Sunday, June 3, 2012

Style focus – Vesper Lynd

Vesper Lynd: “I’m afraid I’m a complicated woman.”
James Bond: “That is something to be afraid of.”

I find some movies and particular movie characters to be extremely inspirational style wise. And the funny thing is that the clothes they wear are not always the main reason – is the way an actor gets himself into that part, the way he walks, talks and makes you feel – all these little things, plus the visual appeal make a character unforgettable.

While Casino Royale is one of my favorite casino movies, Vesper Lynd is definitely the coolest modern Bond girl. And I’m talking about the 2006 version of Ian Fleming’s book in which Eva Green portrays maybe the only complex and relatable woman in the Bond series. 
While always being a symbol of beauty and sophistication they are most of the time just eye candy, crazy villains and nothing else. 

But Vesper is different – she is one of only two Bond Girls who James Bond falls totally in love with and for whom he’s ready to leave everything behind.
Vesper is extremely smart and independent, drop-dead gorgeous and passionate! She’s not afraid to say no and speaks her mind, she just gets under his skin - she’s one of a kind in the series!

Style wise she’s effortlessly classy and very sexy but in a very subtle and feminine way. Who can ever forget the black dress with the amazing, plunging neckline or the purple, backless number she wore in the casino scenes?
I’m also a big fan of the red dress she has on in the last minutes of the movie – it looks striking against Eva’s pale complexion and black hair. And how about the flawless make up with bright, red lips and that polished retro hairdo?  I personally love it and it looks stunning on Eva Green!

Every time I go to fancy events I think about Vesper Lynd and her amazing style! Who doesn’t want to be that girl at the party, you know, the one everybody is looking at?!

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Rose. said...

she is one stunning lady! so jel!

Rose x

Carly said...

I loved Vesper too - Eva Green is wonderful in everything!

The serial shopper said...

she's so beautiful!!


Anaivilo said...

I admit I haven;t seen the film, I am not a fan of Bond but Eva one of my favorite actresses! Amazing beauty and such a fierce look!

Adeola Naomi said...

Couldn't agree any less!!!
She is a party attention center!!
Great post dear

Alice said...

Shes beautiful! But that movie wasnt my favourite..

- Alice

Iulia Romana said...

Cat de geniala e ! Imi plac la nebunie replicile ei , iar despre stil..ce sa mai spun? xx

PS: Nu uita sa te inscri in noul meu giveaway, garantez ca o sa-ti placa : AICI

Naffy said...

You are so right! she is one of my favorite songs!

Nafisah xo

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Mélanie said...

Thanks so much ! :)

Stephanie said...

thank you so so much for following and your lovely comment♥♥♥
your blog is great, following you too now:)
i love the style of eva green in casino royal, i think she is a great actress!!

have a nice day

Aleksa Marić said...

Great post, love that movie!

Céline said...

i looove those pictures!
such a great blog!
Would you maybe like to follow each other?
take a look at my blog and let me know!^^

aMz88 said...

im loving the photos! omg classic ;)

~aiMee/aMz, <3

Yeliz Selvi said...

So you realise how incredibly BOTH their eyes are. Like they were made for Bond. I think there's something when casting about eyes. Okay, this is a comment about eyes now!!
Perfect post hon x

Eva said...

I really enjoyed this post. She's definitely a pretty woman, but what makes her special is her strong character. I think what's really important about a style is not only for it to be a good one, but also to suit you. I think she goes by that ;)

Anonymous said...

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Have a good evening.

greetings Emma Wunderbar

Cute rimless Silouette said...

I'd take her shaken but not stirred

Cash For Gold said...

I love this post. Such a great review.

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