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Sunday, November 23, 2014

The life of Jimmy Q – James Edward Quaintance III's story

James Edward Quaintance III is not a normal guy; he’s an amazing mix of everything good in this world.

I would like to take total credit for the title of this article, but it’s actually inspired by his Instagram account. How very modern of me! The real reason I’m writing about James Quaintance is that I’m not so secretly hoping all that cool might be contagious.

So let me hit you with some prime quality storytelling!

James Edward Quaintance III or Jimmy Q (even his name is great) is a pro skater, model, tattoo artist and rock star born in Los Angeles. A bit of an over-achiever, aren't we? 

Originally a very appreciated pro-skater with mad skills in that area, Jimmy Q started modeling (2011) and immediately made an impression with his very particular look. Being born in Venice (also known as Dog Town), the center of all things skateboarding, paid off for James in more ways than one.

He was signed by Select models and walked the runway in major shows (Oliver Spencer, Pringle of Scotland) while also appearing in numerous magazines (Nylon, Huge, Wylder, lookbook for Beautiful Fül). Not to mention he’s a God on Tumblr and Pinterest which, let’s face it, it’s all that really matters.

James obviously loves tattoos and he is a walking talking piece of art and a promoter of the FreshTrends culture that’s so big in LA. He doesn’t only proudly showcase his tattoos, but he also practices - he's a professional tattoo artist himself.   

And there’s also the now defunct, but once epic love story with Pippa Holland who just happens to be equally as unique and beautiful. They started dating after talking for months and months on Facebook, until that wasn’t enough anymore so they decided that they had to be together. And even though they had never met in person until then, he flew to England from Venice and so they got together ever since for a while. Heartwarming, right? I bet many of you can relate!

Everybody thought those two were made for each other. Many dedicated Tumblr Pages and Pinterest boards were created to celebrate this perfect union of hotness and tattoos. They even appeared together in the video for Bleach Blood’s Anything Anything song were they played two strangers who get very cozy in a bar, only to realize they just imagined everything. Don’t you just hate that? Can't tell you how many times I thought I was making out with very hot guys and then I woke up and had to face reality.:))))

They apparently split up after four years of relationship, but I couldn’t find out more which, I’m not going to lie, it’s infuriating. I’m really good at digging shit out on the internet, but I lost my patience trying to find out what the status of their relationship is. The rumor was Pippa dumped him, but I couldn’t bet my life on it. They are still friends though, which gives you hope! Pippa seems to have dated Rikki Hall at one point (she clearly has a type), but it wasn’t long lived since he moved on to Lauren Capulet and then Kelly Osbourne.

 Ricki Hall and Pippa Holland

James Edward Quaintance III and Pippa Holland

Jimmy Q is the coolest guy in town, his attitude screams “I don’t really give a damn”, he has that old school badass presence about him, carries himself like a rock star and has the wardrobe to back it up.

I’m always getting a modern Elvis meets James Dean vibe with him – it must be that sick hair and his signature style slim jeans and leather jackets or slick suites that look amazing against his tattoos. Based on my thorough research he is pretty much addicted to cigarettes and likes jewelry as much as most girls do. He also loves puppies and kittens!!!

James Edward Quaintance III is also the vocalist of a punk rock band called Former Lovers. I don’t know how much success he has with his band as they haven’t updated their band Facebook page singe October 2012, but hopefully they are just too busy to do it (probably not though).

I really like this guy since he seems like a truly nice person, a well grounded man that‘s still rooted in reality even though he is so darn handsome, successful and talented!  

   Photos: 1, 2

How do you like mister Jimmy Q? What type of guys or girls are you into?

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

To flash your bra or not to flash your bra – this is the question

Looking back at these photos, I realize I could have benefited from some direct sun exposure this past summer. My legs especially look like Tilda Swinton’s ghost.

Then again, I’m not one to lounge by the pool and work on my tan. I tried it a few times, fell asleep and woke up ready to join the cast of “The real housewives of New Jersey!”. It wasn’t pretty!

But let’s get to the obvious - navy and dusty pink are always a winning mix of colors. Not to mention this day will go down in history as the day my hair looked OK, even great compared to any other day in my life. I think the tamed puff with a retro style ponytail is going back in my daily hairstyles rotation!

As you might imagine, I wore this a few weeks ago, but it could still work with tights and a pair of ankle boots. I’m going to miss flashing my bra under light weigh dresses with deep cuts – it kinda was my thing this summer! 

So, what are your thoughts on revealing a bit of your undergarments under your street clothes? Yay or nay?

 I’m wearing:
dress / rochie  - here
blue bag / geanta - vintage
necklace / colier - here
  sandals / sandals - H&M
bracelets / bratari - New Look 
 leather jacket, sunglasses / geaca piele,  ochelari- random brand

Thursday, October 16, 2014

My ultimate fall wishlist

I love fall and if I’m being honest a big part of it has to do with the fall wardrobe that I’m always excited to dive in. It’s the perfect season to be creative: not too hot to wear light layers, not too cold to have to cover everything with a thick coat.

It’s that time of year when accessories can be worn for the pure pleasure of it and not just for comfort and warmth. You can still put on a lacy bra and leave it peek under a shirt that you top with a nice jacket. Fall with all its warmth and promise makes me want to buy lots of cool bags, classy hats, crazy patterned tights, funky gloves and colorful lingerie. I also feel like ditching all my heels for a while and just wearing sport inspired flats, espadrilles and fashionable sneakers with everything.

Seems like a good time to reinvent yourself starting with a little bit of a wardrobe revival!

For me it’s started as it always does - accidentally landing on a site that gives me lots of visual inspiration and items to add to my wish list. This time it was Simons and their lingerie section which brought me to the accessories page which then developed into actually making a few inspiration boards that I have to share. I’m do think I have a gift when it comes to making collages! 

What do you think? Should I add “advanced skills in making collages” to my growing list of talents?


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Does dressing up make people look down on you?

Every time I sense fall creepin’ in, I get this feeling of renewed determination regarding my future plans mixed with the ridiculous panic that I didn’t wear half of my summer wardrobe. The story of my life – serious shit and superficial stuff always fighting for my attention!

But here’s what I learned – you can be a badass at your job and do everything you put your mind into and still love fashion and dressing up. Some people will label you as a mindless bimbo for it ‘cause you can’t possibly wear a pretty fluffy skirt, high heels and also have a mind of your own! I personally don’t care for that sort of jerks! 

I like my costume jewelry and short dresses and I’ll be damned if I’ll ever give them up just to be taken seriously by narrow minded idiots. I don’t mind proving people wrong – at least that means they have it in them to eventually see past their preconceptions which gives me a bit of hope.

That being said, you’ll see me wear lots of cropped tops and summery skirts and dresses in the next couple of outfit posts – I just want to give all of them a go while I still can :)))).

And yes, I’m back to a constant posting schedule here! I told you fall does things to my heart and mind!

 cropped top - random brand / puffy skirt - here / studded sandals - H&M/ cross earrings - here / bracelets - New Look / sunglasses - romwe / bag - random brand

 Let me know if you ever felt that liking fashion and clothes has made certain people look down on you and if you want me to talk more about this subject! :))

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Pin up girls and pin up tattoos – a short history

While I’m too indecisive and afraid of commitment to actually get a serious tattoo, I’m still very much in love with the eccentricity and beauty of tattoos, which is way I prepared a new article in the series dedicated to them. 

Body jewelry on the other hand have the temporary component on their side and are something I could  realistically consider which is way I sometime spend unjustified  amounts of time on sites like freshtrends. I'm pretty sure in a another live I was one of those wonderful, brave people covered in tattoos form head to toe - or that's what I tell myself to justify my long time obsession for these cool adornments.

Getting back to tattoos – today we’re covering the influence of the emblematic pin ups on this controversial form of art. It all started in the nineteenth century with the actresses and burlesque performers who used photos, posters and calendars to promote themselves. 

With time the term pin-up was used to describe women who were so attractive and beautiful that you would want to pin their photo to your walls.

The pin up tattoos were extremely popular during the first and second world wars when soldiers used to get these types of tattoo before going to the battle fields. However the pin-up tattoos, considered part of the retro trend, have become popular with more than just soldiers and sailors. 

Betty Grable is known as the original pin up girl and her iconic bathing suit poster (included in the “100 Photos that Changed the World” list made by Life magazine), transformed her from a movie star to the number one pin up girl.

She was known for having the most beautiful legs in Hollywood and the movie studios didn’t think twice to widely distribute posters and photos with her “million dollar legs” (and that was more than just a figure of speech as her studio insured her legs for 1 million dollars). 

 Even now, her famous pose in a swimsuit with her hands on her hips, looking back over her shoulder is used as a model for tattoo art.

But Betty Garbles fame was nothing compared with what Bettie Page achieved. Even today she is known (she was famous in the 1950s and 1980s), as the queen of all pin up girls. She was the first real life pin up model to be considered as good as the artwork (mainly drawings and paintings), made by artists back then. The artwork portrayed idealized versions of what was considered as particularly beautiful or attractive in a woman.

Pin up girl have a pretty long history when it comes to tattoos - they are part of the original Old School tattoo design. The Old School characteristics are still kept in the new designs but they are combined with New School style. While the designs are still iconic, the theme of pin-ups has evolved and still continue to do so.

There are different characteristics that can be used in a pin-up girl tattoo: you can choose an 1890’s pin up inspired girl or a modern version. In vintage pin-up tattoos the girls are exposed in sexy positions, wearing swim suits, hula girl costumes, navy uniforms, patriotic or sailor outfits, while today’s pin-up girl tattoos copy the old school design but they transform the style into a current one. 

The modern day pin-up has become more scandalous, wearing outfits that leave little to the imagination or venturing into bizarre areas like zombie land. Pin up zombies have become quite popular; they still look like the old ones but have the characteristics of zombies: weird colors like green or red. Basically an Old School pinup tends to be somewhat like a cartoon while the New School tattoos are more realistic in style.

The tattoo design is usually based on vintage pin-up girl posters. The details have to be very accurate with full make-up, big eyelashes, red lipstick, smoky eyes and perfect hairstyles. 

No matter what kind of pin up you go for in a tattoo: the original Bettie, the classic old sailor pin up girl with anchor, cartoon or photo, these tattoo designs are making a comeback and in a big way. It’s true that pin up tattoos never really got out of style, because let’s face it, beautiful girls and tattoos can never do that!

In fact the modern pin up girl is as popular now as it was in the 50`s and if you don’t believe that just look at the popularity of Dita Von Teese and other burlesque models.

There are so many options and variations on this theme that choosing the right tattoo can be really challenging. The placement it’s also essential, being one of the most important aspects of getting a tattoo.

As for the meaning of this tattoo it all depends on the person getting inked. It can be a symbol of femininity, old school ideals, female empowerment or just a picture of a beautiful woman. 

   Photos: 1, 2, collages made by Sara

Any of you  would ever consider a pin up tattoo? It's the pin up look something you're into or not so much?

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