Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Illustration spotlight – Fab Ciraolo

We live in a world were everything is possible and we are permanently surrounded by things that leave us speechless. Or at least that’s the case with me. I see so many talented people in a variety of areas - dancing, singing, acting, painting - and talent is something I appreciate with all my heart.

And as wonderful as it is seeing all of the magic that they can create, it’s even harder to have your own thing, that special talent that separates you from the crowd, making people recognize your work. It’s the ability to choose from all the subjects out there and find the one that defines you as an artist. And today we’re talking about such an artist - one that has found his niche and made it art.  

Fab Ciraolo is a Chilean-born illustrator that takes pop icons, superheroes, cartoon characters and even historical ones and illustrates them with a modern twist. He also ads a fashionable angle as he changes their outfits but keeps, at the same time, a vintage vibe. He uses subdued colors and psychedelic backgrounds to create the impression of space.

His technique involves “painting, a lot of drawing, acrylics, color pencils, mostly anything I have near that might work to get a final result that makes me happy. I can remember using coffee in some paintings.”

Judy Garland and Marilyn Monroe as modern day stereotypes
This is brilliant: Coco Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld in the Pietà pose!
Old school heroes

And even though this has been done before, in the sense that he is not the only one to bring into his work famous people from the past, he does it in an original way. Fab Ciraolo remains fluent in his work by keeping his signature “space” background and changes only his subjects. He creates this amazing mash ups, putting together elements from pop culture, science fiction and just a hint of wired.

While his characters still have their signature styles he transforms them into present day stars. They are somehow reborn into the hipsters and rock stars of our days.  There’s a lot of irony there, mixed in with humor and even a bit of social commentary - Fab Ciraolo’s work is provocative! Pop culture is his playground and I love it all!

Edward Scissorhands and  Charlie Chaplin
Alfred Hitchcock
Salvador Dalí  and Frida Kahlo
What do you think? I would very much like to have  any of these hanging in my house!

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Inez said...

He is so talented I would love to hang up a painting of his in my home too, xoxo.

Carly said...

I love the Salvador one! That is absolute perfection! xxx

Laura said...

Good Salvador Dali and Frida!! I LOVE HIM for this <3

yunita elisabeth said...

Wow! great illustration ♥
He's so great :)


Boheme.Fille said...

Wow, wow, wow!! These illustrations are fantastic! <3

My Lovely Stranger ♥ said...

Las ilustraciones son fantásticas, a mi también me gustaría tener colgado alguna ilustración de éstas en mi cuarto :) Gracias por darnos a conocer este pintor tan especial.

Un beso guapa!

Jacqueline said...

these are insanely awesome!! thanks for much for sharing!

Love and Ace said...

Omg he's amazingly talented! Thank you for sharing! x, Kat

Love and Ace

Kacie Cone said...

Wow these are amazing!!

anoddgirl said...

wow they're beautiful

Miss-Peacock said...

very lovely drawings and arts!

Of course there are some I would like to own :)



Trisha Hilton said...

really love this artist! I would def have these hanging up! Great find!

Anonymous said...



Mavi said...

wow!! It's fantastic!! I love it!! xoxo


Elena said...

Omg this is amazing!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! I'm gonna check the blog of the author..now!!

The Spotted Cherry Pie

NouaTigaraElectronica said...

So beautiful!

Stacy said...

I saw these pictures werlier but I rewatched them in your blog now with a pleasure!


Sai Krishna said...

nice collections.. good job
check out mine

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