to see couples that grow old together and still stay faithfully loving towards each other.

Sianna said...

this photos were very interesting for me. I have only seen her in the past few years and it was nice to see how she looked like when she became queen.

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Stylish all the way!


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