Thursday, February 24, 2011

That dress – The red Prabal Gurung dress

Prabal Gurung is my hero! He designed this insanely beautiful and simple red dress which is basically the perfect red dress. I love the silhouette, that elegant knot in the front and the feeling that is going to fall off you any time now. Also I'm a sucker for a nice belt!:)

The rest of the collection he presented at New York Fashion Week is as epic as the red dress and this is only his third year designing for his own label. I guess living all over the world is really inspiring: he was born in Singapore, raised in Nepal, began his design career in India, then lived in Australia (via Melbourne) and England (via London) and finally moved to New York.
Prabal Gurung is on my HOT list. How about yours?

6 comentarii :

Cecille said...

yes, he is! :X

Anaivilo said...

Oh I loved the collection as well! He is a great deisgner with great ideas. The dresses were fabulous!! :D

nookie said...

he is on my hot list since his contest with polyvore, fab fab fab!

sacramento said...

I couldn´t agree more. the red dress has it all.Love the fury jacket as well.
The whole collection is fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

Costin Moraru said...

he's designed a lot of beautiful garments.

Ioana Liliana said...

This is one amazing collection!


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