Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Alex and Sierra

I wanted to write something about Alex&Sierra for quite a while now. They were the main reason I watched this season of X Factor USA (them, Lily Mccloud and Carlitos Olivero that is) and I was supper happy my favorites actually won for a change. I thought Alex and Sierra were absolutely adorable and very talented starting with the very first audition and rutted for them ever since.

The fact that I find them cute is not a small thing either, as I’m not into mushy love stories or feelings for that matter. :))) I’m a total freak that way! My sister has to chase me all over the house for a hug and the words “let’s talk about our feelings” give me the chills.

That being said, I can’t deny Alex and Sierra are incredibly talented, have an amazing stage presence and chemistry. Not to mention they are both attractive and major goofballs. These two have known each other since high school and even though “they kind of dated then”, as Sierra puts it, it was nothing serious. They are together for two years now and they seem happy and very much in love.

Just look at this – you just can’t fake affection like that! Alex&Sierra’s rendition of Toxic by Britney Spears it’s too awesome for words!

Sierra is not only mesmerizingly beautiful, but she is also a brainiac, she was an A+ student, received lots of honors, was top of her class, she plays the piano and took dance classes since she was 2. Pretty amazing, huh? Alex seems to have been relying  more on his looks and charisma though, considering that after 5 years of Spanish he only knows one sentence in Spanish (Sierra did all of his Spanish homework in college). 

They also auditioned for American Idol and while Sierra didn’t get a yes from the judges, Alex made it through to Hollywood week. I can’t believe that someone heard them and didn’t think they were good enough. I bet you feel pretty silly right now, American Idol?!:))))

Apparently they were the viewers favorites since the beginning  - Simon Cowell revealed in an interview following the finale,  that Alex and Sierra were first in the voting every single week of the competition.

People called them the new Sony and Cher, but in my opinion they are something unique that can’t be compared with anything else, they seem genuine and fresh and I hope they will last and make it in the cutthroat music industry.

They do well in the fashion department as well: Sienna is a bombshell, she can pull off an evening dress like no other and can rock a boohoo outfit quite effortlessly. Her hair is the stuff of fairytale - long, wavy, shiny, perfect – major hair envy alert! Alex on the other hand has the hipster nerd look all figured out and he can wear a hat better than most.

They are now working on releasing they debut album, after they revealed on Instagram that they were signed to Columbia Records. Can’t wait to put my hands on that baby!

Meanwhile you can listen to the original covers they performed during the show, some of them were better than the original songs. Their rendition of Say something” by A Great Big World – it’s so beautifully hunting – no wonder it became number 1 on iTunes, making Alex&Sierra the first X Factor contestants to achieve that.

Photos and gifs: 1, 2.

I really hope that fame and success won’t change them much because they are just perfect the way they are now!

Have you heard of them? Any thoughts on the subject?

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21 comentarii :

Kati said...

They truly look like a sweet couple!

Have a fantastic time,

Pink and Green Mom said...

I watched X Factor this season because of them too. I think their version of "Say Something" is better than the original.

Jen27 said...

I also thought they were fantastic! Super talented and great chemistry. Nice feature! xo


Mamalina said...

OMG! I was just watching one of their videos from X Factor, when I checked the Facebook updates and saw your post on them :)). Such a crazy coincidence! I loved them! My favorite performance is that of Sara Bareilles' Gravity, which happens to be my favorite song (I know it's kinda cheesy, but it melts my heart). Anyway,great article! Really enjoyed reading it!



Faith said...

So happy they won!

BELULOVE said...

pooo they are soo lovely


Sue Figueroa said...

I love them too, and same as you, I watched tje season because of them. Soo happy that they won! Looking forward to their music, hopefully the industry is not going to change their essence over the generic music

Harija said...

cute couple

My Lyfe ; My Story
@MyLyfeMyStory ♥ ♥

eliza1979 said...

Hi, I am from uk and they were also the only reason why i was watching usa xfactor. i love the fact that they have their style and know what and how they want to do music

Would you like to follow each other? Please visit my blog and let me know



Alice in vintageland said...

@Pink and Green Mom - I agree, many of their covers were better than the originals and "Say Something" stood out even more!

Alice in vintageland said...

@Jen27 - Thank you so much!:)
@Mamalina - Pure serendipity! Gravity it's an amazing song - one of my favorites ever as well, loved that performance as well! Thank you! <3

Alice in vintageland said...

@Sue Figueroa - fingers crossed for that, the music industry it's a hard place to be in but here's for hope:)

Alice in vintageland said...

@eliza1979 - they clearly have a voice of their own! P.S - I usually like UK X factor better! :)

Sarah-M. said...

I never heard of them before, but they seem like great singers for me!

Nicole Aguinaldo said...

Never heard of them but they look great! Thanks for sharing this :)


Arien Ruiz said...

Hi dear
I haven't heard about them until now, but they seem so nice :)

Kim Alston said...

I want a love like that! It's so genuine.

Takeyoursweetime said...

they seem really cool and she's amazingly beautiful!!! and her hair, like you said I'm really jealous of her hair

Andrea Fernández said...

Great post!

Sonia De Macedo said...

What a wonderful story. I get pretty bored with talent shows so I don't tend to watch them. Feeling sad that I may have missed out on this though.


Caroline said...

I haven't heard of them, but now I'm obsessed! They are so adorable!

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