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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Today's mood

When I realised Frol Burimskiy faned Pop Culture and Fashion Magic on Facebook!

A very cool way to start the week, right?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Floral animal print and old favorites

I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m actually happy summer is almost here. I know I will end up regretting saying this when is going to be so hot I will contemplate jumping in the river that crosses Bucharest every time I pass it by! But until then I’m going to enjoy the warm weather and do as much as I can. 

The last couple of days have been pretty hectic as I’m preparing for my Easter vacation and I have a lot of stuff to do before leaving. I’m pretty excited about this short vacation. I’m craving to just laze around in the grass with a good book by my side and some amazing food made by my grandmother. No more job, no more problems – I’m just going to chill and chill some more! 

The outfit I’m wearing is a bit of a going back to my roots kind of thing. I was in this short skirt/dress period for a while (that my sister hated), but now I feel the love for midi lengths making a comeback. So I went for this outfit for a girl’s afternoon out with my home girls Denisa and Maria. The shirt is my favorite item here – I love the mix of animal print and floral.

   I’m wearing:
navy skirt,  belt, bag / fusta, curea, geanta - vintage
ankle boots, pink leather jacket / ghete, geaca de piele roz - random brand
  silver necklace / colier - H&M
   lizard bracelet, green leather bracelet / bratara soparla, bratara verde - random brand
  floral animal print shirt / camasa animal print floral -  romwe
sunglasses / ochelari - Asos

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Ulyana Sergeenko – Russian Fame

Ulyana Sergeenko's biography - fashion royalty  Ulyana Sergeenko is the crowned Russian queen of fashionable ladies and the most high-profile figure of the so called Russian Fashion Pack, Russian Mafia or the Czarinas  (the core members of which are: Miroslava Duma, the daughter of a Russian senator and editor of a fashion and style site - Buro24/7; Vika Gazinskaya, a fashion designer known most for her numerous geometric hairstyles and Elena Perminova, a model and the wife of Alexander Lebedev, a former spy for the K.G.B. that is now a banking magnate and owner of The Independent and The Evening Standard of London newspapers - more on them later).  

We also have some new faces that joined the pack more prominently only in the last couple of months: Natalia Vodianova (a famous Russian supermodel) and Anya Ziourova (fashion director of Tatler magazine). And of course there's Frol Burimskiy, Ulyana’s business partner and the only man in this very select group.

This is the time for Russians to take the fashion world by storm and they are doing a great job at that.
These women have the means and a huge appetite for fashion and style considering Russia has been a “closed” country for a long period.

Combine that with the rapidly expanding class of Russians billionaires and the fact that their arrival coincided with the expansion and rise of blogs dedicated to personal style and you get an overnight sensation that had reached far beyond Russia’s boundaries. And when it comes to lady Ulyana, I feel all the buzz is well worthed.

Ulyana Sergeenko is 32 years old and the second wife of Russian insurance oligarch Danil Khachaturov (the owner of Russia’s largest insurance company “Rosgosstrakh”) whom she met in a dentist's waiting room. He is 40 years old and has an estimated fortune of $2 billions; the 42nd richest man in Russia according to Forbes. She is a former model, fashion editor (Glamour Russia), aspiring photographer and now designer.

Originally from Ust-Kamenogorsk, a small, poor town in Kazakhstan, Ulyana was raised in a family of linguists, and still credits literature as a source of inspiration.

Her grandmother was also a huge inspiration for her: “All my life I was absolutely crazy about nice, beautiful things. Maybe it's because of my grandmother. I had a Soviet childhood, and it was difficult to buy some things. My grandmother made dresses for me. She used all her sources to make me beautiful. I was born in Kazakhstan. When I was at school, all the school discussed how I was dressed. I loved to wear, for example, a dress with trousers, something a bit crazy. We had an uniform in my school. You know, teachers were angry with me because I was always disobeying them and wearing what I wanted”.

Her husband is the one that financially supported the start of her business and she says that she is “really happy that we did not just stamp his money. We are a small, but very strong, independent brand. We have a lot of clients”.

I also discovered, to my surprise, that this beautiful doll is the mother of two children: an 11-year-old boy and a 6-year-old girl. You know life is not fair when she looks like that after having two children.

The girl seems to follow in her mother footsteps as Ulyana says: “She's fond of fashion, and she's making a lot of sketches, which sometimes I use because some of them are very original. And she's making dresses for her dolls”.

Ulyana Sergeenko made an amazing transition from being the street style photographer’s ultimate muse to the fashion scene by showing her collections in Paris.

She lunched her fashion label in 2011 during Paris Haute Couture Week, and despite the fact that unlike many fashion designers, Ulyana did not study fashion design academically (she has a degree in Philology) and that everybody thought that launching her line during Paris Haute Couture Week was somewhat pretentious and arrogant, her show was a success.

Her pieces are not the usual designer pieces and a lot of work goes into producing them, it takes weeks for a single dress and months for a coat to be finished by her team of 40 seamstresses. With that amount of work is no wonder her dresses cost around 17 000€, while the coats climb up to 28 000 € a piece.
Keeping that in mind, the fact that her company was able to break even within its first year, it’s a huge success story.

Her line has proved more than a onetime hit wonder as Ulyana Sergeenko is constantly revealing new collections that keep on with her estétique, while also being relevant and inspiring. So Ulyana might be an oligarch’s wife, but she is certainly not just that!

Her worldwide claim towards the fashion elite started with the internet storm that she created among the fashion bloggers, who adored her from the very beginning. I guess she has done all this before it was label as distasteful and even desperate.
With her porcelain skin, unapproachable stare, unique beauty, impeccable style and grace and that pin up figure, she fast became the IT girl.

Ulyana Sergeenko’s style is unmistakable – she always wears something ultra feminine, think floral prints, full skirts, mohair sweaters and fun, surprising accessories. I love the fact that she is not a slave to trends but has succeeded to make her own style a trend; she mixes pieces like no other creating a now iconic 19th century Russian look with modern accents. She clearly has a thing for unique head pieces as well. 

I love the way she combines haute couture pieces with vintage items creating a perfect, detailed, different, effortless and timeless look. Having unlimited funds surely helps, but unlike countless other rich women, Ulyana has an eye for unique and beautiful and the charisma to transform herself into a legit and lasting fashion icon.

 I hope you have enjoyed the Ulyana story - I already have a few other spotlight articles about the rest of this very special Russian club.
 Do you like miss Ulyana Sergeenko?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

White outfit with Russian tiara

I don’t have any excuse for this outfit – I just felt like wearing an all white get up and something crazy in my hair and I couldn’t wait for an appropriate occasion to do so.

I don’t plan to get married or engaged too soon so meeting Costin and Anna for a fun evening seemed perfect at the time. Almost the same thing  as getting hitched minus the anxiety!

They are used to my peculiar sense of style and sudden mood swings so nothing short of a glittery unitard with high heels would even seem weird to them at this point.

What's strange is me actually wearing the off white Astro boots as much as I did and in so many different circumstances. At least two have been recorded for posterity: here and here.
And let's not forget about the polka dots bag last seen here!

The beaded tiara made out of lace and veil flowers is actually a necklace – nobody would know, right? I really wanted to wear that ivory coat at least once this year so - mission accomplished! You guys can’t ever tell me I have no goals! I just proved your wrong in advance!:)))

  I’m wearing:
lace dress,  ivory coat / rochie dantela, palton - vintage
ankle boots, belt / ghete, curea - Asos
  necklace as tiara / accesoriu par- random brand
    rings / inele - romwe and Miss Selfridge
polka dots bag / geanta buline -  Debenhams

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dream get up - be cool!

I’m not much of a trend follower but I have to say the comeback of caps into fashion is something I can get behind. They do have to be something special though, remember the last one I wore here! 

The truth is I love the whole urban clothing revival, the mix of sport and elegant, being able to combine items from different styles – it’s creative and makes dressing up fun. I'm all for sweatshirts, hoodies, baseball/varsity jackets and cool kicks as part of the everyday wardrobe.

This my dream outfit for today and I plan to recreate this it as soon as possible using what I have in my own wardrobe. 

What do you think?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Outfit – double denim

Look at me, I’m wearing pants! And I’m fully committed as you can see – it’s an all denim outfit, shirt included! I’m pretty proud of myself for being able to put those jeans on, but I’m not going to lie, it was a struggle – this song explains the process very vividly. It’s not me, I blame them jeans!

I also have a navy coat on that I just got and love except I noticed it makes me look like I have no neck which is kind of hilarious, if you think about it. I did however wear it since spring is here and I won’t have the chance for a while – not that I’m complaining.

There’s also the accessories part of the look: a stag necklace, spiked bracelet and my new Focus Online sunglasses ‘cause that’s how I roll. The blue pumps are just a decoy; I’m actually very hood in my heart – however Costin (who took these photos) failed to notice that. :)))) 

He does live in a posh aria of Bucharest so we can’t expect him to understand the gangsta we have going on! We still love him though! 
 I’m wearing:
navy coat, stag necklace / haina, colier cerb - romwe
  denim shirt, jeans / camasa denim, blugi - random brand
    bag, spiked bracelets / bratari, geanta  - random brand
pumps / pantofi -  random via miniPrix

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Goth influences in fashion

I was reading an article about an exhibition and I just loved the name they used: Dark glamour. Isn’t that the perfect way to define Gothic fashion?

I know most people associate Goth with darkness, destruction and death but the concept represents so much more. From a historic point of view it all started as a post-Punk movement of the late 1970s.

The separation between the two was not political but rather a natural creation of a subculture for those that didn’t find their place into the Punks lifestyle and created Goth as as an alternative, representing a state of mind, something they were rather then something that they wanted to be. 

Goth is not about being cool or different, or something you decide to be - it’s about something you already are, an expression of individuality.

There’s so much to say about this but since we deal with fashion here we’re going to concentrate on that. The dark capes, black make-up, black lace and velvet, leather and spikes are the first to come in mind when thinking about Goth. But Gothic clothing is not just about that as it incorporates elements from periods like the Elizabethan, Victorian (that often embraced the grotesque) and even Medieval times. 

Contrary to popular belief, at the beginning, the Gothic style didn’t found inspiration in the dark and morbid but rather in the romanticism of the Victorian period.

The fashion of that era was so beautiful, glamorous and inspiring. I’m sure you all remember those amazing corsets, long skirts, delicate gloves, hats, lace up boots and feminine jewelry. The outfits had such a romantic feel to them and the thought of all those people dressed like that is just mind blowing.
Can you imagine living in a world where that was the norm? Because I can and I do…a lot! 

Alternative Gothic Clothing embraces a dark color pallet and uses bold jewelry and other accessories as a statement. The shoes are a big part of the allure for me: boots, huge platforms, stilettos, creepers – they are all very distinctive and a trademark of Goth!

Black can be combined with other colors, like red or purple to create a more dramatic and mysterious look. Velvet, leather, silk, feathers and lace are almost always present in the long dresses or corsets typically worn by people in love with this style.

Its influence in today’s street style and high fashion is undeniable. From the Japanese fashion of the Harajuku district in Tokyo that borrowed elements from the Goth movement and combined them with elements from their own culture resulting in the Lolita Gothic (Lolita dresses) style to the inspiration many designers claim to take from this culture - goth is everywhere. John Galliano once said he sees the “'Goth girl as edgy and cool, vampy and mysterious".

And who can ever forget Bram Stoker’s Dracula that was reflected in the fashion scene through the adaptation of capes for almost everything. The truth is I’m a sucker (no pun intended) for a good cape.  

And then we have the countless number of gothic movies and characters that keep on inspiring everybody and feeding this esthetique especially now when horror and fantasy have made a serious comeback. 

Some of my personal favorites are: Maila Numi as Vampira, Lily Muster, Morticia Adams, Edgar Allen Poe, Bride of Frankenstein, Enid from Ghost World, The Addams Family, Batman, Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca, Daria, Dr. Jekyll and  Mr. Hyde, Dorian Grey and even Jane Eyre’s Catherine and Heathcliff.

Tim Burton’s movies also are one of the first things that comes in mind with this stellar line-up at the top of the list: Beetlejuice, Corpse Bride, Sweeney Todd, Sleepy Hollow and Edward Scissorhands.

 Photos: 1.
Do you have any goth in you?

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