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Monday, February 28, 2011

Holly Lavender!!!

These two lavender dresses worn by Mila Kunis (Elie Saab Haute Couture) and Cate Blanchet (Givency  Couture) were the most beautiful dresses from the Oscar Red Carpet this year (in my humble opinion – joking here, I’m not humble at all :)))). Accidentally they were both in a powdery shade of lavender which as the photos prove can look pretty spectacular on a blonde as well as a brunette.

Any other favs?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

La vie en rose (…and black)

Some days I just feel so French in my head I have to act on it.
That obviously means a beret hence my black fluffy one. And because I wasn’t very subtle that particular morning I added a huge Eiffel Tower brooch on my cute beret. Is that French enough for you? Me neither!:)))

That’s way I wore my black dress with a touch of white ruffled lace at the bust and a lovely necklace with a vintage pendant watch and pink bow that I made myself.
I do not feel complete without a belt and the blue one felt just right. I found the electric blue bag on my way to the door (talking about destiny) and VOILA, I was ready to go.
The weather wasn’t as French as the outfit but that’s out of my hands so I just went with it.:)))
I also don’t have a wide range of supermodel moments as you can see from the gif I just had to make.

  rings - H&M
dress, belt, beret - vintage
shoes – random brand

Are some of your days more French than others?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Today’s mood….

So far I’ve been late everywhere and I’m never late. I’ve lost the bus/subway countless times and this image perfectly expresses my drama. Just imagine me instead of Little Miss Sunshine and a mean men trying to push me out of the bus instead of Little Miss Sunshine’s grandpa trying to help her – and that’s pretty much my story.

The people pushing the wan/bus are metaphorical – everybody was doing everything in their power to stay in my way and make my day harder. 
Also the weather is a total delight; I’m known for enjoying freezing cold temperatures and mud everywhere:))))). I bet you love that too.

P.S - I was NOT wearing cut out jeans!:))))

 So, how's your day so far?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

That dress – The red Prabal Gurung dress

Prabal Gurung is my hero! He designed this insanely beautiful and simple red dress which is basically the perfect red dress. I love the silhouette, that elegant knot in the front and the feeling that is going to fall off you any time now. Also I'm a sucker for a nice belt!:)

The rest of the collection he presented at New York Fashion Week is as epic as the red dress and this is only his third year designing for his own label. I guess living all over the world is really inspiring: he was born in Singapore, raised in Nepal, began his design career in India, then lived in Australia (via Melbourne) and England (via London) and finally moved to New York.
Prabal Gurung is on my HOT list. How about yours?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Artwork/Illustration Spotlight - Jessica Singh

Jessica Singh is a wonderful Australian born illustrator/graphic designer.
She graduated from the well known Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London and works mostly digitally in Photoshop or Illustration using a drawing tablet. She also works with a scanner, scanning in colors, textures, patterns, print and sketches to create interesting digital collage.

Oh man, I love her art, everything she does is simply amazing. I can see in all of her drawings the soul of a dreamer and hopeless romantic, forever trapped in color. She’s super inspired by music and lyrics which I can totally relate - I can’t even write a decent article without a great soundtrack.
The supernatural, wonderful and weird has always fascinated me and driven my artwork. A theme which I am often drawn to explore is the concept of power, often represented by strong female characters possessing different characteristics.
The bodies of work I have been creating over the past few years are very much an exploration of feminine beauty, wisdom and individuality. At times introspective, yet simultaneously reflective of natural wonders, underground subcultures and far away lands.
All the color, wonderful contrasts and the incredible details she puts in her every drawing leave me speechless. Don’t even get me started with all the symbols, religious  and cultural content she features in her work – they have the power to  enhance the emotion in her art.
To me, the type of art I create is very much an extension of my soul, my personality. My driving force as a young artist is to express, to create without external imposed boundaries. It is perhaps this self indulgence which enhances the vitality of my final works. After all; what is art, life, or anything when one does not follow their heart’s true passions?

How about the comic book vibe meets exotic drug induced dreams they evoke? These are only a few of my favorite pieces she made, you can find many more on her site.

                                                                           All pictures courtesy of Jessica Singh

What do you think? Does her work speak to you in any way?

Soundtrack: Radiohead - Creep!

Monday, February 21, 2011

My first outfit here: Sexy school girl/librarian chic

No, I’m not trying to attract pervs on my blog, I just watched a little too much Glee last night and I’m channeling Rachel Berry with this outfit.

I don’t know what’s with me and plaid, but it’s always been a staple in my wardrobe, I own so many plaid and tartan pieces that I could open a ’90 plaid themed museum. But you have to admit this particular dress is especially cute.
I felt the need to add that black ribbon at the neck to give it a little something.

I also redesigned the little red purse, it was given to me a long time ago in a very bad condition so I added the leather hearts, changed the closing system (which was broken) and added the long chains – I look a little douchebaggy wearing it as it’s so small and I’m so tall but hey, I like it too much to say no.
The fur scarf is very old so please don’t kill me, I love animals and I would never buy a new fur garment. 

 Dress, fur scarf - vintage
 rings- forever 21
 shoes – bb up

Do you ever indulge in plaid?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pure wisdom:)

Home is where Google is!
                                                                    (unknown genius:)

                                                                                                                                     Photo Source

Friday, February 18, 2011

Playing Joan

You know by now that I’m crazy about Mad Men (read more about my obsession here) so  it’s only natural I noticed this Swarovski's "4 passions, one heart" advertorial where Lydia Hearst channels her inner Joan Holloway.
I’m not really into the whole Swarovski thing but in this ad it looks ok and I love the clothes, the color is exquisite, the perfect shades of red, I especially like the red dress in the 1`st picture, the high waist, the bandage upper part, the shoulders straps (so pretty).
Lydia does a pretty good job delivering the super hot, red headed bombshell that Joan is with what she has (but she would need a little bit more junk in the trunk to pull it off if you know what I mean)! Christina Hendricks is divine so nobody can do Joan better than her (at least for me).

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Today's mood:)

Today is one of those days when you pretty much want to scream as hard as you can: shitloads of stuff to do, not enough time, annoying people making your life hell, bad hair day, emails and phone calls that you really don’t want to receive, skirt blown away by wind resulting in everybody seeing your ass – bad karma day all the way. But, you know, I’m hanging in there!:)

So, how's your day so far?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Say it ain’t so – Chanel, Rag&Bone rumored to get in bed with bloggers

…and by that I mean they might be considering some high profile fashion blogger as they brand ambassadors. I just thought that title sounds more scandalous:))))) I’m all about scandalous! I guess Chanel who doesn’t yet have a Twitter account (outrageous – I would love to know when Karl Lagerfeld has a bubble bath or what he ate for breakfast) is jumping on the social media bandwagon. Also rumored that two of the lucky bloggers they directed theirs high end fashion eyes to are Rumi Neely (Fashion Toast) and Jane Aldridge (Sea of Shoes). Hope they go through with this idea – that would be another awesome validation of the fashion bloggers importance nowadays.

Jane is a safe choice in my opinion (remember when Chanel dressed her for the Crillon Ball? You can see the dress in the last photo), but Rumi it’s an interesting one if I think that her style hasn’t the Chanel vibe (but it’s awesome none the less), on the other hand her blog is immensely popular so I can see the appeal.

                                        All pictures courtesy of Fashion Toast and Sea of Shoes

Monday, February 14, 2011

Blog spotlight – This Fellow (Bobby)

Don’t be fooled, guys, Bobby’s certainly not just a regular fellow. Yes, it’s true, I find him unbearably cute:), but this is not why he’s in the spotlight today. He just seems such a genuinely nice person, which is a rare commodity these days.

I love bloggers that are able to show us inspirational outfit pictures but also have something else to say besides fashion. You just can’t beat a cute boy that also happens to have a way with words (or a cute boy that sings really good but that’s besides the point). You probably know his girlfriend’s blog - Keiko Lynn – she’s awesome as well, a very cool, beautiful and smart girl. If you don’t read his blog, you’ve probably seen him on her blog, she sometimes uploads the sweetest pictures of them two.

He lives in New York and loves it, but I think he’s originally from Florida. 
This Fellow is a blog a about his life, work, clothes and food. He might look like he’s in a band with the whole messy hair, beautiful tattoos and tight pants, but he’s  actually a professional cook and bartender at one of the best  houses in Manhattan  - SoHo House.
From what I can see on his blog he works a lot and he’s  very passionate about what he does and I’m a big fan of that. He wasn’t classically trained as a cook, never really went to school for that and instead worked his ass of and learned everything from just observing and being very persistent: 
I remembered that one year ago, today, I was working as a Room Service Attendant that took his spare time to learn to cook in a professional kitchen, without pay”
That’s how he worked his way up from Room Service Attendant to barback to bartender and then professional cook – really hard work, crazy hours and dedication.
I guess he sais it all right here: 
“I work hard - harder than most people I know, but certainly not harder than others I’ve met - but I’ll work as hard as I can until I’m numb and in a chair because that’s the way I am, the man I’ve become and that’s why I’ve been given a single one of these opportunities.  If I even had a New Year’s resolution, I’d have to say that I could only dream a little more, go farther and do it with Keiko, because if it weren’t for her, I’d be a lesser man.  It’s because of her that I am the way I am, though she’ll never admit it.  This will be my year.  This will be our year.  All we have to do is want it more than we did last year.  Ya dig?”.
Don’t you find these words of his super inspiring? I sure do! 

Best Lloyd Dobler since John Cusack:)))))))
And he’s all that and does everything he does looking as hot as he does: a personal mix of classic, retro and modern clothes worn with the most natural and sincere smile I’ve ever seen. 
I can only hope all of you, dear readers, have already found or will eventually find your own Bobby. In the meantime you can read his blog and maybe attempt to cook one of the many awesome recipes he shares with the world.
                       All pictures courtesy of This Fellow and Keiko Lynn, collages made by Me

That's my gift for you for Valentine's Day! Do you like:)))? 

Soundtrack: Maroon 5 - How!

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