Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mustafa Soydan - Zodiac

This week’s artwork spotlight is all about the Turkish artist Mustafa Soydan and a really special set of illustrations for each sign of the Zodiac he made for Trendland.  

He’s based in Istanbul and does a lot of different things: illustration, mixed media and drawings - all of them are really beautiful. Much of what he does is fashion related and Mustafa has a very personal take on this world.

I also really loved something he said:  “The theme in my works is totally complicated. It changes with my mood; it contains my past, my wishes for the future, pictures of the moment, and daily pleasures. My passion is to put my love for living into my work and make a mark on life.”

 Aquarius / Varsator
  Pisces / Pesti
Taurus / Taur
Gemini / Gemeni
Cancer / Rac
 Leo / Leu
Virgo / Fecioara
 Libra / Balanta
 Scorpio / ScorpionSagittarius / Sagetator
Capricorn / Capricorn
What do you think? Recognize any of the ladies he used for the zodiac signs? What sign are you by the way? I'm a Libra and Sara is a Leo!:)

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moonstyle said...


moonstyle said...


-L ♥ said...

This is beautiful! :)) I don't know what is my sign.. but I really like the first and the second picture! :)

Kisses your follower

Gargi Salgaonkar said...

Loved the Leo one, but I am a Virgo


Violeta Dumitru said...

Ulyana Sergeenko! Barbara Palvin?
I am a libra!

Jiawa Liu said...

these illustrations are so beautiful!!

Ella said...

Loved this, these look perfect to frame on a wall!!


Ella said...

Loved this, these look perfect to frame on a wall!!


Carly said...

These are all amazing! My sign is Cancer :) xxx

Algodão Doce said...

these illustrations are so beautiful!

Jen27 said...

What beautiful, striking images! Thanks for sharing :)


Camille Paradis said...

Wow ! I totally love !

judith said...

Genial, me encanta!!

Ivana Džidić said...

amazing artist! I recognize some but not all...and I'm a Taurus:)

Juliette Venchiarutti said...

Wow, i really like his work ! I'm libra and i'm fond of the drawing !

sagalina said...

beautiful art!!

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Grace Lynne Fleming said...

these are incredible!

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Seepz said...

I love the illustrations! Amazing work by him! I am a fan!

~ Seepz
That Sassy Girl
That Sassy Girl on Bloglovin

Constance said...

I love his illustrations!! I'm a virgo even though it's not my favorite illustrion :)

mustafa soydan said...

thanks to sharing :)

Alice in vintageland said...

@mustafa soydan - it was really my pleasure, you are amazingly talented but I guess you get that all the time!:)

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