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How to match your swimsuit with your body type and personality

Only the thought that’s always summer somewhere keeps me going right now. It’s been a slow progression, but, over the years, I’ve been hating winter more and more - to the point I would love to live somewhere warm all year long. Yes, I’m totally California dreaming right now.

I’m one of those people that wants to spend Christmas at the beach and go somewhere exotic for the holidays. I can hardly wait for summer and planning on going somewhere really cool. Not sure where, but the ocean is a must. 

So while everybody is writing about coats and boots, I’m already thinking about 2015 swimsuits. I have always have been a forward thinker! :)

I don’t know about you, but the process of trying on and finding the right swimsuits it’s really a terrifying thing. Many women dread it more than the zombie apocalypse or childbirth. It usually goes hand in hand with a Brazilian wax. Enough said!

The fact that there’s a lot to choose from out there is not helping either: hundreds of prints, cuts, shapes, no name and designer swimsuits, online shops or traditional stores, one pieces swimsuits, full body swimsuits and on and on. Very confusing stuff.
For me the key is to find something that suits both your personality and body shape. But if you have multiple personalities, like me, it’s going to be hard to stick to one style.

But let’s start with the right swimsuits for each silhouette.

1. Athletic build (Triangle shape)

Ok, so you’ve been working out and you look like a male Korean drama lead meets runway model. Please don’t take this as an insult – I’m very much into those (they are prettier than most girls) - nice shoulders and arms, narrower hips, nicely defined legs. 

You should totally show off by wearing revealing swimsuits with lots of feminine details, maybe some cool hip or straps embellishments. Go for low cut bottom pieces and tops with cups, ruffles, maybe some padding to soften your look and give the illusion of a larger chest. 

Don’t be afraid of wearing prints – they are your friend. Don’t punish the world by wearing one pieces – those abs deserve to be seen.

2. Curvy or hourglass body shape (defined waist with a generous bust and hips)

Firstly, congratulations for winning at the genetic lottery. You will look good in almost anything, but keep in mind that you need something to hold everything in place. A little support is always welcomed and balconette or halter style tops with underwire are the best for that. 

Look for pieces that have thicker straps and double-stitched bands as well – they’re going to be both comfortable and flattering. Cool one pieces will also look hot on you.

Specialists usually recommend going for solid or very small prints to avoid messing with your proportions, but I think you should go for what you like and feel that looks good on you. I would avoid anything with strings, unless you want a wardrobe malfunction – the beach edition - happening to you.   

3. Pear shaped body

You’re lower half might be winder than your top half, but you can still rock a swimsuit like it’s nobody’s business. Choosing the right bottom is the most important thing here: go for full coverage or high waisted boy shorts or hipsters, even briefs. 

The top should be something attention grabbing to balance things out – low cut, interesting details and molded cups are the answer. I would definitely go for one of those two pieces with a solid colored bottom and a printed top.

Think along these lines: go wild on top and remain modest in the bottom area. It sounds a lot dirtier than intended, but you get my point. One piece swimsuits with interesting upper cuts and details are also a great idea.

4. Straight build

You’re the envy of every teenage girl in the world, not many curves to talk about, but nothing to hide either. Your photos are probably all over Tumbler by now. You can go as skimpy as you like without looking vulgar. 

Just know that any kind of gathering details, prints, padding and ruffles will enhance your existing curves. String bikinis have been made for you, so don’t be afraid to get some of those.

 Photos and gifs: sunbain, 1, 2

How do you like your swimming suits?

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Rebeca De la Hera López said...

A very funny and useful article, I like it a lot. I was surfing the Internet in searching of new fashion blogs or similar web pages and I've found the yours, I didn't know about this blog And I've seen this entry talking about swimsuits and I've thought "this have to be a joke, we are still in March and it's very cold outside", hehehe, but the truth is the article is great and I think the same as you: I prefer Summer to Winter and I'm looking forward to the summertime, the hot days, the beach season and all those stuff. I think personality and body shape are two factors very important when choosing a swimsuit, as you well say. The problem is that my personality and body shape are a bit strange, hahaha, so it's not easy for me finding the suitable swimsuits but I hope that this article help me take the right decisions this year. Thank you very much. I don't have my own blog like you but I follow several interesting blogs from my country (Spain) and I want to recommend you some of them. I specially like this one: Myemptybag. Its articles are written in Spanish and English, so you can read them without problems, I hope you like it. Thanks for all an congratulations for your blog, it's really fantastic!

John Pinna said...

What???? Candice Swanepoel NOT ah hourglass?? (she's the one dancing in the first pic) Also, some of the pear shaped girls should be hourglasses. Andddd the girl in the purple and white bikini isn't an hourglass... sorry I just had to say that. I still liked your post, and I liked what you said about the abs on athletic build lol.

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