Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Artwork/Illustration Spotlight - Jessica Singh

Jessica Singh is a wonderful Australian born illustrator/graphic designer.
She graduated from the well known Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London and works mostly digitally in Photoshop or Illustration using a drawing tablet. She also works with a scanner, scanning in colors, textures, patterns, print and sketches to create interesting digital collage.

Oh man, I love her art, everything she does is simply amazing. I can see in all of her drawings the soul of a dreamer and hopeless romantic, forever trapped in color. She’s super inspired by music and lyrics which I can totally relate - I can’t even write a decent article without a great soundtrack.
The supernatural, wonderful and weird has always fascinated me and driven my artwork. A theme which I am often drawn to explore is the concept of power, often represented by strong female characters possessing different characteristics.
The bodies of work I have been creating over the past few years are very much an exploration of feminine beauty, wisdom and individuality. At times introspective, yet simultaneously reflective of natural wonders, underground subcultures and far away lands.
All the color, wonderful contrasts and the incredible details she puts in her every drawing leave me speechless. Don’t even get me started with all the symbols, religious  and cultural content she features in her work – they have the power to  enhance the emotion in her art.
To me, the type of art I create is very much an extension of my soul, my personality. My driving force as a young artist is to express, to create without external imposed boundaries. It is perhaps this self indulgence which enhances the vitality of my final works. After all; what is art, life, or anything when one does not follow their heart’s true passions?

How about the comic book vibe meets exotic drug induced dreams they evoke? These are only a few of my favorite pieces she made, you can find many more on her site.

                                                                           All pictures courtesy of Jessica Singh

What do you think? Does her work speak to you in any way?

Soundtrack: Radiohead - Creep!

3 comentarii :

sacramento said...

Absolutely fantastic. i didn´t know her, but thank to you, now i do.

Andreea said...

Amazing.Literally amazing.I couldn't even doodle anything close to these!
We should see people like her more often...Oh well, at least we have Simona Sensual.


Henar said...

Aww, this is very beautiful!!
I love it!! ♥



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