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Thursday, April 26, 2012

When life was easy and the sun was bright

Is there such a thing as a “picnic outfit”? Because this is what I find to be appropriate picnic wear: something very comfortable and fun. And you know what’s always fun? Polka dots with denim jackets and red shoes – it can’t get better than that!

You probably remember me wearing this cute dress before - here!

Sunny days and spring made me realize how we should all appreciate the small things in life more than we actually do - they really make the difference when it hurts to speak about the big things. So I twirled and smiled because life was easy and the sun was bright!

I’m wearing:
dress, belt / rochie, curea - vintage
sunglasses, ring / ochelari, inel - H&M
red shoes, bracelet / pantofi, bratara – random brand
denim jacket - Wrangler

Monday, April 23, 2012

Ombre hair – carbon black tips

Hello guys! Sorry for missing in action for so long, I’ve been away for Easter and felt like taking a break from pretty much everything! But I’m back and ready to face the hundreds of emails that have been piling up in my inbox this last week.

I received a tone of questions about my hair and the change I made recently. I guess I should start with that!

It was something spontaneous, I wanted a change, I had a voucher to this salon called Tribute and I went there with no expectations!

The surprise was that the place was actually amazing and the personal was super nice and welcoming. As a side note, all the guys working there were total eye candies and I’m talking top shelf eye candy :)))) – too bad I didn’t have my camera with me! Not important for the purpose of the visit, but enjoyable all the same. 

I told them I wanted a sort of an ombre effect but something shocking, a crazy color like dark blue or fuchsia. George Soare explained to me that would be very damaging for my hair because they would have to discolor my hair 7 or 8 shades down, besides it would have lasted a very short time so I went for carbon black instead. I think it looks great on my chestnut hair!

The only thing is I have to straighten my hair as they did at the salon for a full effect – if I sport my usual tousled hairdo it doesn’t really pop. I think the way you choose your hair straightener  is very important as I’m not very patient with this kind of things and so I need something very good and fast to achieve the same look at home in 5 minutes.

And yes, I do believe you can end up with a similar result at home, just don't do it by yourself, ask a friend to help you with the dye part at least!

See the whole outfit here!

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Underneath the surface

I think the value of  great lingerie in an outfit is mostly understated.

Even if this is a part of our look that's not really on the display I personally consider it to be crucial both in the way  our clothes "hang" on us as well as in our degree of comfort and confidence in what we are wearing.
So I'm always on the hunt for an amazing bra - right now I'm interested in strapless and halter neck numbers because the summer is so close and I'm so set on wearing dresses.

I already have a wishlist in mind and the dresses to go with!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pastels and a butterfly tattoo

There are some days when you feel you have to dress like a marshmallow and I’m having a lot of days like that lately. I blame it on the weather! 
On the other hand wearing those shoes was all me! Sure they look hot, but, man, they are pretty much hell on earth to walk in. I had to take them off after half an hour because my heart was bleeding with so much pain. 
I think I need at least 6 more months to forget the experience and give them another try.

Thank God the rest of the outfit was very comfortable! I went with happy colors: a turquoise polo t-shirt, minty tights, a pink leather jacket and a cute pleated skirt! 
I don’t usually go for small purses but this polka dots number was too adorable and I gave into temptation.

One thing you have to know about me is that I love tattoos as long as they are tasteful or intresting - I’m really not into tramp stamps.
But as much as I like a guy or girl with lots of tattoos I’m not ready to get one done, I get bored with things fast and I’m afraid I wouldn’t like it anymore after a while. Also inflicting pain on myself is not something I look for!

So I was super excited when the guys over at Fake Tattoos sent me some cool temporary tattoos to play with.  I started slow with a small butterfly on my wrist – it looks very pretty and it was pain free. I’m going to experiment more with the tattoos I got in the future and I promise to show them all to you!

  I’m wearing:
skirt/ fusta - random brand
tights, shoes/ ciorapi, pantofi - New Look
 leather jacket/ geaca piele - New Yorker
tshirt/ tricou – random brand
rings/inele - H&M and Koton
sunglasses/ ochelari - Asos 
necklace/ colier - H&M
polka dots purse / geanta cu buline - Debenhams

Friday, April 6, 2012

ROMWE Easter Giveaway - win a detachable collar and a 80$ gifcard (CLOSED)

I'm happy to announce a new, amazing Easter giveaway sponsored by Romwe!
The prize is a 80$ gifcard for you to spend as you like on their site and a super cute detachable collar
They have so many wonderful clothes, accessories and shoes and I'm sure you'll find something that you absolutely love (in fact I made two sets with things under 80$ I would choose in a heartbeat).

 Items under or near 80$ I personally loved!
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For an extra one, two, three or four chances to win you can also (these are not mandatory and each one will count as an extra entry):

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 The giveaway ends April 22. The winner will be sorted out randomly. This is an international giveaway – anybody can join in!

Items under or near 80$ I personally loved!

 If you want to buy something right now, don't forget to use one of these coupons:
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The Winner

I just want to thank you all for taking the time to enter out giveaway sponsored by Romwe - it's our best yet. I’m very happy so many of you decided to join in. Hopefully we’ll have many others so that every one of you can win something. Meantime I have to rely on the Gods of chance to choose the winner. This is the list I made with all the entries (the mandatory one and the extra entries):

 …and the winner is...
 No. 257 - that's Fernanda Serossa! Congratulations!!!

Summer basics for fashion lovers

The days are getting longer, the sun is shining and the winter is loosening its grip and so the summer wardrobe is back on. I’m personally doing the switch as we’re talking. Building a good summer wardrobe is easy  and can be quite affordable as well.  You can look fantastic this season by following five simple steps. Finding the right garments – whether they’re stunning going out dresses from Forever Unique at or a gorgeous pair of shorts – has never been easier thanks to the myriad of online fashion shops.

So what do you need to transform your look for the summer? It’s really very simple, and doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

A great way to instantly add a splash of style to any look is by wearing a pair of fabulous sunglasses. And they’re not only fashionable, they’re practical too, helping to shield your eyes from the harmful sun. Spend some time finding the right pair of shades, because when you do, it will definitely be worth it. 

During the summer, it’s all about girly dresses, gorgeous skirts and bright colours. Too add a stylish edge, an oversized watch is a must. It will break up the femininity of your look, whilst giving you the opportunity to express yourself creatively. According to stylist for the stars, Clarke Mukherjee, “an oversized man’s watch can add just that little bit of street cred and toughness to an otherwise girly look.”

Spending more time outside during the summer is a given, so you’ll need a comfortable, stylish pair of summer shoes. Experiment with sandals, pumps or heels for a range of different looks. 

·         Hemlines
This season is all about hi-lo hemlines. Simply put, they’re dresses where the front hem of the garment is higher than the back, creating a gorgeous shape and silhouette. Available from most high street retailers, hi-lo dresses are sure to be a firm favourite this season. And with all the variety on offer, finding the perfect dress for your wardrobe should be easy!

·         Blazers
High street retailers across the country are filled with blazers this spring/summer season. Try a few different styles to find one that perfectly matches your stylish, fun, and bright, summer look.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Today's mood

Today it's such a beautiful day outside - I feel like spring it's finally here to stay! I really love this time of year with all the blossoming trees and warm sun.
 Makes me feel great despite all the little problems!:)

How's your day so far?

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