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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Event - Sartoria Cum Laude

Thursday evening me and Denisa went to Sartoria Cum Laude at the British Gallery. This was an event organized by TuxedoConfessions to showcase the work of 6 young Romanian designers who just graduated from UAD CLUJ in a cool and fresh manner. The 6 were selected by Lucian Broscatean, a wildly talented Romanian designer who also happens to be a very nice person.

This was a "wham bam thank you ma'am" type of thing, I took lots of photos, said hello to some people I knew and left. That is not to say I didn’t see some pretty amazing things there, just look at the photos!

I’m gonna show you my outfit for this event soon enough, so stay tunned!:))))

Mioara Buda (the designer and the designs)
  Everbody had a camera and used it!:)
  Lucian Broscatean (how amazing are his shoes?!)
 Irina Prepeliță (the designs)
  Denisa in action:)))
Alexandra Tămaș (the designs) Teodora Baciu (the designs)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Notes on a Star - Stalking Muse

The Chotronette girls are killing me…softly:))). They launched this new, amazing pictorial to preview their S/S 2012 collection. All I can say it’s the girls have a vision and they are able to execute it to perfection.

With the last set of photos I thought they couldn’t possibly do something better but, man, I was so wrong! I love the feeling of these photos, the liquid colors, the exquisite redhead, the dresses and photo editing.
All I want to do now it’s to sleep in a boat dressed in silk and tulle and look at the stars with angel wings attached to my back. Girls, you just have to get out of my head, I need a little bit of privacy here!!!!

 Storyline: Sand, water, distant galaxies and a readhead's exuberance in stalking liquid illusions.
Characters: Copper curls out of Klimt's Kiss
The little prince's reflection on a telescope lens
Intricate love affair foretold by a peacock
Soundtrack: Private lectures of Hamlet performed by David Bowie

Photo by Silvia Chiteala
Photo manipulation by Niculae Negura
Model Codruta Teslarasu
Makeup Luciana Sasu
Hairstyle Ioana Cosma

Friday, July 29, 2011

Bellast Giveaway (CLOSED)

We’re starting the week with a new giveaway sponsored by Bellast. The prize is one of the pieces of jewelry pictured in the banner (the choice is yours).

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The giveaway ends August 31st. The winner will be sorted out randomly. This is an international giveaway – anybody can join in!

Family affairs

Can you believe I’m actually related to this cutie pie? Cause I am!!! Meet my cousin, Livia!
Me and Sara have always looked up to her as she’s a very inspiring, funny and smart girl. You know how there’s always in your family someone that you admire and like a lot. Well she’s that person for us. We always have fun and laugh a lot when we meet which is not often enough as we are both pretty busy.
I bet you could have never guessed that as you always see pictures of me out and about on the blog but I do have a job, the outfit pictures are an after-hours (launch break) or a weekend affair:)))

Although Livia said she doesn’t know how to use my camera I really love how the photos turned out, she did an amazing job. 
That day I wore a super relaxed outfit, it wasn’t as hot as it is now so a pair of dark blue leggings and slouchy long blouse seemed like the perfect choice. I was also wearing a boat necklace that I made myself (you can buy it form my Etsy store) and a vintage white bag that I redesigned and covered with leather hearts. The acid wash shirt I meant to wear over in the evening but it was no need for that, it’s summer after all.

 Must love dogs!
Just wanted to mention Livia is not wearing any kind of makeup!:). Adorable, right?
  Loved Livia's chains dress!
 We were also joined by Anca and Cristina so I snapped this candid of Anca
I’m wearing:
 long blouse – H&M, The Garden Collection
flats – Moa
rings and leggings  – Forever 21

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Today's mood

I’m stressed out and annoyed as I have tons of stuff to do and things to solve and people around don’t help much. And when I’m stressed out or depressed I eat.

This gif express the state I am pretty accurate, except I’m not James Franco. Thank God for that cause, let’s be serious, I would never get anything done being too busy to make out with myself in the mirror all day long:)))))))))))). At least I have my sense of humor!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

An endless summer over

Some days are perfect – it’s the little things, my friends and places that make everything better. As it happens, Sunday was such a day!
I meet Denisa and Ana Maria for a late afternoon mojito lemonade.

When you live in a city for a long time you tend to always go to the same places so it’s such a joy when you discover a new one. Ana showed us a little "secret place" in the middle of the city and I’m willing to share it with you:))). It’s called Lente&Café and it’s this little garden with grape-vine and a few tables, nothing fancy which I find surprisingly nice in Bucharest. They also have very good food, sweets and drinks, their lemonade is top notch.

It kind of was the perfect place for a super relaxing afternoon, we talked for hours, browsed through art and style books that the girls brought, took photos and smiled a lot. You just can’t help but love Ana – she’s so genuine, just like a breath of fresh air!:)

My outfit was very lady like with a side of animal print socks because you can take the wild side from a girl but you can’t take the girl out of the wild:))). The huge hippie flower headband I made myself and it’s on my love list for a long time. I’m also crazy about my ethnic vintage belt – I think it goes really well with my blue plaid dress – I’m always ready for a little bit of print clash!

Photos by the three of us:)
  Girlmance!!!!! (girls+romance:))))
 Hotness - exibith one!
 Hotness - exibith two!
I’m wearing:
dress, belt, bag – vintage
 sandals – random brand
animal print socks - Miss Selfridge
rings - Miss Selfridge and random brand

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