Monday, April 23, 2012

Underneath the surface

I think the value of  great lingerie in an outfit is mostly understated.

Even if this is a part of our look that's not really on the display I personally consider it to be crucial both in the way  our clothes "hang" on us as well as in our degree of comfort and confidence in what we are wearing.
So I'm always on the hunt for an amazing bra - right now I'm interested in strapless and halter neck numbers because the summer is so close and I'm so set on wearing dresses.

I already have a wishlist in mind and the dresses to go with!

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ellinelle said...

..great post , I been looking for the completely backless bra but can't find anywhere , even thought I saw one on google ..but no , cant find it ..

la vie quotidienne said...

Super cool info...thanks for sharing...i need one =)

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Anonymous said...

A very feminine! Brava!

Grace Lynne Fleming said...

okay so the pencil polka dot dress i am literally drooling over. I want it!


Shahrzād said...

the pencil dress is so beautiful!!!

ButterflyBoo said...

I've been on the lookout too! Need a perfect bra which is comfy too! I'm yet to find one yet!

Love, Elizabeth xx

L.M. said...

Underwear are so important cause they can completely destroy an outfit... these are some amazing bras.. Love them. When you have some time, visit my blog to check out the new post on my bedroom!!!

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