Sunday, February 27, 2011

La vie en rose (…and black)

Some days I just feel so French in my head I have to act on it.
That obviously means a beret hence my black fluffy one. And because I wasn’t very subtle that particular morning I added a huge Eiffel Tower brooch on my cute beret. Is that French enough for you? Me neither!:)))

That’s way I wore my black dress with a touch of white ruffled lace at the bust and a lovely necklace with a vintage pendant watch and pink bow that I made myself.
I do not feel complete without a belt and the blue one felt just right. I found the electric blue bag on my way to the door (talking about destiny) and VOILA, I was ready to go.
The weather wasn’t as French as the outfit but that’s out of my hands so I just went with it.:)))
I also don’t have a wide range of supermodel moments as you can see from the gif I just had to make.

  rings - H&M
dress, belt, beret - vintage
shoes – random brand

Are some of your days more French than others?

6 comentarii :

sacramento said...

You are always beautiful and inspirint to me, whatever country you might feel like to be in.
Much love and kisses Alice.

Andreea said...

Yeeeeey, a moving Alice:D
You are lovely honey, so cute that i could eat you with a spoon! Love the lace detail on the dress, love the eiffel tour on the beret, veeeeeery frenci:D
I wish i could be more french, i'm so sick of beeing an eskimo:-<

Faboulista said...

stii ce imi place cel mai mult la outfiturile tale? ca sunt trendless and they stand the test of time. they are alwasy elegant and feminine and they lack that new trendy thing which is what outdates looks so fast. o sa te bucuri de asta cand te vei uita la ele 5 years down the road. nu o sa stai si o sa te gandesti? what was i thinking wearing this?" rather u would say I wanna wear this again. so kudos for that!

Alice in vintageland said...

Sacramento - Thank you so much, you're always so kind to me!

Andreea -:)))) I'm sick of being eskimo too, thank you!

Mina - :)))Nu m-am gandit la asta, dar da, sunt destul de imuna la anumite trenduri, I bet in 5 years I'm going to think something like - why in the name of God did I post pictures with me awkwardly posing on the internet!And about the trendless style - I guess the fact I wear mostly vintage is gonna do that to me! Kisses:)

nookie said...

agree with Mina;)
Ahh, si eu cred ca o sa fi mandra peste 5 ani de "awkwardly posing" pictures;;)
love the brooch on the beret, looks tres chic & french;)

ioana said...

hihi ce tare imaginea asta miscatoare,la inceput am crezut ca sunt cam obosita si mi se pare :) french looks very nice on you,cherie!

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