Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The breakfast nook

I’m not going to lie – I eat most of my meals in front of my computer or in bed watching a movie or a TV show. A bad habit, I know, but it’s the God’s honest true!

That being said I would never do it if I actually had a nice, small, sunny place to eat instead! I’m in dear need of a charming breakfast nook: an inviting and cozy corner with lots of natural light specially designed for serving meals. I would love a comfortable bench with a small white table and a few chairs all in lovely pastels or stripes to eat while reading the morning papers.

This is what I had in mind – aren’t all these ideas just lovely?
As you can see I’m also a bit obsessed with having a vase of fresh flowers in the middle of the table, it just looks so wonderful.

Who knew delicate pastels would work so great with a dark floor and round table?!
Can you see what I'm  talking about with all the pretty flowers?
How amazing is this all white corner of paradise?!
How about a vintage finish for the table and chairs? Yes, please!!!
I love the awesome chandelier hanging over the white breakfast nook!
 Oh!!! Those beautiful tulips are really something!
 Stripes and peonies - a match made in heaven!
 Photos: 1, 2.
 Not that I need and incentive to eat, but, hey, aren't these ideas for a breakfast nook perfect?

13 comentarii :

Aleksa Marić said...

Great furniture photos!


La infinita esencia. said...

Really like it

Laura said...

I love Nordic style!! :) very inspiring!!

emily.mcintyre said...

Delightful! I'm about to move to a small guest house with my husband and baby; there's an antique table with two chairs in a corner for breakfast, snacks, and just drinking coffee together. I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

All of these photos are so cute! x

Descontraidas said...

So inspiring, i love it the third one,


Naffy said...

I know exactly what you mean. I eat most of my meals in front of my laptop or TV. The only time i don't is when i am out with friends or family. If i had a balcony or a view like those pictures i might actually take a book to read or just gaze around while eating!

Nafisah xx

the goldfish girl said...

I wish to live there!!!


sip-n-wear said...

totally love them all, but the first one is my fav... i have to redo our breakfast area too... ahhh too much to decorate and do!

caise said...

beautiful interiors

daria said...

these are dreamy! I especially like... all of them!

Anonymous said...

they're amazing!<3 reminds me of Paris!^^

L.M. said...

in love with flowers too, check my post on my bedroom.... adore this color...

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