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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Vintage Alice

I just found this picture that I made last year. You might know her - is Alice, my sister :))). She told me not to dare publish it but I'm in the mood to really annoy here today.
The thing is I just realized I don’t own any hard copy pictures of myself or anyone else from the last 5 years - at least. Every single picture I have is stored in my computer or on a CD. Somehow this is pretty depressing, mostly because I overuse ctr+shift+delete+yes and that has often ended in disaster.

I love flipping through old albums, see “real” pictures; they go better with my old, jaded soul. I guess I’d better choose some digital pictures and transfer them on paper and stop being such a drama queen. Kidding – I can’t do that, it’s in my nature!

I've also made the huge pink bow headband she's wearing! 
How about you? What kind of pictures do you prefer?

Soundtrack: Kanye West-Through The Wire

Monday, May 10, 2010

Why Don't You Love Me?

Photo by Ellen Von Unwerth in Giant Mag

I very much like, not…wait actually love the new Beyonce video "Why Don't You Love Me"? I’m not crazy about the song although I do appreciate that it reminds me of the early 70's film soundtracks, the songs of Motown and the Supremes. I think B looks great as an ignored housewife dusting up her 16 Grammys (nice ironic and super funny touch) and eternally waiting for her man who never shows up.

I like how she’s overplaying the whole pin-up wonder role, the styling in this video is just great and spot on, I like the heavy makeup and heavier jewelry and the drama of it all. And did I say I think she’s hot, hotter than hot even.

I’m an avid collector of beautiful high waisted bathing suits, floral bodies so you can easily see now why it appeals to me. And I have to say I’m crushing over the baby blue-greenish nail polish she wears.
B. B Homemaker channels her inner Bettie Page and also a little bit of the fabulous Betty Draper (the martinis and the smocking) and the result is, I think, great. There is something about tear-streaked eye makeup and daisy dukes (kidding’) that’s just fascinating for me. The cinematography is also beautiful - it really looks like and old home movie.

I’ve read lots of comments from people that say she's overacting and I think she is supposed to do that as this video it's supposed to be cheesy and funny and ironic.

Retro gets me every time!

Beyonce the Bombshell channeling Bettie Page’s well-known look and moves: sharp bang, high waisted panties and bra while spanking, gyrating and posturing. She portrays a pretty convincing pin up girl!

Her outfit  here reminds me of Rosie the Riveter (American and feminist icon, the first working woman) from the popular 1942 "We Can Do It" posters.

 The Spectacular Housewife, always working hard: in the garden, doing the dishes, baking cookies while sporting striped outfits, layered necklaces, platforms and cat eye sunglasses.

How about you? Are you into the pin up look? Do you like Beyonce?

Soundtrack: Azi ascut Beyonce - WhyDon't You Love Me?

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