Wednesday, June 19, 2013

True Blood – season 6 premiere

It’s back! And I know for a fact some of you are as excited as I am!

Even though last season left me bored more than once, I’m giving it one more go! True Blood just goes with summer, ice cream, the AC blasting and tons of sunscreen! You won’t need anything else!
Because the last episode of season 5 was so awesome I’m glad the action started right where it left off!

And this first episode ’Who Are You, Really?’ felt like home. It was like your messy, full of nonsense, creepy and hilarious group of friends that have lost their way somehow managed to come back to their initial self!

And I don’t know if it was just me but I’m kind of starting to like Bill again. Let’s face the fact, kids, Bill became unbearable these last seasons, he was one of the reasons I stopped liking True Blood as much as I used to. But Billith has something that takes me right back to his enjoyable Season 1 self.

I’m not saying I’m convinced yet but heck, I will give him a second chance. But just so you know, Billith, this is the last one and if you screw this up I will have to hate you again!

Jason on the other hand was as funny as ever, delivering the comic relief with every sentence! Sookie was her annoying self as well, so nothing new there!

On a side note, what woman in her right mind would ever retrieve an invitation that allowed Eric in her home like Sookie did? I’m telling you, the bitch is crazy! It’s like saying: Oh no, I don’t need a gorgeous man protecting me; I will be fine by myself! Really, Sookie? Ungrateful little redneck brat!

I’m very intrigued with this new character: Governor Burrell. I don’t know what it’s with him; he has a lot of creepy potential. I guess we will have to wait and see.

My favorite “things” were Eric who was as amazing as he always is, a knight-in-shining-armor and Alcide that once again graced us with his naked scenes - they truly live up to what you’d expect every single time!:)

Luke Grimes was cast in True Blood Season 6 as James and I’m very excited about that!

What I didn’t like at all was the new Pam persona! I mean, if I wanted a desperate, crying all the time, sad, defeated, sobbing woman I have Sookie, thank you very much! I will have my kick ass, sassy, always ready with an awesome line Pam back now!   

Still, overall, I enjoyed this first episode and I’m already thinking about the next one because no matter how crazy or ridiculous the storyline goes, there’s an undeniable allure to its madness that makes you come back for more.

Any thoughts? Do you watch porn True Blood?

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Meghan Silva said...

I watched true blood once I just couldn't get into it but they do have an awesome selection of eye candy .

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Kamila Z said...

I love this serial

Senja Y said...

I am totally with you on Sookie being crazy for revoking Eric's access to her house... I mean... She staked Bill for Eric and then she sends him off too? Who in their right mind would ever send away Eric??? If I had the chance I would keep him by my side forever! :D

Pam needs to get her act together, agreed.

This season has definitely started off in a very promising way... It better continue that way, season 5 almost made me quit watching this series, only the guaranteed eye-candy kept me hooked :D

Juliet Polilova said...

i've never heard about it before! thanks for sharing - sounds like i'm gonna like this serial :)
very nice blog by the way :)

kisses from Russia,

Mia said...

Non ho ancora capito perchè ho smesso di guardarlo ._.'

Kiss ♥
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Bernadeth G. said...

i'm in love with this! great post x

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officeprojects said...
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Corinne said...

I love true blood! I still need to watch season 5 though! I have so many shoes I need to catch up on, give me a month off work so I can get back on track, please!

Corinne x

street art _life style_ fashion and co. said...

I love true blood :)

Cheyenne Ji said...

I love true blood!!! I can't wait for the premier!!

Maddie said...

I should start watching it! :D

Cheryl van den Berg said...

I did catch the new episode. I've watched TB since the beginning, and there were definitely some seasons that made me raise my eyebrow. But I really enjoyed the new episode, including Billith, Eric, Lafayette, etc. Didn't have a problem with Pam, thought. I actually met her in person and can only remember how small and frail she is in real life--like 5'4" and super skinny. So seeing her as tough Pam is pretty intriguing.

Loved your review!

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Satu said...

Awww gosh I can't wait to see season 6 - we're currently seeing 5 in Finnish TV :D

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