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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ulyana Sergeenko spring/summer 2012 – a backstage point of view

Everybody (including me) is raving about this beautiful Russian socialite/photographer turned fashion designer - you know I’m talking about Ulyana Sergeenko! Her debut collection made such a huge splash I was anxiously expecting the second one.

And here we are – while not as memorable as the first, this second collection of hers poetically called "Brigitte Bardot in the Soviet" is still beautiful and very much her style: nipped-in waists, maxi lengths, puffy skirts, sheerness, head scarves, floral prints. I do love how wearable and feminine most of the looks are and I’m very curious to see the lookbook, I’m sure she’ll come up with a great concept.

I bet you’ve seen the collection on many blogs before so I’m going to show you some amazingly expressive photos taken backstage that also happen to showcase some of my favorite looks Ulyana Sergeenko created for spring/summer 2012.
The photos speak about innocence, airily sexiness and nostalgic feminity, about stolen moments of beauty!

Black tulle over a soft floral print - so beautiful!!!
Photos: 1, 2, 3.
I hope you find them inspiring! I did!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Romantic military coat

The way I fell about some of my clothes may seem crazy sometimes! Take this dress for example: it’s not the prettiest I own but I do love it because I had some good times while wearing it. It’s a feel good dress and goes wonderfully with a floral silk scarf.

You’ll have to excuse these photos – the light was awfull that day and I wasn’t wearing makeup (except  the black eyeliner :))). Other than that I threw a military coat over the dress, a few necklaces and rings and I was ready to rock&roll (aka go to work).

I’m so glad I have a stash of photos I took before this dreadful cold weather took over Romania because I’m still sick and not really camera ready, if you know what I mean!

I'm wearing:
dress, belt, scarf /rochie, curea, esarfa: vintage
coat, shoes/ haina militara, ghete: New Yorker
necklaces/ coliere: H&M and random brand
rings/inele: random brand and Meli Melo

Friday, January 27, 2012

You’d never get out of bed

I don’t need any reasons to spend more time in bed with my books or watching mind numbing or just amazing TV Shows, but what I DO need it’s one of these babies!

It’s so cold and gloomy in Bucharest right now and I have such a horrible cold I can’t imagine anything better than a huge, warm and cozy bed with crisp white or colorful sheets and many pillows to sleep in, dream and forget about everything. I would also need hot tee around the clock, comfort food and cheesy movies.

I’m super needy when I’m sick and I love everybody to make a fuss about it, pity and take care of me. Alice on the other hand is very stoic; she just suffers in silence and doesn’t say anything about it. I find that to be disturbing, how am I suppose to know you’re sick if you don’t make loud noises and wallow in your own suffering like there’s no tomorrow?!!! I’m not a mind reader, you know! :))))

 Swinging beds!!! How amaizing is that?
Photos: 1.
What kind of “patient” are you?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Creepers go mainstream

You might have noticed that my style isn’t really affected by trends. I’m open to pretty much anything but at the end of the day I like what I like and only choose those trends that go with my personality.

But now and again there’s a trend or two that really insinuates into my head. It’s usually the weird ones. Right now I’m a bit obsessed with creepers! Damn you, Prada! You have revived the creepers giving them a new face.
The new creeper is the love child of Malcolm McLaren&Vivienne Westwood variants sold in the early 70’s in their shop "Let it Rock" and the preppy, colorful oxfords. We also have dark, sexier variants that are equally appealing to me.

I've made some collages with some pairs I like and could find online! 

Viewed by many as really ugly and weird, creepers (also known as Brothel Creepers) were mostly worn as an underground style staple by rockers and pinball psychobillies. This type of shoe first appeared right after the second WW when the soldiers based in the North African desert during the war began wearing the iconic crepe soled shoes in the London night clubs.
In the late 50’s they were worn by Teddy Boys and beginning in the 70’s they were being sold on London's Kings Road.

 The circuit of shoes in fashion:))))) 
Burberry Creeper fall 2011 - 905$ (sold out),  Jeffrey Campbell Wright - 150$, ALDO Roder Wedge Tassle Lace Shoe - 99$ (on sale from 196$ on ASOS), Heavy-bottomed Leather Waterproof High-heels Boots - 102$

They resurfaced in a big way when Prada introduced their 2011 spring/summer collection. Since then every major and minor high street brand has created different variants of creepers, many of them looking great. Street style everywhere featured them in really cool outfits.

Prada “Creeper” Shoes

While I really like some of them a lot, I can’t help but think they won’t survive mainstream for long, creepers will always be the mark of a few subculture movements (ska, punk, new wavers, psychobilly, greasers, goth, Japanese Visual Kei).
I actually think that’s great. Mianstream has this power of pretty much ruinning things!

LOVE or HATE them?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hair goes retro

I really love the 20’s inspiration in clothes and hairstyles this season. I’m usually not what you would call a trend chaser but I’m just dying to try the waved flapper bob hairdo.

The Great Gatsby” is one of my favorite books so I guess that’s the main reason I fancy myself as a modern Daisy Buchanan. And since I already have the bob, I might as well wave and tousle it. Easy to say, but it seems so complicated to actually get the look.

Right about now I could really use some really fancy hair styling tools. Just look at the pictures of Katy Perry taken by David LaChapelle for the product launch! So very provocative! My birthday is only 10 months away! Just sayin’!:)))

Do you like the waved flapper bob? Would you ever wear it?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fur collars and bow ties

Despite a miserable cold that made me spend the whole weekend in bed heavily medicated, this week started quite well. I even dug up these photos with a little something I wore during my trip to Brussels that I thought I should show you guys.

I firmly believe in visiting a city while being a bit overdressed – it’s the least you can do to celebrate such an occasion – hence the fur, high heels, even the cute leather bow tie I made myself (check out my Etsy store for more). I’m fond of wearing warm jumpers over dresses – a chic and comfortable way to get your visiting on! :)))

But the best tip I can give you it’s that, no matter where you go, choose wisely who you go with: that can make or break everything. I should know! :)))

 My signature "crazy eyes" look:)
I'm wearing:
dress, belt, fur collar / rochie, curea, guler blana: vintage
sweater, bag / pulover, geanta: random brand
shoes / botine: BB Up
brown leather bow tie/papion piele: Alice&Sara (handmade by me, my Etsy Store)
rings/inele: Asos, H&M and C&A

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