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10 reasons to watch Teen Wolf

I’m convinced you were waiting for this article to feel complete and so I wrote it! You can now watch Teen Wolf in peace and with my blessing, no need to feel ashamed about it! 

If you had doubts about Teen Wolf and asked yourself if it’s wise to start watching yet another TV series, the answer is Yes, go ahead, extreme teen angst has never looked better! Season 3 aired a few weeks ago and the internet is buzzing with excitement.  

I have to confess I was initially a little skeptical myself. After-all, Teen Wolf is made by MTV based on a 80s teen comedy, so you might think they are only doing it to cash in on the whole vampires/werewolves/monsters/supernatural craze that was and is still going on. And you’d be right, but there's more to it!

I mean, I’m sure that if I was still in high school, I would have been all over it, but right now I had to ask myself if I’m still that superficial. And guess what? I am and big time at that! Underneath all this maturity you can still find a teenager that enjoys shows for the eye candy.   
Don’t get me wrong - the show it’s not bad, not at all - it’s actually quite entertaining, extremely funny and it even has a darker, more profound edge to it.

Images and gifs speak louder than words so here are 10 more reasons Teen Wolf should be on your top guilty pleasures list:

1. The cast (Tyler Hoechlin :))))
They are a really good looking bunch. Nobody in Beacon Hills is ugly, no one, I’m telling you! They are not even average looking! Even the parents are attractive and the uncool kids at school look like they just got off the catwalk.
Most of the actors look like teenagers and not like creepy 35 years old playing teenagers, although they are at least 22 years old in real life! Tyler Hoechlin is possibly the hottest werewolf in the history of mankind! 

2. Stiles Stilinski
Wonderfully played by Dylan O’Brien, Stiles it’s so great he should get his own spin off! Stilinski is definitely one of the funniest characters in television right now. You can always count on him to deliver that comic relief in an adorable way. He’s witty, sarcastic, nerdy and oh, so cute! 

3. The bromance
I’m obviously talking Sterek here (the Stiles - Derek Hale interaction has stirred a lot of passions out there, some of a sultry nature, if you know what I mean!!!).
In all honesty Tyler Hoechlin is excruciatingly hot so I see the appeal he has for all genders. In fact the chemistry of the cast is great as a whole but you will love this show even more if you are a sucker for a good bromance like I am. 

4. Issac Lahey 
I love this character and I’m very glad they decided to give him a bit more screen time. The vulnerability, loyalty and staggering good looks always do it for me. Isaac is played by Daniel Sharman who’s British by the way (he really didn’t need that edge, already having that bone structure:))))) and Crystal Reed’s boyfriend in real life. 

5. The female characters
The thing I love about them is they are no damsel in distress. You have to appreciate a show where the lead female characters are kicking the ass of everyone that crosses their path. No gender discrimination in Teen Wolf - they introduced a few female alphas as well.

 6.  Coach Bobby Finstock
The only character that can sometimes compete with Stiles when it comes to delivering the most hilarious lines! He is mean, but funny mean and I love it - this show is secretly all about him! 

7. Shit happens  
I just hate when a show drags a story for so long, that when they eventually wrap everything up, you are so sick of waiting that you just don’t care anymore.
Well Teen Wolf is different, things happen and they happen fast – the TV show has a great rhythm.

8. Exploring the darkness
I love the fact Teen Wolf it`s a lot darker than your usual teenage dramas, some scenes are really freaky but that balance between scary and not too serious it’s generally well kept. I actually like it when the show is tilting towards the creepy and unexpected which thankfully it’s quite often.

9. Dream abs
The number of shirtless scenes in this show is insane, it’s like the guys have a dangerous allergy to shirts, not that I’m complaining! You’ll have the chance to feast your eyes with some of the best abs in the industry!   

Season 3 got a reinforcement in this department -  the Alpha Twins. Aiden and Ethan are played by identical twin brothers Charlie and Max Carver. Yes, the Desperate Housewives alums have transformed into badass alphas!  

10. Colton Haynes!
Because he’s everyone’s type! :))) Unfortunately Jackson is out in season 3 due to Colton’s absurd decision of permanently joining “Arrow” instead of Teen Wolf. While Arrow is an ok TV show, it can’t live up to the hype and popularity of Teen Wolf and so far Colton’s character in it is not even as important/cool as Jackson. And while I don’t get his decision, I love Colton and his world famous cheekbones.

That smile! He should consider using it to stop wars!
 Photos: 1, 2.

Go ahead, give in, start watching, you know you want it! Maybe you already do! Just confess! We are among friends here!

14 comentarii :

Roxana Miśkiewicz said...

Nice one :D

Preslava Tsacheva said...

Ohhh... I LOVE this show!! Derek is my fave... of course :D


Alice in vintageland said...

Preslava Tsacheva - Derek is king, yes!:))))

Gabriel Sima said...

Lyvia is my fav <3 <3

I am A Love Addict said...

I watched only season one

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Alice in vintageland said...

Gabriel Sima - she's cool!

I am A Love Addict - it got better so give a go to season 2 and 3!:)

Eleonora C. said...

A friend of mine has advised me to watch this series, but I confess I was a bit sceptical: I don't like so much series 'cause they're too long and there's the risk they'll bore. I prefer films. So after this friend told me to watch it, I saw only the first episode, then stopped. But when I saw the super beautiful face of Colton in this post, now I'm like 'Boring? What's boring?! Season 1 and 2 here I am'! :P

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Alice in vintageland said...

Eleonora C. - you won't be bored, I can guarantee that, plenty of beautiful faces to go around!:)))

Jezz Dallas said...

wow, you must really be a fan! Never watched it..I might give it a try....


Anastasia said...

just started watching it! Sterek is my love 8)

Mamalina said...

Ha ha, I had a lot of fun reading this post! You're a funny, funny girl!

Teen wolf is one of my guilty pleasures! Feels good to finally "confess" to someone that I actually like it :)))!




Alice in vintageland said...

Jezz Dallas - not loosing sleep over it but yeah it's a good TV show!

Alice in vintageland said...

Anastasia - :))))) Hell yeah! Sterek forever!

Mamalina - thank you so much! As I said I'm not in any position to judge, love it as well!

Anonymous said...

Și euuu sunt nebună după TW! Azi e ultimul ep din sezon! :-s

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