Friday, February 25, 2011

Today’s mood….

So far I’ve been late everywhere and I’m never late. I’ve lost the bus/subway countless times and this image perfectly expresses my drama. Just imagine me instead of Little Miss Sunshine and a mean men trying to push me out of the bus instead of Little Miss Sunshine’s grandpa trying to help her – and that’s pretty much my story.

The people pushing the wan/bus are metaphorical – everybody was doing everything in their power to stay in my way and make my day harder. 
Also the weather is a total delight; I’m known for enjoying freezing cold temperatures and mud everywhere:))))). I bet you love that too.

P.S - I was NOT wearing cut out jeans!:))))

 So, how's your day so far?

2 comentarii :

Peach said...

hey! don't let it tear you down! even though bad weather won't surely help, sun will come out soon (in any sense) :)

we could follow each other if you want, your blog is full of inspiring tips! :)

Sara said...

:)Thank you:)

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