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The life of Jimmy Q – James Edward Quaintance III's story

James Edward Quaintance III is not a normal guy; he’s an amazing mix of everything good in this world.

I would like to take total credit for the title of this article, but it’s actually inspired by his Instagram account. How very modern of me! The real reason I’m writing about James Quaintance is that I’m not so secretly hoping all that cool might be contagious.

So let me hit you with some prime quality storytelling!

James Edward Quaintance III or Jimmy Q (even his name is great) is a pro skater, model, tattoo artist and rock star born in Los Angeles. A bit of an over-achiever, aren't we? 

Originally a very appreciated pro-skater with mad skills in that area, Jimmy Q started modeling (2011) and immediately made an impression with his very particular look. Being born in Venice (also known as Dog Town), the center of all things skateboarding, paid off for James in more ways than one.

He was signed by Select models and walked the runway in major shows (Oliver Spencer, Pringle of Scotland) while also appearing in numerous magazines (Nylon, Huge, Wylder, lookbook for Beautiful Fül). Not to mention he’s a God on Tumblr and Pinterest which, let’s face it, it’s all that really matters.

James obviously loves tattoos and he is a walking talking piece of art and a promoter of the FreshTrends culture that’s so big in LA. He doesn’t only proudly showcase his tattoos, but he also practices - he's a professional tattoo artist himself.   

And there’s also the now defunct, but once epic love story with Pippa Holland who just happens to be equally as unique and beautiful. They started dating after talking for months and months on Facebook, until that wasn’t enough anymore so they decided that they had to be together. And even though they had never met in person until then, he flew to England from Venice and so they got together ever since for a while. Heartwarming, right? I bet many of you can relate!

Everybody thought those two were made for each other. Many dedicated Tumblr Pages and Pinterest boards were created to celebrate this perfect union of hotness and tattoos. They even appeared together in the video for Bleach Blood’s Anything Anything song were they played two strangers who get very cozy in a bar, only to realize they just imagined everything. Don’t you just hate that? Can't tell you how many times I thought I was making out with very hot guys and then I woke up and had to face reality.:))))

They apparently split up after four years of relationship, but I couldn’t find out more which, I’m not going to lie, it’s infuriating. I’m really good at digging shit out on the internet, but I lost my patience trying to find out what the status of their relationship is. The rumor was Pippa dumped him, but I couldn’t bet my life on it. They are still friends though, which gives you hope! Pippa seems to have dated Rikki Hall at one point (she clearly has a type), but it wasn’t long lived since he moved on to Lauren Capulet and then Kelly Osbourne.

 Ricki Hall and Pippa Holland

James Edward Quaintance III and Pippa Holland

Jimmy Q is the coolest guy in town, his attitude screams “I don’t really give a damn”, he has that old school badass presence about him, carries himself like a rock star and has the wardrobe to back it up.

I’m always getting a modern Elvis meets James Dean vibe with him – it must be that sick hair and his signature style slim jeans and leather jackets or slick suites that look amazing against his tattoos. Based on my thorough research he is pretty much addicted to cigarettes and likes jewelry as much as most girls do. He also loves puppies and kittens!!!

James Edward Quaintance III is also the vocalist of a punk rock band called Former Lovers. I don’t know how much success he has with his band as they haven’t updated their band Facebook page singe October 2012, but hopefully they are just too busy to do it (probably not though).

I really like this guy since he seems like a truly nice person, a well grounded man that‘s still rooted in reality even though he is so darn handsome, successful and talented!  

   Photos: 1, 2

How do you like mister Jimmy Q? What type of guys or girls are you into?

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