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Goth influences in fashion

I was reading an article about an exhibition and I just loved the name they used: Dark glamour. Isn’t that the perfect way to define Gothic fashion?

I know most people associate Goth with darkness, destruction and death but the concept represents so much more. From a historic point of view it all started as a post-Punk movement of the late 1970s.

The separation between the two was not political but rather a natural creation of a subculture for those that didn’t find their place into the Punks lifestyle and created Goth as as an alternative, representing a state of mind, something they were rather then something that they wanted to be. 

Goth is not about being cool or different, or something you decide to be - it’s about something you already are, an expression of individuality.

There’s so much to say about this but since we deal with fashion here we’re going to concentrate on that. The dark capes, black make-up, black lace and velvet, leather and spikes are the first to come in mind when thinking about Goth. But Gothic clothing is not just about that as it incorporates elements from periods like the Elizabethan, Victorian (that often embraced the grotesque) and even Medieval times. 

Contrary to popular belief, at the beginning, the Gothic style didn’t found inspiration in the dark and morbid but rather in the romanticism of the Victorian period.

The fashion of that era was so beautiful, glamorous and inspiring. I’m sure you all remember those amazing corsets, long skirts, delicate gloves, hats, lace up boots and feminine jewelry. The outfits had such a romantic feel to them and the thought of all those people dressed like that is just mind blowing.
Can you imagine living in a world where that was the norm? Because I can and I do…a lot! 

Alternative Gothic Clothing embraces a dark color pallet and uses bold jewelry and other accessories as a statement. The shoes are a big part of the allure for me: boots, huge platforms, stilettos, creepers – they are all very distinctive and a trademark of Goth!

Black can be combined with other colors, like red or purple to create a more dramatic and mysterious look. Velvet, leather, silk, feathers and lace are almost always present in the long dresses or corsets typically worn by people in love with this style.

Its influence in today’s street style and high fashion is undeniable. From the Japanese fashion of the Harajuku district in Tokyo that borrowed elements from the Goth movement and combined them with elements from their own culture resulting in the Lolita Gothic (Lolita dresses) style to the inspiration many designers claim to take from this culture - goth is everywhere. John Galliano once said he sees the “'Goth girl as edgy and cool, vampy and mysterious".

And who can ever forget Bram Stoker’s Dracula that was reflected in the fashion scene through the adaptation of capes for almost everything. The truth is I’m a sucker (no pun intended) for a good cape.  

And then we have the countless number of gothic movies and characters that keep on inspiring everybody and feeding this esthetique especially now when horror and fantasy have made a serious comeback. 

Some of my personal favorites are: Maila Numi as Vampira, Lily Muster, Morticia Adams, Edgar Allen Poe, Bride of Frankenstein, Enid from Ghost World, The Addams Family, Batman, Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca, Daria, Dr. Jekyll and  Mr. Hyde, Dorian Grey and even Jane Eyre’s Catherine and Heathcliff.

Tim Burton’s movies also are one of the first things that comes in mind with this stellar line-up at the top of the list: Beetlejuice, Corpse Bride, Sweeney Todd, Sleepy Hollow and Edward Scissorhands.

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Do you have any goth in you?

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Anaivilo said...

I used to be obsessed with this Gothic fashion back in highschool, but not in that way where gothers wore tooo much and ended up being kitsch. Seriously, I hate that. I think a little hint is enough and I was trying back then to find or make clothes that resembled that dark glamour as you said, but then I discovered color and I immediately went to the other side:)) Anyway.. I still love it, it's so mysterious and sinister..

Chai Chen said...

Cool gothic inspirations, Alice & Sara! :)

While I ain't too much a fan of it for myself, I somehow channel that look for myself with black but not too much hehe. :)

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❤ ~Chai
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NouaTigaraElectronica said...

Nice dar nu e pentru mine

Serena Aloserlikeme said...

I'm in love with these influences!

A loser like me

moonstyle said...

great inspiration! i like this style

Jen27 said...

I always love a touch of gothic inspiration! Great photos! Love the shot of Morticia Addams :)


Snow said...

I definitely have goth in me, I really love to embrace the beautiful style! It is very romantic and mysterious.

street art _life style_ fashion and co. said...

I love goth influence in fashion :)

Ksenia said...

aaaa amazing shoes!!!

Marina said...

Awesome shoes! Do you wanna follow each other on bloglvin! I we alredy following on GFC before, but GFC is soon coming to end. So we can stay in touch on Bloglovin!


Kstylick said...

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