Saturday, July 9, 2011

A(dress) revolution

At the beginning of the warm season I decided this summer I’ll try to wear all of my summer clothes with an accent on all of my amazing dresses as so many of them don’t get to see the light of day more than once  a year or close to never. Instead, I tend to get fixed on a couple of items, many of them dresses in all honesty but still, I’m done wearing only 20% of my wardrobe.

That's all for the love of dresses which have the magic power of making us feel feminine, fresh and comfortable in less than 5 minutes. In order to achieve my goal I decided that for the next two or three months I’ll never wear the same outfit twice (how movie star of me, right?), so it’s a new dress or another combination a day.

I did pretty good, only went to the dark side one time  - I wore one of my favorite dresses twice, but just because I was in a hurry and all my other evening dresses were nowhere to be found or had to be pressed and I wasn’t  in a mood to do that.
For a person that loves dresses so much and wear them a lot I realized I don’t have that many evening dresses which is the perfect excuse for me to take advantage of the sale season (cause you know I need solid reasons to shop:)))).

I feel dresses have a therapeutic quality – they can actually give you confidence.

I’ve also decided to store the items I’ve already worn in the back of the closet to avoid temptation and, let me tell you, it works. I guess this is the main problem: I don’t have enough space  in my apartment; I can’t see all my dresses, skirts, pants and all the rest to choose a different one every day, I have to dig in a million boxes, closets, draws  and I rarely actually do it. But it’s a new era, right?! A revolution that doesn’t actually stop me from admiring some dream dresses.

How do you feel about dresses? Do you favor them?

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11 comentarii :

Anca said...

Hey, that's a pretty ambitious goal you set there! And I love your system - putting the already worn clothes in the back of the closet - I have the same space problem.
I adore dresses - they are magical.. :)

Alice in vintageland said...

:) I agree, Anca, they are magical. I feel putting them in the back of the closet is the only way I can stick to the plan. Also this way I don't forget I wore that blouse a month ago and wore it again (clothes memory can be fuzzy sometimes mainly when you use it like an alibi):))))

Ioana Liliana said...

The first dress is stunning!


VertAnge said...

I love dresses and I do favor them, especially during spring and summer.

Syrious said...

totally love the orange one!!
Syriously in Fashion
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sacramento said...

I love skirts, but my second big love are dresses. I wouldn´t mind having the first one, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Anna said...

dresses are my favourite piece of clothing, they complete me , they give me confidence, and make me look pretty ;;) so yes i`m pretty much crazy about dresses! souns like you started an ambitious plan! good luck! but please do show us all your pretty dresses :)

Anaivilo said...

I sometimes love wearing the same piece over and over again, mainly because I love it, but I get bored and the regret it. That is why now, thanks to my blog, I can dress differently every day, and that helps me get more inspired and mix the pieces in new ways.

Laura Tenshi said...

I think all women love dresses, they even get married in them for God's sake !
If you ask me, the only items I would wear for the rest of my life are dresses and skirts. They look great on every single body type and they do make you feel confident.
I tend to forget about some of my clothes too and that's not acceptable.
I mean, we spend so much time searching for the perfect summer dress and once we get it, we just shove it in the closet to let it rot?

Alice Dias said...

Hi sweetie!!
I loved your blog. Very interesting!!
I am already a follower.
Could you follow me as well??
Kisses xxx
Alice Dias

FashionJazz said...

I adore dresses : ) Good luck with ur plan! Hope u had a lovely wknd xx

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