Saturday, May 29, 2010

Vintage Alice

I just found this picture that I made last year. You might know her - is Alice, my sister :))). She told me not to dare publish it but I'm in the mood to really annoy here today.
The thing is I just realized I don’t own any hard copy pictures of myself or anyone else from the last 5 years - at least. Every single picture I have is stored in my computer or on a CD. Somehow this is pretty depressing, mostly because I overuse ctr+shift+delete+yes and that has often ended in disaster.

I love flipping through old albums, see “real” pictures; they go better with my old, jaded soul. I guess I’d better choose some digital pictures and transfer them on paper and stop being such a drama queen. Kidding – I can’t do that, it’s in my nature!

I've also made the huge pink bow headband she's wearing! 
How about you? What kind of pictures do you prefer?

Soundtrack: Kanye West-Through The Wire

6 comentarii :

Costin M. said...

this is acually a great picture. yeah, most of my pictures are on my computer as well. :D

iulia said...

Awwww i love her huge pink bow <3

Ana said...

Alice you are so cool:)) I love the pics so much.

It has that artistic feel:)

corina said...

me, I'm also as digital as they get

however, my boyfriend just received a gorgeus lomo on his birthday which ended up in my clumsy hands :)

the first pictures turned out great, i'll have to do the exact opposite - transfer them from film to digital


Robyn said...

The first coloring is my favorite. I also love that your are in the mood to annoy your sister.

Lydia said...

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